‘Queens Court’ Love Birds Uncovered: Who Is Tamar Braxton Fiancée?


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From Queens Court, a show that followed three women attempting to find a compatible partner among 21 individuals with who is Tamar engaged to. One of the participants, singer Nivea, decided to return home by herself, even though she formed a connection with two men on the program. On the other hand, Basketball Wives star Lozada got engaged to Lavon Lewis.

Who Is Tamar Braxton Finacee?

According to the last episode of the Peacock series that was aired on March 16, Tamar Braxton, a celebrity from Braxton Family Values, is getting married to Jeremy Robinson, a finalist from Queens Court.


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The couple is currently still in a relationship, even after six months since the show was filmed, and are making arrangements for their upcoming wedding.

Who Did Tamar and Jeremy Bond on The Show?

Tamar and Jeremy developed a close relationship from the very first episode of Queens Court, where they bonded over their experiences of losing loved ones.

Tamar talked about the grief she felt over her sister Traci’s death, and Jeremy shared that he had seen a hummingbird at his mother’s funeral after she died of cancer. Tamar then revealed to Jeremy during their one-on-one conversation that Traci had said she would come back as a hummingbird.

How Did Robinson Propose Braxton?

Robinson proposed to Braxton and noted that he does not want to be her friend, but her husband. He got down on one knee and told her that he sees himself with her forever and that he cannot imagine life without her.

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He confessed his love for her and asked her to marry him, which Braxton questioned. He said he was certain, and Braxton nodded tearfully in agreement. Robinson was then told by Braxton that she needed to tell her son and ex-husbands about their engagement.

What More to Know  About Jeremy Robinson?

Jeremy Robinson grew up in New Orleans with his mother, who was a single parent and had difficulties with heroin addiction. At the young age of 16, he had already committed two felonies and was sent to juvenile detention, where he obtained his GED. Following his release in 1995, Robinson enlisted in the Marine Corps.

Robinson also managed to earn a bachelor’s degree from Auburn University and received the Combat Strike Flight Air Medal.

Who Is Tamar Engaged To

He resigned from his job after 14 years and enrolled in a four-year part-time evening program at John Marshall Law School in Atlanta. Robinson’s mother died due to cancer, which led to his connection with Tamar, who also lost her sister to cancer in March 2022.

Is Jeremy’s Past Effecting His Future?

Jeremy has five children with four women but clarified that he maintains a respectful and friendly relationship with his ex-partners. Anaston Jeni, who happens to be one of Jeremy Robinson’s former partners, was displeased with Tamar Braxton’s statements and reacted by composing a lengthy message of her own.

She mentioned, “I have remained quiet for more than a year, keeping everyone’s privacy in mind while they ignored mine.” Jeni further alleged that Braxton has been a source of “disorder and pointless commotion” in her life and that of her son.

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Anaston Jeni expressed that Tamar Braxton holds no special place in her son’s life as a bonus or stepmother. Jeni stressed that Braxton does not value her son in the same way that she does and that Braxton has not expressed gratitude to her or any of Robinson’s ex-partners.

Who Is Tamar Engaged To

Furthermore, Jeni revealed that Braxton has made negative and derogatory remarks about Jeni’s co-parenting arrangements with Robinson and the measures she has taken to keep him engaged. Additionally, Jeni accused Braxton of being uninterested in meeting her or getting to know her as a mother or a person and causing Robinson to miss important events in their son’s life.


In the current day, the singer, Tamar Braxton, the winner of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition season 2  has a son named Logan with her ex Vincent Herbert. She not only announced her engagement but also celebrated her birthday in a fitting manner.

She posted a video of her fiancé on Instagram on March 17 and stated, “It’s my birthday but I have to post the one who puts this cheesy smile on my face. It took me some time to understand that this pure, conventional love is what I wanted and needed. We have a total of six children, and they are everything to me.”

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