Who is RJ Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful? Everything About This Fascinating Character


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In this article we are going to share all about Ridge “R.J.” Forrester. Keep reading this article and let us know your thoughts on the character of Ridge “R.J.” Forrester that is being featured in the show The Bold and Beautiful.

Who Is Ridge “R.J.” Forrester?

Ridge “R.J.” Forrester Jr. is a character on The Bold and the Beautiful, played by Joshua Hoffman in 2023. The crew seemed very excited while filming,Bold & The Beautiful Crew To Resume Filming Today With All Precautions In Hand.The role of R.J Foresster was previously played by Anthony Turpel, Mace Coronel, Jack Horan and Ridge Perkett.

R.J. is the son of Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester. He has 4 half siblings who are from his mother’s side, Rick Forrester, Bridget Forrester, Hope Logan and Jack Marone. RJ also has 3 half siblings from his father’s side: Thomas Forrester, Steffy Forrester and Phoebe Forrester.

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He is the biological grandson of Beth Logan, Stephen Logan, Stephanie Forrester and Massimo Marone.

Ridge “R.J.” Forrester: Childhood Phase

In 2003, Brooke and Ridge had their honeymoon. Sheila Carter, former stepmother mother of Ridge, kidnapped Ridge, assumed dead after falling into a furnace. His half-brother, Nick Marone, rescued Brooke and look after her during grieving. The two fell for each other. However Ridge turned out to be alive, he left Brooke.

It was yet to be revealed who is the biological father of unborn child. Two different paternity tests were taken, revealed Nick to be the father. Ridge and Nick planned to marry each other in order to raise their child together.

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The tests were tampered by Sally Spectra, Jackie Payne, and Deacon Sharpe. What are their reasons to name Nick as the father?
However, In June of 2004, Jackie Payne revealed that she had a third paternity test and it resulted Ridge was the biological father of her son. Brooke named her son R.J. (Ridge Forrester, Jr.).

A custody battle between Brooke and Ridge took place after an incident when in 2008, R.J. and his sister, Hope Logan, left home alone all night and by mistake began a fire in the living room. Even though Ridge was getting help from his mother, Stephanie Douglas, but, Hope and R.J. came under Brooke’s custody only.

Ridge “R.J.” Forrester: Teenage Phase

RJ’s mother went missing after her jet crashed in the Pacific Ocean, she was attending a press conference with Thomas Forrester in Sydney during that time. Forrester family tried to hide the truth from RJ. However, RJ was reunited with his mother and father again.

Who is RJ Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful?

RJ returned and was informed them how he moved here from boarding school to live with them. Brooke and Ridge gave them permission to move back into the Forrester Mansion. Brooke informed RJ that she is engaged with Bill. Although the spark between Brooke and Ridge begun later on during looking after RJ.

Their son suggested that both Brooke and Ridge should work on their relationship once again, Brooke seemed to be ready, however Ridge shown no interest. Brooke told Ridge that she is planning to marry Bill to inherit his 12.5% to kick Quinn out of the company. Brooke refused to trust her.

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Ridge took Brooke to a cliff above the beach and showed Brooke a giant heart that was made by him and RJ made in the sand for her, with their names in it. Brooke decided to be with Ridge, and called off her engagement to Bill. Ridge proposed to Brooke during Christmas.

R.J. was kept in the dark while Ridge went missing in the Persian Gulf after falling out of a helicopter. He survived and came home. Ridge and Brooke announced their decision of getting remarried. R.J brought Coco to his parents’ ceremony.

In February of 2018, R.J. disappeared from the canvas. He was living with half-brother Rick Forrester and his wife, Maya Avant, in Paris.

Ridge “R.J.” Forrester: Returns To LA

In April 2023, RJ came back to LA. He revealed that he is being online influencer. He is also in contact with all his siblings except Thomas. In the office, Charlie Webber informed Hope, Thomas and Taylor that RJ is in the building. Hope was all set to welcome her younger brother.

However, Thomas is guilty for what he did to Brooke and Ridge’s marriage. Hayes forced her son to welcome his younger brother. RJ reached out to Thomas and he also praised his work.

About The Bold and The Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful is an American show that was created by William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell for CBS. If talking about its relrease, It premiered on March 23, 1987. The show revolves around the Forrester Family and their life matters that is connected to each and every character on the show.  With various seasons, Currently, the series has been renewed by CBS to run through the 2023–2024 television season.


RJ is the son of Brooke and Ridge who helped them getting remarried. He is the reason why his parents got reunited again. Although, in the beginning of childhood phase, the confusion of recognizing the biological father of R.J Forrester lost all the hopes that Broke and Ridge would meet again. Viewers already expected the new love developement between his mother and uncle.

However, the third test resolved every issue, R.J Foresster helped making love between his parents. If you haven’t watched the series yet, why don’t you give it a try and let us know how did you find it?

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