Who Is the Killer in Scream 2? Everything You Need To Know!


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With Ghostface’s recent return to the big screen, it’s clear that Wes Craven’s Scream 2 flicks live on, indeed if none of the killers feels to. The ever-final girl Sidney Prescott( Neve Campbell) has dealt with her fair share of sickie fellows, evil half-sisters, and attention-seeking musketeers and family to know that surviving a horror movie is not nearly as delightful as watching one, but with Dewey Riley( David Arquette) and Gale Weathers( Courteney Cox) always by her side, nothing is unsolvable.

This time’s Scream” requel“( yes, we spelt that right) is an instigative addition to the iconic horror ballot that challenges everything we know about horror,” elevated” or not, and introduces two new slashers to the Ghostface heritage.

While Woodsboro’s most notorious sickie killers all participated in the same mask (and the same voice by RogerL. Jackson), they were each in fact veritably different people with, occasionally, the exact same motives as the last. nevertheless, they were foes to be reckoned with, so let’s rank every one of them.


Charlie Walker( Scream 4)

 It’s those film guys you’ve got to watch out for. While not the main antagonist of the fabulous laugh 4, Charlie Walker( Rory Culkin) tried his stylish to play Ghostface, but his ultimate thing was in getting the” coming” Randy Meeks( Jamie Kennedy) and be one of the last survivors of the most recent Woodsboro murders.

Who Is the Killer in Scream 2

The unanticipated is the new cliché”, he says to his Cinema Club, and it’s true. Charlie may have been the least likely suspect, and that is exactly how he( nearly) got down with it. still, Charlie was also one of the weakest of all the Ghostfaces.

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Not only was he killed nearly incontinently by his abettor ( more on her after), but each of his kills was sloppier than the last. Sure, we wouldn’t want to meet Charlie in a dark alley, but it’s possible we could take him.

Debbie Loomis( Scream 2)

The mama of the original Ghostface killer, Debbie Loomis( Laurie Metcalf), also known as Debbie Salt, gave off some real Pamela Voorhees vibes when she showed up at the end of Scream 2.

Who Is the Killer in Scream 2

After Sidney killed Billy Loomis( Skeet Ulrich), Debbie snappily began contriving a plan to retaliate against her son’s murder, which involved paying for a pupil’s education and for him to get close to Sidney through the academy. As it turned out, she was the one who killed Sidney’s high academy friend Randy Meeks, who we were each sad to see go. Debbie’s psychotic vengeance plot did not end well for her. Not only was she shot by Cotton Weary( Liev Schreiber), but Sidney also made sure to finish the job.

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Although Debbie killed one of the stylish characters in the ballot, she’s still one of the least memorable, and a clear rip-off of the original Friday the 13th to charge.

Mickey Altieri( Scream 2)

The main killer of Scream 2, Mickey Altieri( Timothy Olyphant) was one of Sidney’s stylish musketeers in council and a film pupil who especially loved horror films. Of course, like all the Ghostface killers, his dream of getting the” star” ultimately came to pass as he began killing across the lot.

Mickey directly killed five people and potentially two others, all the while cheering Sidney that he was just as disturbed to see history reprise itself as she was. In the worst way possible, Mickey got into Sidney’s head, making her suppose that his stylish friend and her swain Derek Feldman( JerryO’Connell) was his abettor, right before killing him.

who is the killer in scream 2


This suppressed Sidney’s connections going forward, and she continued to wear the choker Derek gave her in remembrance of him( which came in handy when she used it to slice Mickey’s face), realizing Mickey was lying the whole time.

Amber Freeman( Scream 5)

 Amber Freeman( Mikey Madison) might only be eighteen, but she’s one of the toughest Ghostfaces to ever slash through the competition. One of the two antagonists in the recent Scream” requel“, Amber managed to get close to Tara Carpenter( Jenna Ortega) and insinuate her group of musketeers, just as the original Woodsboro killers did.

Amber managed to not only get close to Tara but so close that Tara would prefer her company to that of her family, Sam( Melissa Barrera) She’s a phenomenal actor.

Richie Kirsch( Scream 5)

Along with Amber, Richie Kirsch( Jack Quaid) decided to produce his own interpretation of impale 8 that would more serve the” addict’s”( i.e. their) wants and needs. His master plan involved cosying up to Sam Carpenter, the long-misplaced son of Billy Loomis, only to turn on her in the final hour.

The first swain since Billy Loomis to actually be the killer makes an immediate print as an authentically” nice joe“. Still, Dewey managed to peg it right off the club because of course he does. Conceivably the most disturbing of all the Ghostfaces, Stu Macher( Matthew Lillard) does some of the weirdest stuff with his lingo since Gene Simmons put on that KISS makeup.

That said, this Ghostface is the secondary( and surprise) antagonist of the original Scream who helped kill Sidney’s mama before beginning the notorious 1996 Woodsboro Murders a time latterly, starting with his-girlfriend Casey Becker( Drew Barrymore) and her also- swain.


Roman Bridger( Scream 3)

Scream 3 might be the least memorable film of the bunch, but this killer is indelible. For youthful Hollywood music videotape director Roman Bridger( Scott Foley), landing the job commanding impale 3 was not nearly enough.

The illegitimate son of Maureen Prescott( Lynn McRee) aka actress Rina Reynolds, Roman was flat-out rejected by his birth mama, only to stalk her and learn of her secret affair with Hank Loomis(C.W. Morgan).

It’s Roman’s influence that actually drove Billy Loomis and Stu Macher to kill Billy’s father in the first place, performing in the events of the 1996 Woodsboro Murders.

Jill Roberts( Scream 4)

Who Is the Killer in Scream 2

Sidney’s kinsman Jill Roberts( Emma Roberts) is another straight sickie. Obviously, all the Ghostfaces must be crazy in some position, but Jill brings entirely new energy to it, willing to injure herself in order for her” attack” to look real.

Billy Loomis( Scream)

The O.G. Ghostface killer, Billy Loomis was the first man to directly afflict Sidney Prescott, not to mention the rest of Woodsboro. Alongside Stu Macher, Billy slashed through all of their high academy musketeers, but not before boggling Sidney’s own mama a time prior in a vengeance-fueled rage.



What makes the” Scream” series so compelling, in part, is the flick’s whodunnit element. The series has been praised for its meta-commentary, talking about the horror kidney while being within it. But not enough credit is given to the riddle of who is hiding behind Ghostface each time.

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