Who Is Nina Dobrev Dating? Live Example of Unexpected Relationships Converting Into the Best Couple Ever!


Saloni Singh

Shaun White and Nina Dobrev are living evidence that occasionally the most unanticipated dyads make the stylish couples. The Olympic snowboarder and the Vampire journals alum fell head over heels for each in early 2020 and are still going strong moment.

You just make it work, ” Shaun has said of their long- distance relationship. “ I suppose that’s the thing of it all, and the key to it all is just making the time. ”

 We are looking back to see how the gold semifinalist and the Canadian actress came one of Hollywood’s cutest dyads. Keep reading to learn further about the couple’s blowing union.

The brace hit it off at a Tony Robbins event, where they were both presenters.

 Shaun was n’t familiar with Nina’s work when they first met.

 They spent counterblockade living together just one month after tabloids placarded them sanctioned.

July 22, 2012 Missed Connection

 Long before they were an item, Nina and Shaun crossed paths way back in 2012. Shaun presented the Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Show Sci- Fi/ Fantasy to the cast of the Vampire journals — including Nina.

who is nina dobrev dating

 2019 A Fateful Reunion

 Cut to seven times latterly, and the brace was brought together by fate formerly more, when both of them were listed to give donations at a Tony Robbins event in Florida.

This time, still, Shaun sat up and took note of the brunette beauty. After making a connection, the two decided to partake a mess together.” The way in which we met really kind of strengthened our relationship,” Shaun would latterly tell People.

 It also served to give the gold semifinalist an pride check, as eatery- goers call to get Nina’s signature rather of his.” I actually did not know anything about her,” he admitted to the outlet.” I was like,’ What is passing? What is going on?’ It was actually really funny.”

February 2020 A Grand Adventure

 In February 2020, eagle- eyed suckers picked up on the fact that both Nina and Shaun had reportedly posted prints from a analogous position in South Africa, where the former Degrassi The Next Generation star was on position rephotographing Redeeming Love. As it turns out, Nina had invited her new crush overseas to spend time with her.

 “ That was actually how we kind of started our relationship, ” Shaun explained to Us Weekly. “ I was like, ‘ each right. Yeah. OK. ’ And she( study), ‘ Oh, this joe, he came to play. He’s serious. ’ So that’s a thing that we partake together. We both enjoy traveling. ”

who is nina dobrev dating

March 22, 2020 A Bike Lift in Malibu

 One month latterly, the fledgling couple was spotted together formerly more. This time, Shaun and Nina were seen riding bikes in Malibu, Florida, with runner Six reporting that they also participated a kiss before taking off.

 April 2020 Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

Us Weekly reported inmid-April that Nina and Shaun were further than musketeers — they were officially swain and gal.

 2020 Date Night Cling

 In the early stages of their union, Shaun said that he’d to really rack his brain for conditioning to do together on date night. “ We did a couple of drive- in pictures, ” he participated via Us.

“ We did some simple effects.” videlicet? Snowboarding, of course!” You go to the mountains and you ’re kind of receded formerly by chairlifts and effects,” he reasoned.” So, we ’ve been suitable to do further snowboarding and passages like that than I would ’ve anticipated. ”

 May 2020 Shacking Up

Thanks to counterblockade, the couple’s timeline for cohabitation was greatly accelerated, with the brace participating a home together as early as May 2020. They also got right down to business nesting.”

who is nina dobrev dating

We went to the tackle store, bought a bunch of makeup and skirmishes, and surely got in over our heads, but it was really delightful,” Shaun would latterly tell People.

 January 2022 Engagement Buzz Begins

 By January 2022, the twain could n’t feel to stop gushing over each other, offering up sweet tidbits about their relationship in separate interviews. “ I’m veritably happy, ” Nina admitted when being probed about whether or not she ’d be tying the knot anytime soon by Extra. Still, she did concede, “ effects are going veritably well and I ’m veritably, veritably happy. ”

 Nina also suggested that she had set up her person while agitating her new film, Redeeming Love, saying, “ Love is amazing and delicate. Just because you find love does n’t make it butterflies and angels. There’s gon na be tough times and good times, and it’s really about who you want to spend those hard moments with. And chancing that person you can go through hell and back with. ”

 Shaun, for his part, told Us Weekly that when the couple does fall on hard times, they know exactly how to handle it. “ The problems that we do face, they kind of fall down through communication,” he participated.” It’s just been great. ”

 January 18, 2022 Allowing Ahead, Nina Dobrev

 While the brace is remaining mute about whether or not they ’ll be walking down the aisle anytime soon, Shaun did have some studies to partake with Us Weekly about getting a father.

who is nina dobrev dating

“ I would love to be a pater , ” he gushed to the outlet. “ It’s just commodity that seems so instigative, you know? I love being around people, and I love the idea of having someone other than my own hobbies to look after. ”

January 25, 2022 Showing Support, Nina Dobrev

 Nina played the part of the probative gal to a T as her swain prepared to head to Beijing, China, to contend in his fifth Olympic games.” I’m really agitated for him,” the actress toldE!” Just to get into the Olympics at all is one of the hugest accomplishments, let alone to get in five times. I am so agitated. I am so proud of him.”

 Shaun, meanwhile, participated just what that support meant to him while talking to People that same month. “ Nina’s just been so probative and so amazing through this whole process for me,” he explained to the publication.” Through the epidemic, she was a lifesaver — she really made that time in my life special.”

 January 31, 2022 Biggest Addict, Nina Dobrev

 One day before Shaun headed to China for the games, Nina proved she was his biggest addict by showing off in his Olympic gear while dancing around in the vicinity.


Further than a summer fling! Nina Dobrev and Shaun White’s whirlwind love has gotten veritably serious, veritably snappily.

 The Vampire journals alum and the professional snowboarder sparked dating rumors in February 2020 when suckers noticed that they had participated analogous prints from a trip to South Africa. One month latterly, they were mugged together for the first time during a bike lift in Malibu.

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