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Who is the Strongest Version of Flash? Get to Know Everything That We Know So Far!!!


Aditi Deshinge

The Flash is one of the most incredible and potential characters to ever grace the pages of comics of DC. The most famous ability that is possessed by Flash is running so fast. The mantle of the Flash has been carried by plenty of figures via character’s history and arguably, several versions were stronger than that of others.

In this article we are going to tell you who is the strongest Flash character of all time? So keep scrolling down and read out this entire article to know more.

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  1. Tanaka Rei –

Well, we are going to began our list of strongest version of Flash with Tanaka Rei, he is the Flash from Earth-D. He consists of some standard abilities like enhanced and accelerated healing, enhanced senses, fast running ability and also the ability to phase through objects.

Who is the Strongest Version of Flash?

  1. Jay Garrick –

Jay Garrick is the slowest Flash as we compare the speeds of other versions of flash, but still doesn’t make this version of the flash any less potential than the others. He has all standard abilities of the flash and additionally he is an expert combatant who is able to hold his ground among the strongest characters like Black Adam.

  1. Avery Ho –

Avery Ho received her powers in a wizard way after being stucked by lightning. Initially she struggled a lot with her new found powers, however eventually made peace with them and this in turn resulted in a possibilities of world.

Moreover, Avery Ho is able to phase via objects for vibrating so fast and it allows her to simply make physical boundaries invalid.

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  1. Sella Allen –

Sella Allen is the flash of the 23rd century as well as living embodiment of speed force. Sell has an ability to physically interact with the world by manifesting as speed force. She has the standard set of powers which most flash versions contains.

Who is the Strongest Version of Flash?

  1. Bart Allen –

Bart Allen is that version of flash who has the abilities of both flash as well as impulse so he can go faster than the speed of light. It provides him an outstanding amount of power as he does it via the speed force. Bart was born in 30th century and he is a descendant of Barry Allen, however his molecules were unstable so he aged quickly.

  1. Black Flash –

It is difficult to consider anything faster than the speed of light, but Black Flash has that powers. His ability to catch up to speedsters and essentially reclaim them into the speed force, makes him so powerful.

  1. Reverse Flash –

The Reverse Flash is the greatest amongst the villains of Flash. He is one of the most powerful flash, in modern era he has become the master of the negative speed force. Moreover, he can phase via objects.

  1. Zoom –

Similar like flash, there are also several versions of reverse flash and one of the strongest among them in zoom. He showed up as the primary antagonist to the Wally West version of The Flash and debuted in The Flash Secret Files and Origins.

He is more powerful than original reverse flash , but he took his costume and name from previous version of flash.

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