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Who Is Stephen Full? How Did Stephen Full and Annie Wersching Meet?

Annie Wersching Sadly Passed On From Disease on Saturday Morning!

Annie Wersching and Stephen Full got married in 2009. At 45 years old, Wersching, best known for playing Renee Walker in the television series 24, went suddenly. Her spokesperson affirmed Wersching’s demise to Cutoff time, stating that she passed away from malignant growth.

Stephen Full, Annie Wersching’s husband, also furnished the magazine with a moving remark in regards to her passing. He recollected her spirit of investigation and composed:

“She tracked down wonder in the simplest second. She didn’t expect music to move. She showed us not to trust that experience will track down you. ‘Go get it. It’s all over the place.’ And find it we shall. As I drove our boys, the genuine loves of her life, down the winding carport and street, she would holler BYE! until we were too far to hear and into the world. I can still hear it ringing. Bye my Buddie. ‘I love you family…'”

On November 13, 1969, Stephen Full was brought into the world in Chicago, Illinois. The 53-year-old performs both parody and acting.

He depicted Benny in the 2009 television series Castle, and he gave Stan the Canine’s voice in the 2012 Disney Station series Canine with a Blog.

Stephen Full

He Showed Up in Cool Case in 2003, As per His IMDb Page.

His significant other Annie Wersching played Renee Walker in the 2001 presentation of the television series 24.She also showed up in the 2014 television series Bosch and the 2016 television series Timeless. In Star Trip: Picard she depicted the Borg Sovereign.

Annie Wersching and Stephen Full’s Kids

Freddie, Ozzie, and Archie are the names of the threesome of boys Full and Wersching share. Los Angeles, California, was the birthplace of every one of their kids.

As per Individuals, the couple’s youngest youngster, Archie, who is presently four years old, was brought into the world on November 25, 2018. Their eldest son, Freddie, was brought into the world on August 8, 2010, and he is currently 12 years old. Several’s second kid, Ozzie, who is currently nine years old, was brought into the world on August 4, 2013.

Stephen Full, the Spouse of Annie Wersching, Is Also an Actor.

Stephen Full was brought into the world on November 13, 1969, in Chicago, Illinois. He is also a professional actor.

Who is Stephen Full? Annie Wersching’s Husband details

In 1999, he started his acting career by depicting Jackson in Sons of Thunder. His extra credits incorporate Morton, Heroes, CSI: NY, Resilience, The Half-Hour News Hour, Hannah Montana, CSI: Crime location Investigation, Finish Line, and Knight Rider, among others.

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In 2009, he depicted Benny on the television show Castle, his most outstanding job to date. Notwithstanding his roles in I’m in the Band, Growing Up Fisher, Honestly, Rosewood, Rizzoli and Isles, Santa Clarita Diet, and 1-800-Hot-Night, among others, he also showed up in Growing Up Fisher, Believe it or not, Rosewood, Rizzoli and Isles, Santa Clarita Kick the bucket

In 2009, Stephen Full and Annie Wersching traded vows at their Los Angeles home. It is obscure the way that the couple met or how long they dated prior to getting married.

Together, They Raised Three Kids. On August 8, 2010, They Invited Their First Kid, a Son Called Freddie

On August 4, 2013, their second kid, a son named Ozzie, was conceived. On November 25, 2018, Annie and Stephen had their third and last son, Archie.

Annie Wersching was brought into the world on Walk 28, 1977, in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2002, she made her acting presentation as Liana on the television series Star Journey: Enterprise. She subsequently acted in films such as Birds of Prey, Bruce All-powerful, Clumsy, The Showdown, and Supernatural, among others.

Who is Stephen Full? Annie Wersching’s Husband details

General Hospital, 24, The Vampire Diaries, Runaways, Surviving, Timeless, and Bosch were among her most famous roles.

Ever Carradine has made a GoFundMe mission to raise cash for Wersching’s three youngsters. It has gathered $128,706 to date.

Stephen Full Is an Actor and Joke Artist

No doubt, you read that right. Stephen is knowledgeable in the diversion world as he is an actor and humorist. He was brought into the world on November 13, 1969, in Chicago, Illinois. Right now, he is 53 years old.

Throughout the long term, Stephen has played numerous roles in movies as well as television shows. He is most noted for his voice job as Stan in the Disney Station show Canine with a Blog, and his acting job as Ash in I’m in the Band.

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What’s more, Stephen essayed the job of Benny in the 2009 television show Castle. He has guest starred in NBC’s Las Vegas for two episodes and Disney Station’s Hannah Montana. He has also starred in many shows like Best Friends At whatever point, iCarly, and NCIS.

Full has showed up in two or three short films like A False Prophet, Morton, To Slay a Monster, and 2 Dogs Inside. Alongside this, he also starred in the show/spine chiller Resilience, which stars Henry LeBlanc, Al Rossi, Julie Alexander, Steve Wilcox, and Amy Arce.

How Did Stephen Full and Annie Wersching Meet?

As of this second, it’s not satisfactory how Stephen and Annie crossed paths interestingly. Nonetheless, since the two of them had a place with the acting industry, it’s possible they met on the sets of a film or a Network program.

Another possibility is that the two lovebirds met each other by means of common friends in the industry and they started a relationship in the wake of getting to know one another.

Who is Stephen Full? Annie Wersching’s Husband details

When Did Stephen Full and Annie Wersching Get Married?

Stephen and Annie secured the bunch in the year 2009. According to a report by Hollywood Life, both of them traded their vows at their Los Angeles, CA home. The couple was married until Annie’s demise in 2023.

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It seems like Annie’s husband Stephen is a confidential person. The actress’ husband has seldom shown up in the social media posts made by her on her Instagram profile. Her Instagram feed included snaps of her with numerous co-stars and details about her acting projects.

What Number of Kids Do Stephen Full and Annie Wersching Have?

During their marriage, Annie and her husband Stephen invited three kids together, all boys. The names of their sons are as follows: Freddie, Ozzie, and Archie. The pair’s eldest son Freddie is 12 years old. Then again, when we discuss Ozzie, he is 9 years old and Archie is 4.

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