Who Is Nia Long Dating?’I Have My Eye on One Individual’!


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During a new appearance on the Drew Barrymore Show, Nia Long focused on jumping once more into the dating scene following her split from life partner Ime Udoka.

Back in December, Long and the Boston Celtics lead trainer cut off their 13-year friendship after it was discovered that Udoka had a consensual, ill-advised relationship with a group staff member.

While Speaking With Barrymore, Long Uncovered She Has Her “Eye on One Individual”

“I’m not saying,” she added. “I’m never telling.”When Barrymore uncovered that she appreciates dating, Long conceded she’s apprehensive about finding a renewed person. “Indeed you do? I’m so anxious,” she said. “Is it true or not that you are on the dating applications? We need to discuss this.”

Long additionally maintained that she’s single for the present. “I’m so single,” she said.Earlier this week, Long and Omarion ignited dating bits of hearsay after the pair went to the debut of her new Netflix film You Individuals.

Long’s relationship status came up as of late when the Shade Room shared a video of Long and the R&B singer walking honorary pathway. In the clasp, the pair was seen taking photographs together, and Long snatches the singer’s hand.

The two look blissful, with TSR noting that in the original post’s subtitle, “The grin all over says everything!”

who is nia long dating

Long Then Came To Eliminate Any Confusion!

Long had all the earmarks of being a decent space, following a close to home interview with Yippee! Entertainment, saying, “And you know, I’ve had a few pretty devastating minutes in my day-to-day existence over the most recent few months and I’ve needed to simply say, ‘It’s okay. You’ll pick yourself back up… ‘ Wow, I’m going to cry. You pick yourself back up and you keep it moving.”

Long as of late went through a public separation with NBA mentor Ime Udoka after the couple burned through 13 years together. They affirmed with Individuals that they will “remain completely dedicated to co-parenting their child.”

The couple’s parted came after Udoka, 51, supposedly had an unsanctioned romance with a woman within the Boston Celtics’ organization. Nia Long is “so single,” however that doesn’t mean she’s not keeping her eyes stripped.

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The You Public star opened up to Drew Barrymore on her eponymous daytime syndicated program about enjoying the single life while additionally discussing the advantages and traps of dating applications. Long uncovered she’s apprehensive about dating applications, yet not prior to sharing there’s somebody who might be listening who has her consideration. Question is, who? She won’t tell.

“I’m Not Saying I’m Rarely Telling”

At the point when Barrymore shared she appreciates dating, that kind of tossed Long by surprise.

“Indeed you do? I’m so anxious,” she said. “Is it safe to say that you are on the dating applications? We have to discuss this.”

who is nia long dating

The daytime anchor person shared that dating applications work for her because nobody holds back nothing with her in real life.

“Everybody’s running home to the application. I would rather not be dismissed in broad daylight. I’ll do it in private,” she jested.

At the point when Barrymore asked Long on the off chance that she’s single, the entertainer answered with a resounding, “I’m so single.”Just keep going week, Long needed to subdue dating bits of gossip, after singer Omarion took to virtual entertainment and shared a video of them momentarily holding hands at the You Public debut.

Not helping matters, the B2K singer imparted the video to a blushing face emoticon. The Shade Room reposted the video and inscribed it, “The grin all over says everything! 😩👀 #NiaLong.” And it was in that post’s remarks area where Long set out to settle the reports unequivocally.

Nia Long

“Everyone Cool Off… I’m Single AF “, She Composed!

When asked by Barrymore on the off chance that she’s looking for a relationship or on the other hand assuming she’s cheerful as things are, Long said, “I’m actually processing. I feel extremely free. I feel freed. I feel like a whole weight was taken off of me in a manner.”

That is when Barrymore indirectly raised her split from NBA mentor Ime Udoka following a 13-year-relationship that finished when he supposedly had an unsanctioned romance with a female colleague within the Boston Celtics association.

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“It’s so great, like I’m wearing my old pants again,” expressed Long about existence in the single path. “It’s great… this is the very thing I’ll say.

I’ll say I must be cautious who I stand close to on an honorary pathway because I’ve dated, like, five or six individuals that I don’t actually know their center name. I’m, like, ‘How is this my boyfriend? Amazing, this is extremely interesting. I don’t have a clue about this person’s center name.'”

Her Mystery Crush Hush!

The You Nation entertainer, 52, was a visitor on The Drew Barrymore Show on Thursday when Barrymore uncovered she’s been subtly dating individuals for a really long time with no media consideration.

Long then shared confidential of her own. “I have my eye on one individual,” she said prior to making it clear she’s “not saying” who.

She added, “I’m rarely telling.” Barrymore, 47, answered by admitting, “I like dating. I appreciate it without question.” However Long didn’t have similar feelings. “I’m so apprehensive,” she shared.The moderator then uncovered she’s on dating applications — and depends on them, which left Long shocked and intrigued.

“I’ve met a few pleasant individuals on the applications!” Barrymore insisted, which incited Long to get some information about the kinds of men she has met online.

“Satire essayists, one’s an actor … yet, he’s a chief, as well. That makes a difference. You must have liability! Actors are extremely pampered,” Barrymore kidded.

who is nia long dating

“Extremely,” Long concurred prior to adding, “I’ve never dated an actor.”

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Barrymore and Long additionally concurred that they both like performers and artists. Nonetheless, these days, the moderator said she’s more concerned regarding a potential admirer’s FICO rating, to which Long agreed.Long’s disclosure of her mystery crush comes after she responded to bits of hearsay that she’s dating singer Omarion.


The two started dating reports after they strolled hand-in-hand together at the Los Angeles debut of Long’s most recent film, You Individuals, on Jan. 17.

“Everyone cool off… I’m single AF,” she communicated in the remark segment of an Instagram video by The Shade Room, which showed her smiling with Omarion, 38, as they postured for pictures.

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