Who is the New Girlfriend of Aaron Rodgers, and Why Did He Break Up With Shailene Woodley?


Aditi Narendra

Aaron Rodgers might be dating someone else now that he has broken up with Woodley. After the actor and the player couldn’t work out their issues, Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley called it quits. Photos, however, suggest that Aaron Rodgers might be dating someone else now that he has broken up with Woodley. Woodley and Rodgers were dating. However, their partnership proved unhealthy for both of them. Both parties made the decision to separate ways without hesitation. a circumstance that both figures’ fan bases anticipated. The Green Packers quarterback is in the presence of a new lover, claims SideAction.One of SideAction’s sources said, “It feels like yesterday when Aaron was expressing his love and thanks to his fiancée Shailene Woodley.”

When Dating Rumors of Aaron Rodgers Start

A “contemporary mystery school for women to regain the magical, radically honest, wise, wild, unapologetic you,” founded by Blu, is another venture. She also enjoys contemplation, yoga, spirituality, and living off the grid. Although Blu and the QBs have not explicitly admitted to dating, their silence on the subject has caused many to suspect that they do. However, there is always a chance that Aaron Rodgers will team up with someone. whenever the pro quarterback is single.Although the legendary Packers quarterback is used to this. He has previously been connected to a variety of ladies. He dated Danika Patrica and until earlier this year, Shailene Woodley was his fiancée.

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Even though the situation is still in rumor land, fire and smoke go hand in hand. Time will tell whether their claimed connection is merely a fan notion or something more significant.

Who is Aaron Rodgers Dating?

Despite this, new allegations about Rodgers started to circulate only after he officially ended his relationship with Woodley, who is reportedly doing well for herself. The Divergent actress has concentrated on moving on, despite the fact that she did react to the split somewhat negatively.

Aaron Rodgers dating

Rodgers appears to be concentrating on the 2022–2023 NFL season. On September 11, Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers will play their first game of the year against the Minnesota Vikings. Even during the preseason, AR12 made headlines for some unfavorable reasons. The most notable admission was that he had consumed ayahuasca, a psychoactive plant utilized by South American cultures.

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Although this medicine is permitted in that region of the world, it is prohibited in the USA. Rodgers asserted that the substance improved his mental condition, which improved his performance in the NFL. His purported girlfriend Blu, a self-described mystic, backed up his admission.

Who is Blu the Girlfriend of Aaron Rodgers?

Blu is the new woman in Aaron Rodger’s world. According to reports, the medicine woman is “into psychedelic drugs.” Aaron has once more made a comeback. On this one, the timeline is a little hazy. She goes by the name Blu of Earth. Blu, formerly known as Charlotte Brereton, switched her name. “Blu portrays herself as a witch, believes she’s a medicine woman and is into psychedelic drugs,” says the website. The news source displayed a photo showing Blu’s fresh connection to Aaron Rodgers. Blu identifies herself on Instagram as the co-founder of Florescene and the host of the Dejablu Podcast, which has received 1 million downloads.

In one of her posts, she stated: Talking all about our fundamental responsibility as humans to allow ourselves permission to experience it all. Your feelings are all sacred. Everyone is welcome here. We must first find peace within ourselves if we hope to end the wars on the planet.

More About the Relationship of Aaron Rodgers and Blu

Rodgers wasted no time in starting a relationship with his current Earth-based lover Blu. Rodgers and his new girlfriend even got matching tattoos. Woodley follows Blu on social media. It’s not very shocking that people would follow her given that Woodley is a well-known actor. Blu, though, recently began to like Woodley’s photos. In the world of social media,  giving a like on the pictures of the ex is seen as strange behavior by newcomers. Some could say this is the best trolling ever. Blu even refers to herself as a witch who enjoys doing some quite strange things.

Aaron Rodgers dating

Rodgers moved on to Blu, who is now not only following her but also starting to appreciate her pictures, while Woodley took the breakup very hard. The implication is that Blu hadn’t previously expressed an interest in Woodley’s photos, and even if she had, she wasn’t dating Woodley’s ex at the time.

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When his best weapon, superstar WR Davante Adams, announced that he wanted out, Rodgers was performing his yearly toe tap and feeding the media mosh pit by indicating that he would retire. Eventually, Rodgers agreed to a contract worth somewhere about $50 million per season, but Adams was transferred to the Raiders after feeling worn down by his antics. Rodgers is currently beginning a new romantic engagement with another famous woman. But more importantly, he’ll have to construct some additional ones on the football field.