Who Is Yui Kim In Lookism Anime? Daniel Does Not Like Her Back!



Who Is Yui Kim in Lookism Anime? This article is going to be very interesting as it contains updates about its most unique character, Yui Kim. She is best-known for her charming looks and love interest. So what are you waiting for? Let the article begins.

About Lookism

Lookism is a South Korean webtoon manhwa that is written and illustrated by Park Tae-joon. The webtoon was first published weekly on Naver Webtoon in November 2014. A Korean animated series adaptation by Studio Mir, released on Netflix in December 2022.

It shows a world where beauty matters a lot. It follows around a high-school student who can switch between two bodies. His one version is fat and ugly, and the other is fit and handsome.

Who Is Yui Kim In The Anime Lookism?

Yui Kim (김유이 Kim Yui) is a student in the fashion department in J High School. She is extremely beautiful with big dark eyes and long black hair. She wears school uniform, and casual clothes.

In the Anime, it first seemed that Yui Kim is a very sweet and kind person with a big heart. She never seemed to be a judgemental person who judges someone based on looks. Daniel thought the same and fell for her.

Who Is Yui Kim In Lookism Anime?

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As mentioned above, Daniel can switch his body into two different looking person; fat and ugly as well as handsome. When Daniel turned into his ugly version, he was insulted by Yui Kim because of his appearance, and that is when he realized all the impression of Yui Kim was inauthentic and false, she is rather a mean person. Yui Kim cheated on her boyfriend too.

Has Yui Kim Become Polite Now?

Yui Kim realized her past mistakes and turned into a respectful and polite person. Currently, she seems sweet however she acts harsh if she finds someone else is trying to steal Zack.

Yui Kim Boyfriends

Yui Kim dated Yong Lee who later becomes her ex-boyfriend in the anime. She hid their relationship for the sake of her fan following. He beats her up for flirting with Daniel, therefore they broke up.

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Yui Kim had a crush on Daniel Park as he looks very handsome. She flirted with him and he responded back. However, once he found Yui Kim mean, he stopped approaching her. Despite knowing the fact that Yui Kim is mean, he supported her for breaking up with her boyfriend.

When Yui Kim was beaten up by her ex boyfriend, Young Lee, It was Zack who saved her, since then, Yui Kim started having feelings for him. He did not reciprocate her feelings and he developed feelings for Mira instead.

Who Is Yui Kim In Lookism Anime?

Does Yui Kim like Daniel?

She originally had a crush on Daniel Park in the anime. She fell for his handsome version/appearance. She approached him but Daniel stopped feeling the same way for her when he finds out about her mean nature to judge people who aren’t good looking.

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Daniel being a nice person still helps her out to save her from her ex boyfriend. Despite getting harshly insulted by Yui Kim for his appearance, Daniel did not think about not helping her get out from her relationship with her ex boyfriend.


Lookism is a popular manhwa and a Korean animated series adaptated it by Studio Mir, released on Netflix in December 2022. It features a girl named Yui Kim, who seems to be sweet but is later to be revealed mean. She has had three men in her life but his most latest crush Zack, did not like her back and instead likes Mira.

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