Who Is Roberta Zaktzer? Why ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Season is Dedicated to Her?



Bringing back the iconic dating series, the golden Bachelor is finally here. We have already seen how young people are getting into relationships. However, have you ever wondered about people older than 50? I know there are still a lot of people who haven’t dated or have failed relationships in their life.

The majority of people focus on today’s generation but have neglected the importance of relationships among the people who are senior in age. To overcome the problem, we have the Golden Bachelor, featuring people who are 65 and above.

The first season of the series is already here, and while there has been a massive amount of speculation regarding the potential of the show, the dating reality TV series brought back some new highlights for people to experiment with.

Featuring Gerry Turner, a retired restaurant worker, and a widower from Hudson, Indiana, the series brings the American Reality TV show on ABC. The majority of people have already watched the series and have a lot of questions regarding it. We see how the first season of the show premiered on Thursday night, bringing some of the unexpected trailers to the screen.

Casting Gary, a sweet and kind woman who is supportive and has a great personality, people love the show. If you have watched the series carefully, you will know that in the show, the contestant talks about her friend  Roberta. When Ellen stepped out of the limo, she raised her arms and happily said, “Roberta, we made it!” She also talked about “my friend, Roberta”

While chanting with Gerry, she further revealed about her friends and brought out more about her. The historical reality TV show which is unlike any series reveals some new potential and if you have noticed the detail, you would know,  the words of the show,  “This season is dedicated in loving memory of Roberta Zaktzer,”

But one question that arises here is who Roberta Zaktzer is, and why everyone was talking about her. Why did the creator dedicate the very first season to her?

Who is Roberta Zaktzer? Everything you Need to know!

Who Is Roberta Zaktzer Why 'The Golden Bachelor' Season is Dedicated to Her

Roberta Zaktzer is Ellen’s dearest and best friend. You know The popularity of dating reality TV series and how people are obsessed with it.  One of the popular reality TV shows is The Bachelor and Bachelorette,  and Ellen revealed that she and her friend Roberta used to watch the show daily.  Both of them have been friends for 60 years and were big fans of these reality TV series.

At the start of the season, we see a brief introduction about Ellen,  and viewers can see how the contestant was sitting with her long-time friend, Roberta and we also see how she was battling with breast cancer during the time. Both of them were sitting and Ellen gave a kiss on her cheap talking about the upcoming season and how she was going to be fine

Ellen told Gerry that it was Roberta, Who encouraged her to go on the show and feature herself. That’s how we came to learn about the sweet Ellen, who has already captured the hearts of the people. she revealed by saying “It’s been difficult,”

Ellen  also said, “The best day of my life in so long,” before yelling, “Roberta, he’s a hunk!”

Where is Roberta? What happened to her?

If you have watched the reality show you will know that Robert A died on September 7 2023 just when Ellen made her TV debut. according to her daughter, Roberat was battling her life with breast cancer and she revealed this in her Instagram post by saying,

“Tonight we lost one of the brightest lights,” she wrote in part of the caption. “I know dad has a Pinot Grigio and pancakes waiting.”

Ellen, who was very sad after the tragic news was out, posted a picture where she said,  “Good times and bad, happy and sad, it’s a friendship that will last a lifetime,” she captioned a photo of the two of them.

“We watched The Bachelor together from the very beginning. She convinced me to apply for The Golden Bachelor and here I am because of her. She’s going through some difficult times now and I want her to know that true friendship is precious. Thank you, Roberta. I’m here because you believed in me and I believe in you too. Love you bestie!❤️”