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On Wednesday, September 28, pop star Dua Lipa and funnyman Trevor Noah were seen out participating an intimate regale in New York City at the East Village eatery Miss Lily’s. An bigwig told Page Six that the spot was Noah’s choice, and that it was “ surely a date. ”

 The couple were dressed in casual date night clothes, Noah wearing an olive green jacket and loose cut black pants. Dua Lipa had on a black leather jacket over large denim jeans, and a brace of leopard print heels below.

While Miss Lipa is supposedly “ smitten ” with the Daily Show host, they are still only in the veritably “ early stages ” of the courting process and not officially a couple. They were spotted sitting near together as they enjoyed their mess, also out walking and indeed hugging.

One print appeared to show the brace participating a kiss. They did supposedly go home independently, and the source suggested that the image of a smooch was more likely a “ perhaps a corner lips kiss.

who is trevor noah dating

“ There’s Surely Interest on Both Ends, “ the Source Added.

But another source told People that Noah and Lipa “ just musketeers ” despite the rumors and photos.

 Both of the stars have left connections in the last time. Lipa dated model Anwar Hadid for two times before calling it quits in December of 2021.

Dua and Anwar are presently taking a break from their relationship and are spending time piecemeal. They ’re figuring effects out right now, ” a source told People also, but it appears they’ve not come back together.

 Noah broke up with his actress gal Minka Kelly in May of this time after participating an on- again and out- again relationship since 2020. Another bigwig told People that Kelly had a good station about the split, saying, “ She’s veritably happy. She ’d rather be single than waste her time with the wrong joe.

All About Minka Kelly, Trevor Noah’s Back- on Girlfriend

Funnyman and The Daily Show star Trevor Noah will be hosting the Grammys on Sunday, April 3, in Las Vegas, Nevada, reprising his part from last time. Noah is presently in a relationship with actress Minka Kelly, though they have had their ups and- campo.

 The brace was first linked back in August 2020, with a source telling People that they had been still seeing each other for “ several months ” and were quarantining at Noah’s New York City apartment.

They noway verified the rumors themselves, and at the 2021 Grammys, host Noah posed solo on the red carpet. Also, People and Entertainment Tonight reported that Kelly, 40, and Noah, 37, ended their love after a time of courting in May 2021. Weeks latterly, they were holidaying together, sparking conciliation rumors.

 By January 2022, they were going strong, spending time in Noah’s native South Africa and going Instagram functionary. It’s possible they might make their red carpet debut at the Grammys or that Kelly will be spotted in the followership — suckers will surely be looking.

 Then is all you need to know about their relationship during its first run and now, along with who Kelly is and her most notorious places.

 After coordinating following their May 2021 bifurcation, Kelly and Noah went Instagram functionary for the first time in January 2022.

who is trevor noah dating

 Kelly and Noah posted group prints featuring them together during a visit to Noah’s native South Africa during the leaves. It’s their first time posting each other to their Instagram grid.

 “ Take a trip to South Africa. Find musketeers like these. Have the vacation of a continuance. Thank you, Mzansi 🙏🏼 ❤️ ” Kelly wrote in her post.

 A source told Entertainment Tonight that Kelly and Noah are in a good place presently. “ Trevor and Minka’s relationship is going really well right now, ” the source said.

“ They’re in a good place and have a lot of love for each other. They’ve developed a solid foundation and trust one another, which has been helpful as they’ve been rejuvenating effects. ”

Kelly and Noah Broke Up in May 2021 Because of Their Veritably Different Work Commitments.

 With Noah grounded in New York City where The Daily Show shoots and Kelly an actress whose set locales can vary, the couple reportedly broke up because of work separating theme.( During the epidemic, the two were suitable to spend time together in Los Angeles, with sets largely shut down and The Daily Show firing ever.)

“ Minka and Trevor have broken up, ” a source told Entertainment Tonight. “ Their work commitments and careers are veritably different and they both felt like they should take time piecemeal. ”

Post-split, Kelly has been “ leaning on musketeers, traveling and keeping busy since their split, ” the source said, while Noah “ has been doing his own thing too. ”

She and Trevor Noah Were Reportedly in a “ Veritably Serious “ Relationship Originally.

 While news of Noah and Kelly’s relationship broke in August 2020, sources indicated their love was far from a fling.” They are veritably happy. It’s a veritably serious relationship,” an bigwig told People of the surprise brace. An Us Daily source reiterated that Kelly and Noah started dating” well before counterblockade started.

And anE! News source said the couple was” getting serious” while living in Noah’s New York City apartment, where he is been nearly hosting The Daily Show. The couple was captured heading into Noah’s apartment inmid-September, as reported by People.

who is trevor noah dating

 As for social media, this sequence of events tracks. Both Kelly and Noah follow each other on Instagram and have” liked” some of each other’s posts, dating back to November 2019. Noah’s last serious relationship was with model and real estate agent Jordyn Taylor from 2015 to 2018, according to Us.

Sources Said Kelly and Noah Lived Together While Dating Originally.

Enterprise first began last November when sources told Entertainment Tonight that Kelly and Noah were looking at houses in Los Angeles together.

That report turned out to be true, according to sources for People. The couple reportedly bought a $27.5 million manse in the A-list neighborhood of Bel- Air. A source told People that Noah and Kelly” are still really happy and in love” and planned on living in the six- bedroom, 12- restroom Los Angeles home together.

who is trevor noah dating


 Previous to her relationship with Noah, Kelly has been linked to several celebrities. In 2005, she dated Scrubs star Donald Faison, according to E!

She was in a relationship with Chris Evans first in 2007 before they reunited again in 2012, 2013, and 2015, according to Us Weekly. There were indeed reports of a brief fling between she and John Mayer before they resolve in 2008.

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