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Who Is the Woman Who Married Kevin Samuels? This Is What We Are Aware of!

On social media, Kevin Samuels was one of the most well-known and widely followed life coaches and dating experts. The live broadcasts of Samuels attracted thousands of viewers, some of whom called in to ask Kevin for guidance on their romantic relationships.

In spite of his success, Kevin has faced backlash for the guidance he provides to others. The alumnus of the University of Oklahoma had been subjected to criticism after it was stated that he had degraded black women by telling them that they required validation from men. Kevin asserted that his tactics were effective, and in order to demonstrate this, he shared on Instagram comments from those who had achieved their goals by following his recommendations.

After Kevin Samuel’s passing in the beginning of May 2022, there has been a surge in curiosity over his romantic relationships. This article has all the relevant information.

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Kevin Was Accused of Dissolving the Marriage of @sixthegoddis by Having an Affair With Her

The grapevine asserts that Kevin Samuels had a romantic connection with the Instagram influencer known as @sixthegoddis at one point.

kevin samuels

After posting a photo of himself on Instagram with a model who also uses Instagram, Kevin sparked rumours that the two were in a relationship. The rumours that Kevin was involved in a romantic relationship with @sixthegoddis were met with disapproval by a number of fans. They claimed that the life coach was responsible for the dissolution of @sixthegoddis’ marriage.

It is not entirely clear whether Kevin ever had a romantic relationship with @sixthegoddis. Several pieces of evidence suggest that the rumour is not true. Oshay Duke Jackson, who has a channel on YouTube, dismissed the rumours and said that the snapshot that Kevin shared didn’t imply much. He said:

“Just because he is seen going out on a date with a lady and taking a photo with a woman – she is a huge influencer, and he is a big influencer – does not always mean that she is the woman he is dating. Alright? That is not what it means at all. Alright?”

BRITTANY RENNER: Samuels has supposedly had two unsuccessful marriages and has been associated to Samuels

According to several reports, Kevin Samuels has been married twice, and both of his marriages have allegedly resulted in divorce. In addition to this, they assert that he conceals the identity of his daughter, who is 21 years old and that he has.

In November of 2021, Kevin Samuels was rumoured to be dating Instagram model Brittany Renner. He began the myth by publishing a video of Renner to his Instagram page, which is how it spread.

It is not known whether the two were involved in a romantic relationship or merely hanging out together.

For Kevin, It Is Preferable to Keep His Private Life Out of View From the General Public

Kevin’s private life, in particular his dating life, is a well guarded secret that no one is allowed to discuss. It’s possible that he knows all there is to know about how to have a successful relationship, but it’s not evident whether or not any of those things have worked for him in his own life.

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