Vasilisa Kaganovskaia Dating History: Who Is Vasilisa Kaganovskaia’s Boyfriend?


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In this article, we are going to discuss about Vasilisa Kaganovskaia’s dating life. Vasilisa Kaganovskaia is popular for her ice dancing skills which helped her gaining fame at an early age. Who is Vasilisa Kaganovskaia Boyfriend? Let’s discuss.

Vasilisa Kaganovskaia Biography

Vasilisa Kaganovskaia who was born on 14 October 2005, is a Russian ice dancer. She is the 2023 Russian Grand Prix Final champion with her skating partner, Valeriy Angelopol, the 2021 Russian junior silver medalist, the 2021 JGP Slovenia champion and the 2021 JGP Slovakia silver medalist. Her name has been romantically linked to his dance partner Valeriy Angelopol. Her fame has made her fans curious to know about her love life. Let’s see who is she dating now?

Who Is Vasilisa Kaganovskaia Dating Now?

Kaganovskaia’s name has romantically linked to his dance partner. As per many sources, fans have been speculated them involved in a romantic relationship. Vasilia Kaganovskaia and Valeriy Angelopol have been paired up as dance partners since 2019 and are coached by Anjelika Krylova. They won the silver medal at the 2021 Russian Cup Final.

Now the biggest question is, Are they dating? Well, the answer to this question is No. After speculations of dating rumors, Vasilisa Kaganovskaia has clearly denied the rumors and said they are not at all dating.

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Who Is Vasilisa Kaganovskaia's Boyfriend?

Who Is Vasilisa Kaganovskaia’s Boyfriend?

Vasilisa Kaganovskaia is a very talemted Russian ice dancer who has earned her name in the field of Ice dancing. Talking about her love life, Vasilisa Kaganovskaia is not dating anyone which signifies she does not have boyfriend now. Well, it might be possible that she is keeping it hidden. Whatever happens, we will let you know soon. If Vasilisa Kaganovskaia finds out love, we will make sure to keep you updated with it. Stay tuned to know.

Why Did Speculations Regarding Dating Circulate?

In an entertainment industry, it’s quite common to find dating rumors everywhere. Therefore, we always make sure to provide authentic updates to our readers so that our readers won’t become part of any inauthentic news. We suggest our readers to always trust reliable information. What do you think about all this?

Vasilisa Kaganovskaia Dating History

There is no information regarding Vasilisa Kaganovskaia’s dating history as she keeps her life very private and has never released any public news regarding her dating life. She has been linked to her dance partner but after denial of dating rumors, she has never even seen with any other men. If anything happens in her dating life, we will make sure to keep you updated with it.


Born on 14 October 2005, Vasilisa Kaganovskaia is a Russian ice dancer. She is the 2023 Russian Grand Prix Final champion with her skating partner, Valeriy Angelopol. Vasilisa Kaganovskaia has been rumored to be dating Valeriy Angelopol, however these are just rumors and she denied the dating rumors.

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