Who Is Love Island’s Pregnant Shaughna Phillips Dating?



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Fans were shocked when Love Island star Shaughna Phillips told them she’s pregnant.

The 28-year-old woman is expecting her first child with her mysterious boyfriend Billy, whom she started dating in April.

She wrote on Instagram, “Our best chapter yet…”

Shaughna posted a video of her scan on Instagram. It says, “Shaughna and Billy’s baby,” and her celebrity friends were quick to congratulate her.

Vicky Pattison, who used to be on the show Geordie Shore, said, “OMG!!! “Congratulations, you pretty girl!”

Billie Faiers also said, “Awww, congrats, sweetie! Lots of love, xxx.”

Demi Jones, who was on Love Island with Shaughna, was also quick to say something about her friend’s sweet video reveal.

She told her friend, “I’ve watched this like 50 times. I love you so much šŸ˜­šŸ˜­ I’m so glad and proud of you!!!”

The Winter Love Island star passed out in the OVO Arena in Wembley, and her manager had to carry her out.

The next day, she told her fans that she didn’t know what happened, but she also said, “I just want to say that I wasn’t drunk.” Shaughna, on the other hand, says she won’t say who her boyfriend is because he wants to stay out of the spotlight.

who is shaughna phillips dating

Shaughna said about him earlier this year, “I’ve been dating someone who also takes care of my pets.

“I used to tell my dates, ‘I’d like to keep my relationship private, if that’s okay with you?’

“And if they said, “Oh no, why would you keep my secret?” I’m like, red flag. But this guy said, “I don’t want to be famous anyway,” and I thought that was a good answer.

“Since then, we’ve been getting better and better, which I like because people like me who want everyone to know everything they do are weird.”

The 28-year-relationship old’s with Callum Jones ended in a messy way on Love Island, which broke her heart.

She became famous for saying “congrats, hun” to co-star Molly Smith after Callum brought her back from Casa Amor.

Luke Mabbott later chose Demi Jones over her and sent her home from the villa.

Shaughna is just like Molly-Mae Hague, who was at the National Television Awards last week and still kept her pregnancy a secret.

Fans have been wondering who Shaughna’s boyfriend is because she wants to keep her relationship private. What we know is…

who is shaughna phillips dating

Who Is Shaughna Phillips Dating?

We don’t know who Shaughna Phillips is dating, but fans who looked closely at her ultrasound scan saw a hint.

As she filmed the appointment, the black-and-white scan showed that her boyfriend’s name was Billy, and the words “Shaughna and Billy’s baby” were written next to it.

Even though not much is known about Billy, Shaughna said in April that he doesn’t want to be well-known.

In a podcast, she said, “I used to tell my dates, ‘I’d like to keep my relationship private, if that’s okay with you?'”

“And if they said, ‘No, I don’t want you to keep my secret,’ I’m like, red flag.

“But this guy said, ‘I don’t want to be famous anyway.’ I thought that was a good answer.

“Since then, we’ve been getting better and better, which I like because people like me who want everyone to know everything they do are weird.”

The reality star has also talked about Billy on Instagram, and on her birthday, she said that he had set up a candlelit dinner on the beach for them.

“Oh, he’s a good catch. She said at the time, “I want a birthday dinner on the beach.”

In another post, the 28-year-old joked that he wasn’t a good photographer after sharing a blurry photo and wrote, “Don’t ever let your boyfriend take your pictures.”

who is shaughna phillips dating

What Is Shaughna Phillips?

Shaughna Phillips became famous on the first-ever winter Love Island series in 2020. When she said, “Congratulations, hun,” it was like she became a national treasure.

Shaughna didn’t find love in the villa, but she’s had a very successful career since then. She’s been on Celebs Go Dating and The Real Full Monty on Ice and started her own lifestyle and fitness brand called Be You with Shaughna.

She says she is “talkative, funny, and smart,” and then she says, “People won’t expect it from me.

“They’ll be shocked when they hear me talk about certain things. I also like getting along with everyone.”

The Surgery On Shaughna Phillips

Shaughna was honest about getting filler before she went into the villa. She said her lips were her best feature and said, “I paid enough for them.”

But after people made fun of her legs on TV, Shaughna said that a cosmetic clinic had contacted her and told her she had lipoedema, which is an abnormal buildup of fat in the legs, and offered to do liposuction on her calves.

The reality star, who had two litres of fat drained from her legs, talked to MailOnline about how hard it has been to get back to normal. You’re not a supermodel when you leave. It’s a mess and a long way to go. Your cuts are left open, so they can leak. My mom had a mop and was following me around. She was putting on my clothes.”

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