Who Is Shannon Beador Dating? A Walkthrough in Their Relationship!


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The women of The Real Housewives of Orange Region have consistently discussed their love lives on the long-running Bravo show, and Season 17 is the same.

During the season, Shannon Tempests Beador got back to keep up with her sought after orange and carried along her little girls with her ex, David Beador — Sophie and twins Stella and Adeline.

The women of The Real Housewives of Orange Province have consistently discussed their love lives on the long-running Bravo show, and Season 17 is the same.

During the season, Shannon Tempests Beador got back to keep up with her sought after orange and carried along her little girls with her ex, David Beador — Sophie and twins Stella and Adeline.

Who Is Shannon Beador Dating?

RHOC enveloped shooting for Season 17 by November 2022. The split happened multi week after the cameras quit rolling. In any case, Shannon didn’t talk about it until January 2023. She said she felt “caught unaware” by John’s activities.

“The best anyone can hope for at this point is to rehash in my mind what he shared with me while we were recording,” Shannon told Individuals in January 2023. “We were in an extraordinary spot. However, after seven days, when the cameras were down, it was an alternate story.

He let me know he was finished with the relationship. Also, to hear what he shared with me then, at that point, was totally devastating.”When Shannon made her RHOC debut on Season 9, she was married to David.

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Throughout the following couple of seasons, viewers learned of his treachery, and the couple in this manner had a doomed promise renewal before authoritatively throwing in the towel in December 2017. At the point when she began dating John, however, the Bravolebrity met the man she loved more than David and her different exes.

I’ve never loved anybody more in my life,” Shannon said of John. “I was confident this was the man I would use whatever is left of my existence with. I believed that it should end up working. I’ve never loved anybody like I’ve loved John. In any case, clearly, he didn’t feel the same way.”

who is shannon beador dating

Despite the fact that John was the person who cut off the friendship, he told Individuals he was “in torment” over its demise.

The Leader of Accomplice at WGB Advantages Protections Administrations said he profoundly loved Shannon and accepted he would “at no point ever meet anybody like her in the future,” yet he realized it was the ideal opportunity for the relationship to end, expressing the two just weren’t “appropriate for one another.”

Shannon Beador’s Ex Will, Shows Up on ‘RHOC’ — Basically for Season 17!

The Real for Real Cuisine architect started dating John in June of 2019, and the two frequently communicated their love for each other on the web.

The couple met through shared companions and reinforced over their institute of matriculation, the College of Southern California. However they covered in school (John is eighteen months more seasoned than Shannon), they didn’t meet.

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John made his RHOC debut in Season 15 and has showed up with Shannon since. Season 17 will be the same, as the couple will share their issues on television. One of the couple’s most critical issues was Shannon’s craving to get married once more and John’s faltering regarding the matter.

Shannon told Page Six in June 2023 that she and John separated because of “squabbling,” however they can now hang out as companions. Shannon momentarily dated another person yet is still available and open to having some good times until she meets Mr. Perfect.

What’s more, the RHOC star likewise said her social course of action with John will end once they begin dating others. IKTR!!

Gone After Remark, Janssen Lets Individuals Know That the Separation Was a “Really Hard” Decision for Him To Make!

“I’ve been in torment over it,” he says. “It’s miserable because I love Shannon without a doubt. I have loved her more profoundly than any lady in my life. She’s stand-out; so interesting and generous and loaded with life and adventurous. We have an association that is unlike anything I’ve at any point had.

who is shannon beador dating

Also, I know that however long I live, I’ll at absolutely no point ever meet anybody like her in the future. Yet, that doesn’t mean we’re appropriate for one another until the end of our lives.”

Janssen proceeded to make sense of once he arrived at the conclusion the relationship wasn’t always, he realized the time had come to end things. “It doesn’t appear to be legit to be together on the off chance that you don’t have faith in it,” the businessman says. He just didn’t believe Beador should experience the embarrassment of doing that on camera.

“The last thing I needed to do is harmed Shannon, however I really do figure I made the best decision for the two of us,” Janssen tells Individuals.

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“We’re two individuals who love each other definitely, however love is insufficient 100% of the time. And keeping in mind that I realize Shannon sees it as I’ve expressed things to her I never implied, I trust she’ll have the option to see that there’s no awful individual here. Two great individuals couldn’t make it work.”

Beador and Janssen met in 2019 through common companions. They opened up to the world about their sentiment to Individuals that July.

They saw each other two times after their split, at two separate College of Southern California games on Nov. 26 and Dec. 3. (The two learned at the celebrated foundation simultaneously, however they didn’t have a clue about one another.)

who is shannon beador dating

“I was confident we could track down a way forward,” Beador tells Individuals. “In any case, being around each other just made it harder for the two of us.”

They haven’t seen each other since, and are done following each other via web-based entertainment.


“Being at the Brilliant Entryway the initial occasion when me clearness in my relationship and assisted me with tracking down the solidarity to push ahead on a way of freedom,” she reviews. “Yet again I have most likely that returning will furnish me with the viewpoint and recuperating to begin this next part from a position of harmony.”

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