Who Is Paris Bennett? Know About Pyscho Killer Who Stabbed Her Four Year Old Sister?


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The true tragedy of who is Paris Bennett, who brutally murdered his 4-year-old sister after raping her, is just as horrible today as it was 14 years ago. Bennett, who was only 13 years old when he perpetrated the horrifying act, received a 40-year prison term and has been incarcerated since his arrest in 2007.

How did a youngster who appeared to be normal end up brutally killing his sister at such a young age? Everyone is still perplexed by that question today.

Know About Paris Bennett?

Paris Bennett, who suffers from a mental health condition, murdered his four-year-old sister Ella Bennett by physically assaulting and stabbing her multiple times when he was only 13 years old. He takes full responsibility for his actions and none of his teachers believe he can be rehabilitated.

In his initial confession, he stated that he killed his sister to punish his mother, who was angry with her. He believed that hurting his sister would cause more pain to his mother.

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Unfortunately, Charity Lee relapsed into drug addiction after the tragic incident. In an effort to remember Ella, she connected her daughter with butterflies, which were the last painting Ella made in school. Despite what happened with Paris and Ella, Charity Lee gave birth to another child named Phoenix in 2012 and allowed Paris to communicate with Phoenix.

Why Did Paris Kill His Sister?

Evidently, Bennett wanted to punish his mother by hurting his sister. Bennett managed to stab his sister an astonishing seventeen times only to spite his mother after making the babysitter leave earlier than normal.

Who Is Paris Bennett

The sad little girl, who was four years old, was peacefully dozing off in her bed when her brother attacked her. The 13-year-old decided to phone the police after killing his sister and admitted to the terrible crime he had committed.

Years later, Lee has shared specifics of the chat she had with her son after the traumatic event. Bennett claimed to his mother that his s*xual attack on his little sister was the result of watching numerous hours of violent, pornographic content. He chose to kill her after s*xually assaulting his sister.

What Happened On That Brutal Day?

Charity Lee was notified at her workplace, Buffalo Wild Wings, on February 5th, 2007, around 12:30 am that her younger child had been injured while under the supervision of a babysitter. At the time of the incident, Charity had entrusted her children Paris and Ella’s care to the babysitter.

Paris used cunning to get the nanny to depart, giving him the opportunity to hurt his sister. Ella was in her bedroom when Paris attacked her after the nanny left. Before stabbing her 17 times, he choked her and attacked her s*xually. There is a documentary made on this incident. You can have a look at the trailer below

After the incident, the teenage boy spoke with a friend for six minutes before finally contacting the police. When the authorities arrived, they promptly arrested him. The boy claimed that he was experiencing a hallucination in which he saw a demonic version of his younger sister.

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The boy knew that he would be imprisoned for his crime, so he believed that taking the lives of both his siblings at once would be the ultimate punishment for his mother. Nevertheless, it remains unclear what exactly led him to punish his mother in such a way

Paris Confessing His Crime

After Bennett was arrested, the authorities began questioning him to understand the motive behind the seemingly senseless crime. Initially, Bennett told the police that he had killed his sister because he was angry with his mother for relapsing into drug use and believed that killing his sister would be an appropriate punishment.

Before Bennett’s birth, Lee had struggled with heroin addiction but had been sober for some time. However, she had recently relapsed and started using cocaine. Bennett’s most disturbing statement to the police was his description of what it felt like to stab his sister. He described the feeling as similar to stabbing a marshmallow or a mattress, indicating a chilling lack of remorse.

Who Is Paris Bennett

Although he felt justified in killing his sister to punish his mother, it was disturbing that he could make such clinical observations about the act of killing. Bennett eventually confessed to his crimes and accepted full responsibility for his actions. Initially, he made up a story about hallucinating and mistaking his sister for a pumpkin-headed demon on fire, which led him to stab her out of fear.

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However, he quickly retracted this statement and revealed to the authorities that he had planned the attack on his sister. Bennett even disclosed that killing his sister was supposed to be a prelude to eventually murdering his mother.

Where Is Paris Now?

Several years ago, Bennett spoke to the media and stated that he takes full responsibility for his crimes and is not insane. He consistently maintains that he is neither mentally ill nor someone who committed the crime due to a deranged disposition. This reinforces the notion that Bennett is a psychopath who believes that his actions were justified.

Paris Bennett is currently serving a 40-year sentence at the Ferguson Unit Texas State Prison and is now 26 years old. He will be eligible for parole in 2027.

Experts have advised Charity Lee and her son Phoenix to essentially go into hiding once Paris is released from prison. The suggestion is that they should avoid any contact with Paris, given the severity of his crime and the potential for him to re-offend. The advice is to effectively disappear and avoid any interactions or engagements that might put them in harm’s way once Paris is released.

Lee Can’t Help But Love His Monsterous Son

The memoir “How Now, Butterfly?: A Memoir of Murder, Survival & Transformation” co-written by Charity Lee details several conversations between Lee and Bennett during his time behind bars, including a bone-chilling encounter.

The book chronicles Lee’s pain, grief, and eventual forgiveness through journal entries and also includes shocking new details about the murder, such as Bennett’s consumption of violent porn before killing his sister and s*xually molesting her. Despite recognizing her son as a psychopath Lee still loves him. The book offers insights into Lee’s journey of self-reflection and acceptance.

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