Who Is The Strongest Inquisitor Of The Star Wars Franchise


Aditi Narendra

Who is The Strongest Inquisitor as per your preference? As the Star Wars franchise expands, so does the galaxy in which it is situated. The Imperial Inquisitors are the latest addition to the galaxy far, far away. The Inquisitors, first shown in Star Wars Rebels, are an elite cell of dark Jedi led by Darth Vader that sweep the galaxy for the remaining Jedi of Order 66.

8. The Fourth Sister

The Fourth Sister was present during the events of Kenobi and was despatched with the Grand Inquisitor during the hunt for the Jedi known as Nori on Tatooine, whom they eventually hunted and killed. Later, when the Fourth Sister arrived at Mapuzo accompanying Darth Vader, she witnessed the Sith Lord’s cruelty as he massacred the citizens of a small mining community.

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While not the order’s lowest-ranking Inquisitor (that honor was reserved by the Grand Inquisitor for the Third Sister, Reva), the Fourth Sister was especially careful not to show her own intention to rise up the ranks. Instead, he preferred to keep a low profile and would frequently follow in the footsteps of the Fifth Brother.

7. The Eighth Brother

The Eighth Brother, a sleek and quick foe, was sent to Malachor by Darth Vader for his first and only on-screen appearance in Star Wars Rebels “Twilight of the Apprentice.” Tasked with tracking down known Order 66 survivor Darth Maul, he led Maul to the ruins of a Sith temple, only to run into three Jedi, Ahsoka Tano, Kanan Jarrus, and Ezra Bridger.

Even if the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister could help him, the tide would eventually turn against the three Inquisitors. Caught off guard by the surprise union of the Jedi and Maul, the Eighth Brother only succeeded in holding his own for a short time until his lightsaber was destroyed by Kanan Jarrus and he plummeted to his death in a frantic attempt to flee.

6. The Ninth Sister

The Ninth Sister, like many Inquisitors, was formerly a member of the Jedi Order who was taken prisoner, tortured, and corrupted by the empire to be used as a weapon toward her own kind. The Ninth Sister, a towering Dowutin with a rare empathic ability to comprehend minds, utilized her formidable presence and command of the force against her adversaries.

The Ninth Sister, once known as Masana Tide, was captured and isolated before being tormented to the point of breaking and having her identity taken away. She worked alongside Darth Vader and the other Inquisitors to pursue Jedi and carry out the Emperor’s orders over the years, frequently battling through debilitating wounds and even sacrificing a leg to the sixth brother only to outlast him. eventually losing to Cal Kestis on Kashyyyk in a duel.

5. The Seventh Sister

The Seventh Sister first appears in Star Wars as one of Star Wars Rebels Season Two’s main adversaries, chasing Ezra Bridger throughout the night. The female Mirialan was known to use ID9 seeker droids to locate her target and acquired the same model of duel-bladed swords as the Grand Inquisitor, her desire to advance in the ranks of the Inquisitors fueling her actions.

The Seventh Sister first appears in Star Wars as one of the key foes of Ezra Bridger in Season Two of Star Wars Rebels. In order to ascend in the ranks of the Inquisitors, the female Mirialan was known to use ID9 seeker droids to find her prey and to have obtained the same model of duel-bladed swords as the Grand Inquisitor.

4. The Fifth Brother

The Seventh Sister initially arrives in Star Wars as one of the key foes of Ezra Bridger in Season Two of Star Wars Rebels. In order to ascend in the ranks of the Inquisitors, the female Mirialan was reported to use ID9 search droids to find her prey and to have obtained this very same model of duel-bladed swords as the Grand Inquisitor.

Who Is The Strongest Inquisitor

The Fifth Brother showed a dislike for being told what to do by his colleagues Inquisitors during the search for Obi-Wan Kenobi. He became especially hostile toward Reva, whom he saw as inferior to him. The Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister took over the search for Ahsoka Tano and the crew of The Ghost after the Grand Inquisitors passed away years later, but they both perished at the hands of Darth Maul.

3. Reva the Third Sister

When Darth Vader invaded the Jedi Temple as a small child, Reva led her other students directly to the person she thought to be Anakin Skywalker. She anticipated safety but instead encountered the lightsaber blade of the deceased Jedi. Until she was eventually discovered surviving and taken to be schooled in the dark side of the force, she hid among some of the corpses. Reva planned against Darth Vader while hurling her rage at the remaining Jedi, accusing them of not doing enough to stop the emergence of the Sith. Reva was consumed by a desire for vengeance.

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Outmatched by Vader, the Third Sisters eventual attempt at revenge left her defeated and on the brink of death. Learning that Vader has a secret child, her sights then became set on a young farm boy on Tatooine, where Reva’s tragic story would eventually come full circle. With Luke Skywalker at the end of her blade, she is unable to see the horrific deed through. Finding forgiveness from Obi-Wan Kenobi, Reva becomes the only known member to escape the order.

2. Trilla Suduri the Second Sister

The Second Sister was a particularly ruthless and cunning member of the Inquisitors, relishing the hunt for force-sensitive beings and the political opponents of the Empire. She participated in numerous sword fights and was a skilled opponent, frequently playing with the target before delivering the killing blow. However, her clever mind and capacity to infer and anticipate her opponents’ every move and behavior remained her most effective tool.

Who Is The Strongest Inquisitor

Her fellow Inquisitors are all too aware of the Second Sister’s terrible life. Trilla, who was still a Padawan during the Great Purge, and her Jedi Master Cere Junda fled the Empire while concealing a number of infants. Trilla was eventually apprehended after being betrayed by her old owner, who ultimately gave in to the Empire’s torture techniques. Trilla would transform into the Second Sister and hunt out other Jedi in an effort to win over Darth Sidious, and use this betrayal as fuel for her rage

1. The Grand Inquisitor

A male Pau’an who had formerly served as a guard at the Jedi temple, the Grand Inquisitor was the highest-ranking member of the Inquisitor Order and, as such, immediately answered to Darth Vader. He terrified everyone with his glaring yellow eyes and blood-red dual-bladed lightsaber, and he was the cause of the demise of numerous Jedi. The Grand Inquisitor frequently used the helpless as bait to bring the remaining Jedi out, using their very character against them; their bodies were later displayed in the Tomb of the Jedi, located deep under Fortress Inquisitorius.

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The Grand Inquisitor, making his eagerly anticipated live-action debut in Kenobi, is betrayed by the Third Sister, who injures him in the stomach and abandons him for dead. After escaping, he makes use of the Third Sister’s fury to his benefit, leading Reva to believe that he has perished and enabling her to carry out her plan to assassinate Darth Vader.