Who Is Nipsey Hussle Killer? Is He Sentenced To 60 Years Of Jail?


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Curious to know who is Nipsey Hussle Killer? Get the latest updates and inside. Rapper Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed in 2019, and Eric R. Holder Jr. was found guilty and given a sentence of 60 years in prison if convicted.

Wednesday, after hearing from one of Hussle’s friends and having a letter from Holder’s father read aloud in court, Superior Court Judge H. Clay Jacke imposed the punishment. Holder, who was clothed in orange prison garb, remained still throughout the proceedings, made no comment when the punishment was read, and only responded to the judge when he was prompted to explain the situation.

Who Killed Nipsey Hussle?

 Eric R. Holder, 32, was found guilty of the first-degree murder of the Grammy-nominated hip-hop musician, 33, outside the Marathon, the apparel business Hussle owned in the South Los Angeles neighborhood in which both men did grow up, by a jury in a Los Angeles courtroom in July.


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In addition to being found guilty of assault with a handgun on two occasions and two counts of premeditated voluntary manslaughter, Holder also fired shots at two other men who were there at the time but survived. The judge denied Aaron Jansen’s request to have Holder’s sentence reduced to manslaughter or second-degree murder in December, which was one of the reasons the sentencing had been postponed.

The Sentencing of Nipsey Hussle’s Killer: Life in Prison

At the sentencing on Wednesday, Jacke had a wide variety of options for punishing Holder, although the murder charge alone carries a sentence of 25 years to life. With his past crimes and the unique sentencing conditions that the jury determined to be true, Holder was nearly guaranteed to serve the remainder of his life in jail.

The death penalty was ineligible for Holder. After the conviction, the main prosecutor, Deputy District Attorney John McKinney, said, “We hope that there is some tremendous peace in the fact that his murderer will be in prison probably for the rest of his days.”

Hussle’s Family Absent at Trial

Hussle’s partner Lauren London, who is also the mother of his two young children, did not attend any of the trial’s proceedings, and neither did any of Hussle’s family members. None of these individuals are anticipated to provide statements regarding victim impact, which is customary at such hearings.

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Herman “Cowboy” Douglas, a close friend of Nipsey Hussle who was present when he was killed and gave testimony even during a court hearing, spoke to the judge before the verdict was announced about how the killing had affected him individually and the society of South Los Angeles, where Hussle was a business leader and an inspiration.

Who Is Nipsey Hussle Killer

During the trial, Holder’s attorney acknowledged that his client had shot Hussle because the evidence against him was overwhelming. There were eyewitnesses who saw him arrive, commit the shooting and leave the scene. Surveillance cameras from nearby businesses also captured the entire incident. However, Holder’s defense attorney argued that the circumstances of the shooting were heated and that a verdict of voluntary manslaughter, a lesser charge, was more appropriate.

Jury Delivers Verdict, Defense Announces Appeal

Despite the argument, the jury deliberated for about six hours and returned a verdict of first-degree murder. Jansen, Holder’s defense attorney, expressed disappointment in the verdict and announced plans to appeal. However, Jansen did manage to secure a minor victory for his client by getting the jury to convict Holder of attempted voluntary manslaughter instead of the more serious charge of attempted murder that the prosecutors had sought.

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During the sentencing, Holder’s defense attorney, Jansen, requested a reduced sentence of 25 years to life, which would allow Holder a chance at release and rehabilitation. Jansen argued that Holder’s life behind bars would be brutal and short, as he had already received numerous death threats and suffered a head injury at the hands of other inmates during the trial due to being targeted as Hussle’s killer.

Who Is Nipsey Hussle Killer

Jansen also detailed Holder’s difficult childhood, which included physical abuse and poverty, as well as his descent into mental illness that led to years of torment and struggles with issues such as agonizing auditory hallucinations that could not be treated. Holder’s father, Eric Holder Sr., also apologized to Hussle’s family and other victims in a letter read by Jansen, expressing regret and questioning whether he had done enough to help stabilize his son’s mental health.

A Legal Saga Ends After Three Years

The sentencing marked the end of a legal saga that lasted over three years and a trial that was often delayed due to the pandemic. Hussle and Holder had known each other for years, growing up as members of the Rollin’ 60s in South LA and both aspiring rappers. However, Holder never achieved the same success as Hussle, who became a local hero and national celebrity.

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