Who Is Niall Horan’s Girlfriend? All About Amelia Woolley!


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Singer Niall Horan and his girlfriend Amelia Woolley have been linked since 2020 yet have kept their sentiment generally out of the spotlight!The previous One Heading bandmate and new The Voice mentor has been dating his girlfriend Amelia Woolley since early 2020, in spite of the fact that they’ve kept their relationship to a great extent out of the public eye.

The couple is virtually non-existent on social media, in any case, they modeled for a lovable Snapchat picture posted by Woolley during the early days of their sentiment. The high contrast photograph showed the two sipping wine.

The following year, Horan and Woolley made their public presentation at the singer’s Horan and Rose Affair in September 2021. They were shot together at the occasion, which raised more than 800,000 euros for a noble cause.

Woolley might have also affected Horan’s musical career. In February 2023, Horan released his song, “Paradise,” which many fans accept was inspired by his relationship.

So who is Amelia Woolley? Here’s everything to be familiar with Niall Horan’s girlfriend and their relationship.

She Worked in the Fashion Industry!

Woolley studied fashion business at Istituto Marangoni, according to LinkedIn. While she is presently a record chief at Budweiser Brewing Gathering, she was previously a business leader for extravagance shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood.

She’s also worked at several other fashion labels all through her career. Woolley has held roles at Dior, Chloé, ASOS and startup menswear brand Prevu Studio, to give some examples.

Who Is Niall Horan's Girlfriend? All About Amelia Woolley

She and Horan Are a Confidential Couple!

The singer has yet to freely speak about his relationship, and the pair are notoriously private.

In any case, they have been spotted together out in the open on occasion, including a London shopping trip in May 2021 and a lavish excursion to Mexico in January 2022, where the PDA was on full display.

She and Horan Made Their Public Introduction at a Foundation Occasion!

They disclosed their first authority appearance on Sept. 3, 2021, at Horan’s cause celebration, the Horan and Rose Affair, at The Woods Inn in Hertfordshire, Britain. Woolley shared a photograph of the two posing side-by-side at the occasion on Instagram with earthy colored heart and wilting rose emojis as the subtitle.

The previous One Bearing singer assisted with raising north of 800,000 euros for a noble cause at the occasion alongside professional golf player Justin Rose, according to Irish outlet Sunday World.

She Played Hockey in Secondary School!

Despite the fact that she as of now lives in London, Woolley experienced childhood in Birmingham and went to Solihull School, a non-public school situated in the West Midlands. Eminent graduated class include singer Philip Oakey of ’80s pop band the Human Association and journalist and Top Stuff presenter Richard Hammond.

According to Solihull School’s reports and achievements from 2010 to 2011, Woolley participated in sporting activities as a student. A sharp hockey player, she was an individual from the Birmingham and West Midlands U15 Training Squad.

While at Solihull, Woolley also studied English writing, business studies and psychology.

Who Is Niall Horan's Girlfriend? All About Amelia Woolley

She Went to a Harry Styles Show With Horan!

In June 2022, Horan and Woolley were spotted at Horan’s previous bandmate Harry Styles’ show. Styles played at Wembley Stadium in London as a feature of his U.K. what’s more, European Love on Visit leg, and fans rushed to spot the couple among the group.

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She and Horan Watched the F1 Thousand Prix!

The couple were captured at the French Recipe One Thousand Prix on July 24, 2022. Adorning celebrity lanyards and watching the activity from the sidelines, Horan and Woolley stood among Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes group.

How Did Amelia Woolley and Niall Horan Meet?

The details of how Amelia and Niall met are not yet known, yet it’s idea they met toward the start of 2020 in London.

Given the prestige organization Amelia works at, the new couple might have met through an industry occasion or party at a shared companion’s.

They proceeded to spend time together through lockdown, bringing them closer.

A source told MailOnline at that point: “Niall is intense about Amelia, lockdown has definitely intensified his feelings for her. Niall has been seeing Amelia throughout the previous two months. He thinks Amelia’s gorgeous however they also really get on – and she’s let close friends know this could be the real arrangement.

“Amelia has spent a ton of time getting to know Niall at his London condo after lockdown restrictions eased.”

The couple were also imagined with their arms around one another at a fourth of July party.

Who Is Niall Horan's Girlfriend? All About Amelia Woolley

Who Is Niall Horan’s Girlfriend?

Niall Horan has released ‘Paradise,’ the single for his upcoming collection ‘The Show.‘ The love song has fans talking about his heartfelt life, so here’s everything you want to be familiar with his girlfriend, Amelia Wolley.

Previous One Course part Niall Horan is ready to be ready for action like never before with several projects this year. Aside from being a The Voice mentor interestingly, the singer will be releasing his third solo collection, The Show, on June 9.

In any case, Horan already released its first single which is called “Paradise,” which according to the singer the song is “saying that the thing I have in my life at present is amazing. So it would be insane to ruin that by giving into outside pressures,” per Seventeen.

Also, what does Horan have in his life, you could ask. Indeed, he has been dating Amelia Woolley since early 2020. While the pair is exceptionally defensive of their relationship, this is the very thing we are familiar his girlfriend.

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Amelia Wolley’s Age

Amelia Woolley is 25 years old. She was brought into the world on March 28, 1997 in Birmingham, Britain, UK. Per Genuine, she was raised in Birmingham and afterward migrated to London, where she is working at the fashion business.

Amelia Wolley’s Body Dimensions!

Many fans can’t help thinking about how tall is she. According to Genuine, Niall Horan’s girlfriend is 5 feet and 10 inches (177 cm) tall, and she weighs roughly 117 pounds (54 kg). She also has dull earthy colored hair and blue eyes.

Who Is Niall Horan's Girlfriend? All About Amelia Woolley

Amelia Wolley’s Work!

Per Individuals, she studied fashion business at Istituto Marangoni, according to her LinkedIn. She is as of now a record director at Budweiser Brewing Gathering, yet she was previously a business chief for extravagance shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood.

Amelia Wolley’s Net Worth!

Her net worth is obscure, yet unsubstantiated reports suggest that she has an estimated net worth of $800,000 thanks to her career in fashion, which include several brands such as Dior, Chloé, ASOS and startup menswear brand Prevu Studio.

Does Amelia Wolley Have an Instagram Account?

Yes, Amelia Wolley has an authority Instagram record and her user is @ameliawolleyx however it’s private. This could be a decent sign for fans, as she is certainly not trying to grab any undesirable eye from the media or fans.


One Bearing fans’ hearts shattered overall subsequent to hearing the news that another ex-individual from the teeny-bopper group was officially off the market. Niall Horan is officially a taken man, having joined forces up with his girlfriend, Amelia Woolley.

Unlike his old bandmates, Niall has kept his relationship somewhat peaceful. So much so that fans are practically aching to get just a goody of information about the pair from the singer; his latest song, Paradise, gives them just that, as the singer references his love all through it.

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