Who Is The Strongest Upper Moon Demon As Per Ranking


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Here is the list of who is the strongest Upper Moon that largely remains a mystery during the beginning of Demon Slayer. Demon Slayer is excellent for many reasons, and the popular movie has assisted in building a devoted fan following, but the demons in the program are what people talk about most. They are amazing beings that push Tanjiro to the test. However, many fans are left wondering which of the numerous demons in Demon Slayer are among the series’ most powerful.


Gyutaro’s younger sister, Daki, shares the Upper-Rank Six with her brother as a secondary holder. Daki and Gyutaro must both be beheaded simultaneously for her to be really defeated because their assaults are coordinated. Despite being alone, Daki is nonetheless very strong due to her lethal amorphous sashes.

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Daki is currently endowed with additional terrifying Upper Demon abilities, such as regeneration, in addition to these sentient sashes’ astounding adaptability. Although Daki lacks part of her brother’s confidence, she is still a formidable opponent who can defeat Tanjiro, Inosuke, Zenitsu, Nezuko, and Tengen Uzui with ease.

2. Gyutaro

Gyutaro, who shares the Upper-Rank Six status with his sister Daki and is the arc’s major antagonist, presents Tanjiro and company with more fearsome monsters than ever before in Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District Arc. The tag team attack of Tenjiro, Tengen, Inosuke, and Zenitsu is defeated by Gyutaro’s Blood Demon Art, who has already defeated over 15 Hashira.

Gyutaro is endowed with highly developed regenerative skills, and neutralizing his sister is the key to his demise. Despite the fact that both of these siblings are among the most powerful demons Tanjiro has ever encountered, Gyutaro is the plan’s primary organizer.

3. Gyokko

Gyokko, who was the Upper Moon 5 and one of the 12 Kizuki, was a powerful member of the group that assaulted the demon hunters in the Swordsmith Village. Gyokko was able to teleport between the pots he had put throughout the field because of his skills. He had the ability to call forth fish and other creatures to attack certain targets.

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With his Blood Demon Art, Gyokko nearly killed Muichiro and was able to challenge one of the most skilled swordsmen in the series. But as soon as Muichiro turned on his Demon Slayer Mark, the demon’s struggle was finished.


When Muzan wanted to speak to the demons, Nakime was the demon who called them forth. After Rui was slaughtered by demon hunters, Muzan summoned and exterminated every Lower Moon monster.
She is the demon who plays the shamisen and has the power to change the Infinity Castle’s layout and dimensions. After Hantengu’s passing, she was elevated to Upper Moon 4. She may not have much strength, but it’s really difficult to find and fight her.

5. Hantengu

Another member of the Upper Demon Moon who is deceptively powerful and enjoys hiding behind feelings and acting the victim is Hantengu. Hantengu’s Blood Demon Art, which enables him to divide into several forms of himself that represent his various emotions, depends on this.

Eventually, the others are absorbed by Hantengu’s most explosive and powerful personality, giving him a significant increase in strength. Hantengu frequently complains, but his strategies enable him to fend off four Demon Slayers simultaneously.

6. Akaza

If we compare the demons’ raw strength, Akaza is one of the series’ toughest demons. Before he became a demon, he had anger breakdowns that allowed him to kill a large number of victims. Because Akaza was so powerful, Giyu Tomioka had to trigger his Demon Slayer Mark and Tanjiro had to utilize his Breath of the Sun to combat it.

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Even though Akaza had the ability to regenerate his head, he decided not to, which is the sole reason Tanjiro and Giyu won that battle. Also assassinated by Akaza was Kyojuro Rengoku.

7. Doma

Doma is yet another powerful demon in the series that was able to kill a lot of people and advance to his current status. Despite the fact that he is strong, some could even contend that Akaza was stronger given how the demons battled the demon hunters.
However, Shinobu’s heroism in allowing him to devour her was the sole reason Inosuke and Kanao were able to defeat him. He would be vulnerable to her poison, which she had plenty of. He could manipulate ice, turning it into a fine powder that would kill anyone who ingested it thanks to his Blood Demon Art.

8. Kokushibo

Unquestionably the most powerful of the 12 Kizuki is Kokushibo. Kokushibo, Yoriichi’s older brother, had aspirations of being the greatest swordsman until he turned into a demon. He was no match for Yoriichi, though, and after Muzan gave him a chance, he changed into a demon.

The “Moon Breathing,” which Kokushibo invented, was so potent that it required the combined efforts of Gyomei, Muichiro, Genya, and Sanemi to beat him. Genya and Muichiro died while battling him, hence the Demon Slayer Corps as a whole wasn’t spared.

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