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Fairy Tail is a well-known entertainment bundle in the form of an anime series. This anime series weaves an enthralling spell on everyone from episode one forward with a tinge of magic, a dash of adventure, and a tonne of friendship and togetherness. But Fairy Tail’s characters are what really captivate audiences.

Every character, from the erratic and impetuous Natsu to the effervescent and upbeat Lucy to the icy yet compassionate Erza, carries a poignant punch while hiding their own special set of magical abilities. Anime viewers frequently wonder which characters are the strongest in the program because successive seasons reveal new characters with special powers.

The 10 most powerful characters from the popular anime Fairy Tail are listed below, ranking from weakest to strongest.

10) Erza Scarlet

who is the strongest character in fairy tail

Erza is the ideal role model who exhibits serenity, power, and strength. She is renowned for being strong-willed, frigid, awkward, and impatient. She not only possessed great personality features but also attained the status of S-class magician. Titania is another name for Erza.

She is unquestionably one of the guild’s strongest members, and because to her Requip: The Knight ability, she has the ability to switch between multiple armours in an instant.

She didn’t have to, even though she didn’t display all of her armour during Fairy Tail. She is the victor on every battlefield she enters thanks to her sheer willpower, stamina, and quick reflexes.

9) God Serena

who is the strongest character in fairy tail

None other than God Serena was among the guild’s strongest opponents. His abilities as a Dragon Slayer shocked everyone in the room as he belonged to the elite group of mages in the Alvarez Empire and was a previous member of the Ten Wizard Saints. The eight distinct dragon-slaying Lacrima that he implanted are where the power derives from.

Like his attitude, his use of magic was exceedingly erratic and self-assured. He never hesitates to demonstrate his abilities.

8) Gildart Clive

who is the strongest character in fairy tail

Fairy Tail’s Gildart Clive steps in when the situation is too difficult for the guild as a whole to manage. He is a second S-class wizard whose abilities surpass Erza’s. He has artificial hands and legs, but his power move, Crush, can obliterate anything in his path. It completely accomplishes the task when facing a challenging foe.

He provides much-needed comedy relief throughout the whole anime-manga series despite his power and ferocious personality. In every combat he engages in, he also possesses a certain amount of stamina and strength.

7) Irene Belserion

who is the strongest character in fairy tail

Irene Belserion, also known as Scarlet Despair, is the second-strongest mage in the Spriggan 12, and she also happens to be one of Fairy Tail’s most powerful characters. She gave dragons the capacity to impart their abilities on people by developing the Dragon Slayer spell. This mage is an expert in enchanting magic, just like Wendy from the guild.

She is essential to the plot, just like her array of abilities. She demonstrates that she can identify with the thoughts and feelings of those around her.

6) Mavis Vermillion

who is the strongest character in fairy tail

It takes a lot of effort to become the Fairy Tail Guild’s first master. Mavis is one of many powerful characters in the anime-manga series because she understands that with great power comes great responsibility.

She is known to have the greatest magic of all due to her immortality. If she exhibits compassion and respect for life, she may accidentally murder someone. She carries a curse that includes this. Her main strength rests in her diplomatic nature, despite the fact that she is well-versed in performance and projection magic. She is then able to lead and support the guild in the worst circumstances.

5) Igneel

who is the strongest character in fairy tail

Igneel is fearsome in appearance and size, living up to all the adulation and strength throughout Fairy Tail. Despite his regal appearance, this powerful fire-breathing dragon has a soft spot in his heart for Natsu Dragneel, his adoptive son.

His breath of fire was always majestic throughout the anime-manga series. But when he engaged Acnologia in a direct fight while in a rare black dragon form, his real might was revealed. His hitherto untapped strength earns him a place among the series’ most powerful characters.

He retains an enigmatic yet assured personality to match his god-fearing level ability.

4) Natsu Dragneel

who is the strongest character in fairy tail

Natsu Dragneel has consistently ranked among the top magicians since Fairy Tail’s inception. In addition to being an S-class wizard and having the power to create, direct, and control fire, he is also skilled at using hand-to-hand combat when fighting. Many believe that because he has experience taking down fire dragons, Acnologia, another formidable opponent, can be defeated.

He exhibits a reckless and aggressive personality, much like fire. He frequently disagrees with other characters like Laxus Dreyar and Gray Fullbuster. But he balances this out by being devoted to and loyal to his guildmates.

3) August

who is the strongest character in fairy tail

August is a wizard king of Fairy Tail and a master of copy magic. He is the son of Zeref and Mavis. He is one of this anime-manga series’ most strong characters thanks to his command and mastery over numerous abilities. He is well-known for having the ability to copy. He can imitate anyone’s ability thanks to this talent. This may also render him immune to virtually all forms of magic.

He takes on the persona of an ancient, knowledgeable man who is endowed with wisdom and power throughout the series.

2) Zeref Dragneel

who is the strongest character in fairy tail

All Fairy Tail characters regard Zeref Dragneel as being a formidable wizard in addition to being known as Natsu‘s older brother and a powerful dark magician. He just needs to cast his spells once because of their incredible strength. His fame has travelled widely, and his skills have brought him disciples. He shares the same curse of killing people as the guild master Mavis.

He is an extremely well-liked figure because of his capacity to summon ancient black magic.

1) Acnologia

who is the strongest character in fairy tail

Acnologia, sometimes known as the “Dragon King,” is the most powerful character in Fairy Tail and easily takes the top rank. Aside from his many skills, his magic is stronger than anybody else’s since he can employ Dragon Slayer magic of an unidentified element. He has the power to transform into a dragon at command and enfold anyone in his dimension.

He is a volatile character due to his hatred of others and disdain for them. He also prefers alone.

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