Who is the mother of Paula Patton? Is She Joyce Patton?


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Recently, Paula Patton has been the subject of numerous news stories. Not for her work in the film industry, but because of a video she uploaded to Instagram on March 5, 2022, in which she offered a recipe for fried chicken that had been handed down from her mother, Joyce.

Even though her mother was not shown in the video in question, she was mentioned in it, and fans are interested in learning more about the person who developed the recipe.

As the mother and daughter appear to have a strong relationship, Joyce Patton has made an appearance in her daughter’s social media posts on more than one occasion. Let’s learn more about the mother of the actress who has appeared in Warcraft and 2 Guns.

Paula Patton Mother

According to her daughter’s Instagram account, Joyce Patton, whose maiden name was Vanraden, spent 32 years of her life working as a teacher in the public school system.

Paula Patton published the following in a post that she shared on the internet in January 2022 in recognition of Joyce’s birthday: “She has been one of my greatest blessings here on earth. deciding to devote her life to improving the quality of life for both my brother and I. She put her personal desires and requirements on the back burner to ensure that all of our requirements were met at all times.

“She believed it was her responsibility to always give back, educate and nurture children.”

Paula Patton, a person of mixed race who has been an outspoken supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, is a person of mixed race. Her mother is responsible for the part of her lineage that is caucasian, and her father, Charles Patton, is responsible for the part of her heritage that is African American.

Celebrating Joyce as “the woman who always told me categorically you are Black,” the actress and singer pointed out that Joyce is also a supporter of the cause and referred to her as “the woman who always told me you are Black.”

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In Addition, Joyce Patton Is a Grandmother to Julian Fuego, Her Daughter Robin Thicke’s Kid With a Previous Relationship.


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Paula Patton’s Upbringing in the State of California

In the city of Los Angeles, in the state of California, Paula Patton was reared by her parents, Charles and Joyce Patton. According to a post that was published on Instagram by Paula Patton, her father was the son of sharecroppers and spent his childhood in the state of Mississippi harvesting cotton.

He moved to California when he was 18 years old and worked nights at a juvenile hall and a post office to earn the money necessary to pay for his tuition at law school. He finally became a public defender and opened his own law firm.

Another child, Charles Jr., was born to Charles and Joyce. Charles Jr. currently has two sons of his own.

paula patton mother

Alexander Hamilton High School is a public school located in the Castle Heights neighbourhood. The school is well-known for the many famous people who attended and graduated from there, including Shia LaBeouf, Fiona Apple, Emile Hirsch, and Lizzie Caplan, among others. Paula Patton was a student there.

After completing high school, she continued her education in her own state by enrolling at the University of California.

It’s the “disastrous” fried chicken dish that’s drawing the most attention from critics:

A significant number of people on social media made fun of the manner Patton prepared the food that was her mother’s specialty. In the video, she can be heard saying, “I’m going to make my mom’s delicious fried chicken.” Here, she is referring to Joyce Patton.

During the process of cooking, the actress began by washing the raw chicken in cold water. Next, she dipped the chicken in flour and then placed it in a frying pan that had been preheated.

Users on social media platforms pointed out that Patton made a mistake by waiting to season the chicken until after it had already begun cooking.

A Commenter on Twitter Stated That Paula Patton Added the Seasoning to the Chicken While It Was Still in the Grease.

Another added: “How Paula Patton looked at her un-seasoned chicken. The actress in her made her appear pleased with that disaster.”

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Paula Patton Net Worth

Between May 2013 and May 2014, Paula Patton’s net worth saw an astounding increase. Her performance as the lead female character in the film Mission: Impossible is generally regarded as the job that has brought her the most fame. Because of this, her part in the drama “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” was eventually cut, and she was ultimately replaced with Melissa Sagemiller.

Right after she graduated from college, the well-known American actress got a three-month assignment and began producing programmes and documentaries for the Discovery Health Channel.

This allowed her to begin earning a paycheck almost immediately after she entered the workforce. Paula Patton made her acting debut in the year 2005 with a supporting role in the movie “Hitch,” which was directed by Andy Tennant. She was sharing the stage with Will Smith and Eva Mendes, two of the most prominent movie stars at the time.

After giving a great performance in this movie, Patton began to see an increase in her level of fame, and in 2011, she was cast in the most significant role of her career in the film “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol,” co-starring with Tom Cruise. Because of her participation in this movie, Paula Patton was able to significantly enhance her net worth thanks to the fact that she was compensated with $1.5 million for her role.

It was the final act of the movie, and it was revealed that Paula Patton’s net worth is going to increase since she has agreed to an even larger compensation of 3 million dollars for the fifth part. This information was revealed during the final act of the movie. Paula Patton is going to be a part of the future movie “Warcraft,” which will be produced by Thomas Tull, according to an announcement made in 2013 by the American film production business Legendary Pictures. Due to the fact that this movie is scheduled to be released in March of 2016, we may expect to find out more information on Patton and the growth of her net worth throughout that year.

Paula, then just fourteen years old, fell in love with the man who would later become her husband. Patton began a romantic relationship with the music artist Robin Thicke, and it seems as though the two have been together for a very long time.

They tied the knot in 2005, and they are now parents to a child named Julian Fuego Thicke. Robin is a famous musician, and his songs have garnered the attention of 242 million followers all around the world. His song “Blurred Lines” was the most successful single release in the United States.

Even though Robin Thickle has a net worth of thirty million dollars, he does not have a happy family life as a result of this. In 2014, the news that Robin and Paula were divorcing was shared with the public.

In addition to her career as an actor, Paula Patton is a singer who contributed background vocals to Usher’s album Confessions, which was published in 2004. Can you handle it features Paula’s singing as one of the song’s vocalists.

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