Who Is the Female Titan? Things You Must Need To Know!


Saloni Singh

In the world of Attack on Titan, humanity has been overrun by mammoth, slack- jawed creatural brutes of varied shapes and sizes (especially with respect to Female Titan), and they only want to do one thing devour every person they can get their hands on.

 nothing really knows why they do this, where they came from, or any concrete strategies for putting a stop to the immense trouble. For important of the series ’ backstory, the stylish humanity can do is hide behind a series of altitudinous, sturdy walls.

But commodity unnaturally changes in the war when the promoter of the series, Eren Yeager, accidentally discovers the power to transfigure into a Titan himself, making him what’s known as a “ Titan Shifter.

What snappily unfolds as further Titan Shifters come known is a conspiracy about the nature of the world, the origins of the elephants, and the spiritual and political structures keeping everything — indeed the Walls themselves — complete.

Veritably snappily, Eren and observers learn that he’s not the only Titan Shifter around — and veritably many of them are on the side of humanity.

 In mortal form, a Titan Shifter putatively gets increased strength and advanced capacity to heal themselves, but the real power comes from their metamorphosis into a Titan by fastening on an act of tone- mutilation. Beyond that, their forms vary hectically in size and powers.

 Then are all of the verified Titan Shifters revealed in the anime therefore far.

who is the female titan

Attack Titan, Aka Eren Yeager

 In a veritably brief flashback beforehand on in Season 1, we see Eren wrestling with his father before getting some kind of injection into his arm. We ’re led to believe that this is what ultimately gives Eren his powers, but the anime has n’t been suitable to close that narrative circle.

His family’s old basement and the answers it holds are a distant thing. After getting mutilated and eaten by a Santa- looking Titan in the Battle of Trost District, Eren’s fury triggers his first Titan metamorphosis.

 Though he has trouble controlling it on posterior metamorphoses — indeed floundering just to transfigure due to performance anxiety at times — he’s successfully suitable to plug the hole in Wall Rose with a giant boulder and is suitable to master the female Titan at the very end of Season 1.

Eren’s abomination of elephants and preceding rage feel to power his Titan form, leading to surging bright cracks of energy in his skin at times. His Titan form seems to have heightened strength, continuity, abidance, and mending compared to others. It makes Eren’s Titan form a thing of chaos, but one that gets the job done when it counts.

who is the female titan

Female Titan, Aka Annie Leonhart

 Reservations about Annie Leonhart’s station and motives start fairly early in Season 1 of Attack on Titan, but it is n’t until after the female Titan’s appearance that the show begins to make visual links between the putatively overpowered Titan and her analogous- looking mortal counterpart.

 The female Titan appears out of nowhere during the Scout Regiment’s 57th passage beyond the Wall, snappily making short work of numerous dogfaces in the process.

She displays intelligence and the capability to target specific areas of her body to cover in diamond- suchlike armor or to concentrate on mending indeed briskly than normal. In addition, her gasp can bait multitudinous elephants to her position, converting in them some kind of delirium.

In the timber of Giant Trees, the female Titan abandons her trapped body as it’s devoured by elephants, traveling through the timber in mortal form with the aid of 3D- maneuvering outfit to kill several Scouts and ultimately escape.

who is the female titan

 At the very end of Season 1, Armin deduces that Annie is the female Titan and sets a trap that forces her to expose herself. This ultimately leads to a fight in which Eren is suitable to master her, leading to Annie’s prisoner after she encases her mortal body in diamond armor. Because of that, it’s nigh insolvable for the service to interrogate her or conclude her motives.

Armored Titan, Aka Reiner Braun

 The Armored Titan had n’t been seen for five long times before Reiner converted in Season 2’s “ Warrior. ” At the launch of the series, Reiner burst through a section of Wall Maria in his Armored Titan form, leading to the death of innumerous citizens, including Eren’s mama.

He also spent five times insinuating the service with the 104th Training Corps uniting intimately with Bertholdt and Annie while gaining everyone additional’s trust as a “ big family ” sort of figure.

 Reiner tells Eren that he and Bertholdt are Titan Shifters in the middle of Season 2, hanging to attack the Wall and dogfaces hard if Eren does n’t agree to return peacefully with them to their vill.

This, of course, leads to a massive battle. Though Reiner’s exact motives remain unclear, the female, Armored, and Colossal elephants( which are working together) continue trying to capture fellow Titan Shifters whenever they can for some unlooked-for reason.

 important of the Armored Titan’s body is covered in hardened plates, making it much heavier and further durable than any other Titan of similar size.

The increased weight results in lower stamina, but the Armored Titan still remains nimble and able of erecting up a great deal of instigation — which is how it was suitable to burst through the interior gate of Shiganshina quarter. It’s armor plating also offers it a great deal of defense against typical mortal attacks, including ultrahard sword blades.

who is the female titan

History of the Female Titan in Attack on Titan

The female Titan was one of the nine elephants brought into this world following the death of Ymir Fritz. After 1700 times, Karl Fritz abandoned Eldia and decided to move to Paradis, and that’s when Marley decided to take the powers of the female Titan during the Great Titan War.

Annie was latterly chosen as the seeker to inherit the powers of the female Titan. She was transferred to Paradis along with Reiner Braun, Bertholdt Hoover and Marcel Galliard to get a hold of the founding Titan.

Annie Keeps Herself At The circumferences Of The 104th Class Of pimps

 The Battle For Trost District Arc introduces the idea of Titan Shifters to Attack on Titan through Eren. After this, suckers surely searching through the species of the 104th pimp class for characters that act all the other elephants that have made an impact on screen.


The biggest comp that refocused suckers toward connecting Annie to the female elephants was the way the new Titan looked. Eren’s metamorphosis proved that elephants can partake physical attributes with the Goliath shifter behind them.

The female Titan’s short golden hair is a dead giveaway and narrows the lawbreakers down to either Annie or Historia. Once the female Titan places up to fight Eren the ploy is over. Only one golden- haired scout was ever shown taking up this station in battle, and it was not Historia.

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