Who Is Wladimir Balentien? NPB Homer Lord Set To Cause Problems for the Netherlands!


Saloni Singh

There is an unmistakable opportunity Japan sees the Netherlands in the quarterfinals of the World Baseball Exemplary this year. Should that happen, the Samurai would see an intimately acquainted face in the player’s container: Netherlands slugger and NPB legend Wladimir Balentien.

Balentien, who invested energy in MLB with the Sailors and Reds, eventually turned into a MiLB pillar prior to joining the Tokyo Yakult Swallows. There, he cut out a specialty as a slugger who might ultimately break the NPB single-season record for homers, turning into the main player to hit 60 dingers in a solitary year.

Balentien, 38, broke the past record of 55 grand slams held by all-time homer pioneer Sadaharu Goodness, Tuffy Rhodes, and Alex Cabrera.

This is what to be aware of the veteran slugger who has tracked down new life in Japan:

Wladimir Balentien MLB Career!

Balentien never genuinely tracked down his balance in the majors in the wake of being endorsed by the Sailors in 2000. He made his MLB debut in 2007 and joined Sailors spring preparing in 2008. Balentien was exchanged to the Reds in 2009.

Balentien hit one transcending impact with the Reds against the Privateers that was assessed to be the longest of the 2009 season. Nonetheless, he was released by Cincinnati in 2010.

Who is Wladimir Balentien?

Wladimir Balentien NPB Career!

Balentien’s Nippon Proficient Baseball career, in the interim, was essentially more noteworthy.After being released by the Reds, he endorsed with the Tokyo Yakult Swallows. The effect was prompt, with Balentien’s power being an uncommon sight in NPB. He hit 31 homeruns in his most memorable season in Japan.

After two years, Balentien went on a genuine homer tear. Throughout the span of NPB’s 143-game season, Balentien hit 60 grand slams in 2013, hitting No. 56 on Sep. 15.

In spite of the fact that Balentien at absolutely no point ever hit that zenith in the future, he had at least 30 homers five additional times in his career. Subsequent to leaving the Swallows, he completed his career with the Fukuoka SoftBank Falcons prior to resigning in January, 2022.

He wrapped up with 301 homers for his Japanese career, tied for 43rd all-time.

Wladimir Balentien Homer Discussion!

Balentien’s 60-homer season isn’t without its discussion.

In spite of being beyond his control, NPB conceded late in the 2013 season it had furtively squeezed the balls, prompting expanded homer numbers and the resulting abdication of previous chief Ryozo Kato.

“Our comprehension was that it would involve calibrating,” NPB secretary general Kunio Shimoda said after the contention became known, per The Bangkok Post.

“I knew nothing about it by any means,” Kato said in a public interview. “I have never planned to conceal the reality. Kindly permit me to apologize for creating such turmoil as this.”

Who is Wladimir Balentien?

Balentien’s Record, Be That As It May, Is As Yet Perceived As Genuine!

In the mean time, assuming we quick forward to this previous end of the week, Balentien, presently multiple seasons eliminated from playing in the significant associations, has recently broken (through Japan Times) amazing Japanese homer ruler Sadaharu Goodness’ single-season Nippon Proficient Baseball grand slam record.

Presently, contingent upon your perspective, you may either see this as sad or amusing, yet to me it’s interested.

Not surprisingly, there are different sides to each story. Did the Sailors abandon Balentien too early, or is this essentially the situation of one more fizzled/cleaned up slugger making it “Huge in Japan?”

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It’s hard not to be a piece wary of Balentien. Regardless of whether you look past his past MLB execution, three focuses stay hard to question.

First of all, the degree of contest in the NPB isn’t precisely comparable to the MLB.

Second, parks in Japan have a propensity to run a piece little, particularly Balentien’s home park with the Yakult Swallows, Meiji Jingu Arena (through wikipedia).

At last, the ball being used in Japan this season is squeezed (through NBC Sports).

Does This Limit What Balentien Has Achieved?

Not really when you consider his full collection of work in Japan.

More than three seasons with Yakult, I believe any reasonable person would agree that Balentien’s perfomance has worked on each season (by means of Nippon Proficient Baseball).

Past the crude power however, what’s fascinating to me is the manner by which his normal and strolls have gone up every year since showing up in Japan and how for this season his slugging and OBP figures (through NPB) would give him a childish Operations of 1.278 contrasted with .783 for his most memorable season in Japan back in 2011.

Who is Wladimir Balentien?

In any case, it’s difficult to decide how these figures would decipher had Balentien kept playing stateside.

However, given the Sailors’ momentum absence of profundity in the outfield inside the most elevated levels of the association, it makes you keep thinking about whether Balentien could be in some way or another contributing right now in Seattle?

It’s enticing to have faith in a getting a handle on straws kind of way, however one section of Jeff Passan‘s review for Yahoo! Sports before the end of last week, examining Balentien’s way to deal with hitting, stays carved upon my psyche:

Balentien swings a play club like Blissful Gilmore did a driver, a go big or go home uppercut loaded with savagery and dread. He won’t be on any informative recordings for structure. Balentien doesn’t step aerobics the pail with his front foot; he essentially jumps there. He pursues balls all over, greedy to swing.

However, capability? In baseball, where it’s generally capability over structure, one challenge not fool with results, regardless of how ugly the structure.

Maybe that approach is working in Japan, yet it makes me imagine that Balentien would in any case be battling against great significant association pitching past snagging a periodic misstep.

Indeed, even amidst his heyday, allowed a couple of years to develop, and with the walls pulled in at Safeco Field: I can’t picture Balentien utilizing a similar strategy he completed five years sooner with any better progress for the Sailors today.

Who is Wladimir Balentien?

So Did Jack Zduriencik Commit an Error While Playing With Balentien?

I could be off-base, yet apparently unlikely. In the case of nothing else, it’s most likely almost certainly correct that exchanging away Balentien is not even close as unfortunate as Bill Bavasi transporting off Adam Jones to Baltimore the prior year.

Anyway, glad for Balentien and wish him well pushing ahead as he appears to be ready to decimate the record with over three weeks of baseball left to play.


Assuming he makes good decisions, he should have the option to take the accomplishment from this season and money in for the following ten years whether he remains with Yakult or assumes the job of employed weapon in Japan.

In so far as he can keep on hitting for power, he can appreciate rockstar status in a country that genuinely loves the game.

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