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Aditi Narendra

Who Is The Strongest Avenger 2021 In Marvel Cinematic Universe

We have a list of who is the strongest Avenger  2021 in the MCU. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers are frequently referred to as “Earth’s mightiest heroes,” That has grown ever more true as heroes are recruited to the continually growing roster with each film.

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The characters on the squad are evenly split between those with superhuman talents and those who are just regular mortals. Even though fans may overlook the weaker characters, they have demonstrated that they are just as strong and capable as the others, despite not having as much strength. But which Avenger is the most powerful, and which is the least?

1. Scarlet Witch

Always the Avenger with the most unrealized potential, Scarlet Witch. In the movie Infinity War, she held back Thanos with one hand while managing to smash one Infinity Stone. In Endgame, she also put Thanos within reach of death, forcing him to concentrate all of his ship’s armaments on her.

who is the strongest avenger 2021

Despite the fact that Wanda Maximoff, better known as the Scarlet Witch, is now the acknowledged most potent Avenger, that was enough to place her close to the top. That was seen in WandaVision, where she explored her skills further, seized control of a whole town, and essentially brought Vision back to life in some way.

2. Hulk

The Hulk is positioned as Loki’s go-to weapon in The Avengers from back in 2012. The magnitude of the war the Avengers are waging has changed, and as a direct consequence, the Hulk’s position as one of the most powerful has diminished. As a result of the introduction of numerous historical, mystical, or outer space-hailing beings and technologies into the MCU, the Hulk’s brand of smash ’em up inflammatory is now nothing more than a screwdriver in a world that now necessitates the superhero equivalent of a crane. When Wanda Maximoff used the Hulk as a weapon in Avengers: Age of Ultron, she had only just begun to scrape the surface of her witchcraft abilities.

3. Captain Marvel

Thanks to the powers she acquired, Carol Danvers, or Captain Marvel, has been referred to as the MCU’s strongest character. Despite having only appeared in two films to date, she has already demonstrated several impressive achievements, making her one of the strongest.

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In Captain Marvel, she not only defeated a whole fleet of Kree ships that were traveling to Earth on her own, but she also destroyed Thanos’ ship in a single blow, engaged the Mad Titan face to face, and survived a hit from the Power Stone unharmed.

4. Ant-Man

Ant-Man has primarily been seen in comic contexts. But when the going got tough and the Avengers needed help defeating Thanos, he stood up and joined the group, helping them understand the Quantum Realm and, at the very least, saving the day.

Who is strongest Avenger 2021

Since his strength is still high for his size and he can deliver a devastating blow when no one is looking, Ant-Man is also rather strong. In the end, Scott Lang still lacks the necessary experience, which means that despite his superhuman suit, he cannot compete with the majority of the Avengers.

5. Hawkeye/Clint Barton

Marc Spector isn’t now a member of the Avengers, like the abovementioned Kate Bishop. Even if there are no more Avengers movies in the future, his presence in the MCU may eventually cause that to alter.

Although Moon Knight can be unpredictable due to his dissociative identity problem, he is unquestionably strong. He is a capable fighter and an amazing detective, as shown by the fact that he can defeat swarms of adversaries by himself. He doesn’t quite possess the skills of some of the top Avengers, but he could easily outmatch a number of them in a hand-to-hand fight.

6. Moon Knight/Marc Spector

Clint Barton is a master marksman, but because he’s simply a regular guy with a bow and arrow, many people view him as the team’s weakest link. That undoubtedly makes Hawkeye one of the least effective Avengers.

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One of the best aspects of the character and what roots him is that he’s on a much higher level than the rest of the squad, especially given that it’s obvious he has a lot more to lose than they do. In the past, he has led more powerful figures like Wanda Maxmioff using his extensive combat expertise. Clint Barton, although a master marksman, is frequently viewed as the team’s weakest player.

7. Nick Fury

The person who started it all was Nick Fury. He may not be widely regarded as an Avengers member, but he is the one who brought the group as a whole together. He is the true creator of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and a strong individual in his own right.

In the first Avengers film, he assisted in defeating Loki after surviving a full-scale assault from the Winter Soldier. His actual strength lies in his ability to lead and in the resources he brings to the squad, but he is also no coward in a fight and demonstrated in Captain Marvel that he could hold his own with the majority of common bad guys.