Who Is The Strongest Eternal? What Information Do We Have About Them?


Aditi Narendra

Look for who is the strongest eternal character. The 26th film in the Marvel Comics Universe, Eternals, had its theatrical premiere in 2021. The film featured a gang of superheroes who had spent a very long period of time hiding on Earth. You may be aware that the Eternals were founded by a celestial being by the name of Arishem in order to protect Earth from the destructive Deviants.

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These eight superheroes each have a unique superpower. But some fans might wonder which Eternal is the strongest of them all. According to their skill levels, the Eternals are listed in this article from least to most powerful.

10) Sprite

Sprite is regarded as the least powerful of all the Eternals because she can simply manipulate her appearance or make illusions to deceive the adversary. She and the rest of her crew can only fight the rebels in that manner. She is aware of when and how to employ her skills to vanquish the foe.

Who Is The Strongest Eternal

In the film, she showed strength numerous times, most notably when a freak assaults Sersi, Dane Whitman, and her. Then, to confuse the Deviant, she conjured several illusions. Sprite knew she was the weakest Eternal even after that, so it’s understandable why she decided to change into a human.

9) Druig

One of the most irritated members of the group, Druig is hard to convince once he makes up his mind. He obviously lacks the fighting skills of Ikaris, Thena, and Gilgamesh.

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He does, however, have control over their thoughts, whether they belong to an individual or a group. This power makes him incredibly dangerous, but superheroes like Ikaris can control it.

8) Phastos

Phastos’ presence on the squad is better for it. He is the technical brain behind inventions and strategies that will advance civilization. He also possesses the superpower of being able to blast beams out of his hands and eyes in conjunction with these. However, most of his talents are intended to help his people rather than to give him supernatural strength.

7) Makkari

Outstanding speed is Makkari’s most notable talent. She is unable to participate in combat though. She serves as the group’s backup to save people from Deviant attacks and clear the area so that the other team members can fight more efficiently. She can also launch hit-and-run attacks.

6) Sersi

Sersi is one of those heroines who is ignorant of her own talent. Kingo and Ikaris are better fighters than Sersi, but Sersi has something far more powerful. She has a fascinating power over everything around her.

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Sersi, for example, could summon a tree out of thin air and change a bus into rose petals when battling Deviant. The only negative is Sersi’s inability to employ her skills to their full potential.

5) Kingo

Kingo is regarded as the group’s funniest and lighthearted member. Kingo is able to protect himself even though he prefers not to start a battle. He has the ability to create cosmic beams in his hands and launch them at foes.

Who Is The Strongest Eternal

He maintains his composure even after the squad learns of Ikaris’ treachery. He chose to abandon the assignment over engaging in combat with members of his own race.

4) Ajak

Arishem picks Ajak to be the group’s leader for the mission. She cannot, however, fight on the front lines because of her shortcomings. We can’t dispute, though, that she still possesses an unrivaled capacity for self-healing.

3) Thena

Since Thena was a formidable Olympus warrior, she is revered as the Goddess of War. She becomes traumatized, though, as a result of being eternal, and she turns aggressive, hurting her own teammates. She is one of the group’s strongest Eternals thanks to her excellent swordplay.

2) Gilgamesh

Due to his inherent strength, Gilgamesh is the second strongest of all. He had been strong enough even for years to deal with Thena’s dark and violent side. . In addition, he overcame the threat that came from a Deviant without the assistance of any other Eternals. He is – behavioral as opposed to first because he is unable to fly or fire lasers from his eyes.

1) Ikaris

Finally, everyone in the group recognizes that Ikaris possesses superior strength among the Eternals. It speaks a lot that he is the only Eternal who can fly. He is also stronger physically than the entire group together. It is understandable why Kingo chose not to fight alongside the other Eternals in their conflict with Ikaros. Kingo realized that even if they banded together, they had little chance of beating Ikaros. The one who ultimately lacked the willpower to kill Sersi was actually the other. He might have triumphed if he had chosen the alternative course of action.