Who Is Mama June? Discover Her Reality TV Stardom, Addiction, Controversy, and Redemption Journey!


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Who is Mama June from the show named “June: From Not to Hot” reality TV program broadcasted on We TV, which debuted on February 24, 2017. What do we know about her controversial lifestyle, her strained relationship with her daughters, and her love angle with a s*x offender? Know more about her personal life in detail.

What Do We Know About Mama June?

Mama June, whose real name is June Shannon, is a well-known American reality TV star. Mama June’s path to stardom began with her daughter, Alana, appearing on the show Toddlers & Tiaras. Recognizing the family’s charisma, the network decided to give them their show.

What sets Mama June and her family apart is their unconventional nature. They didn’t come from a wealthy background and don’t conform to traditional standards of politeness. Instead, they embrace their unique personalities and quirks.

Who Is Mama June

Mama June and her four daughters, Alana, Lauryn, Jessica, and Anna, were unexpectedly thrust into the public eye. And since Mama June underwent a dramatic transformation and lost a significant amount of weight, the family has remained in the spotlight.

Mama June was married to Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson from 2004 to 2016. After their divorce, she began dating Eugene “Geno” Doak. In 2019, Mama June decided to leave her four daughters to be with Geno, who had a long criminal record including charges of burglary, theft, and criminal property damage.

Despite her daughters’ pleas for her to come home and leave Geno and the drugs behind, Mama June chose to stay with him, and the couple was often seen living out of their car.

Controversy Around Mama June’s Life

Shannon got her own WE TV show, “Mama June: From Not to Hot,” after “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” was canceled due to controversy over Shannon’s relationship with a convicted s*x offender.

In 2019, however, Mama June and her boyfriend, Eugene “Geno” Doak, were both arrested and charged with felony drug possession and drug paraphernalia at an Alabama gas station. Geno was also facing a charge of domestic violence. The incident resulted in the show’s fourth and fifth seasons being rebranded.

The fourth season, which debuted in 2020, was titled “Mama June: From Not To Hot – Family Crisis,” while the fifth season, which debuted in 2021, was titled “Mama June: Road to Redemption,” with the “From Not To Hot” subtitle removed completely.

Mama June’s Extreme Drug Addiction

Mama June and Geno’s addiction reached its peak with total spending of $1 million on drugs, according to Mama June. She revealed to Access Hollywood that they were always in debt and that she spent a huge amount of money to satisfy their addiction. She estimated that in the last year of their addiction, they spent about $900,000.

Who Is Mama June


Mama June recalled an incident where she withdrew $80,000 from the bank for her dealer and was waiting on a $15,000 payment for her “last high.” However, when the payment was delayed, she decided to check into rehab.

Mama June and Geno voluntarily admitted themselves to the Banyan Treatment Centre in Florida for 23 days at the beginning of 2020. By August 2020, Mama June announced their six-month sobriety in an Instagram video, showing off their six-month sobriety coins.

Mama June’s Redemption Journey

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mama June’s criminal trial was postponed in April 2020. Mama June expressed fear that she may never see her children again if she goes to jail in a promotional video for her latest reality show titled Mama June: Road to Redemption. However, in June 2021, Mama June was able to avoid prison by agreeing to complete 100 hours of community service and be under court supervision.

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While Geno was sentenced to 16 months in a Community Corrections program instead of prison. In “Mama June: Road to Redemption,” a television series that debuted on March 19, 2021.


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Dr. Ish spoke with Mama June and her daughter Honey Boo Booabout how Mama June’s addiction affected the family. Mama June apologized to her daughter and expressed a desire to demonstrate her remorse.

Mama June Strained Relationships With

  •  Eldest Daughter Anna

Anna, nicknamed “Chickadee,” is June’s oldest child, born on August 28, 1994, when she was only 15 years old. Her father, David Dunn, has never appeared on the family’s reality show.

Anna and June’s relationship has been strained since 2003 when Anna moved in with her grandmother following an assault by June’s then-boyfriend, registered s*x offender Mark McDaniel. June was accused by Anna of not believing her and of being absent from home because of work.

For reportedly unpaid performances on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo in 2015, Anna sued her mother. They have remained largely estranged since, although they reunited for June’s February 2023 wedding. Anna is currently dating Eldridge Toney and works at a car dealership in Georgia. In March 2023, Anna was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, specifically adrenal carcinoma that has spread to her liver, kidney, and lung.

  • Jessica Shanon

The second oldest daughter of Shannon, known as “Chubbs” on their reality TV shows, was born on October 12, 1996, to June and her ex-partner Michael Anthony Ford. Ford is a convicted s*x offender who was caught on To Catch a Predator in 2005 and served time in jail for the s*xual exploitation of minors.

  • Lauryn Efird or Pumkin

On January 7, 2000, June’s third eldest daughter, nicknamed “Pumpkin,” was born. Lauryn grew up believing her biological father was Mark McDaniel, who was imprisoned in 2004 for child molestation.

Shannon stated in an interview that Jessica and Lauryn had the same father, but that he has not been involved in Jessica’s life over the years. From Here Comes Honey Boo Boo to Mama June: Road to Redemption, Lauryn has appeared on all of her family’s reality shows.

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Lauryn was granted full custody of her younger sister Alana, who has lived with her since Shannon’s arrest for drug possession in 2019. Shannon is also obligated to pay Lauryn $800 in child support each month until Alana reaches the age of 18.

  • Youngest Minor Daughter Alana

Shannon has a daughter named Alana, who rose to prominence on the show Toddlers & Tiaras as “Honey Boo Boo.” Alana Thompson was born on August 28, 2005, to June and her ex-boyfriend Mike Thompson, also known as “Sugar Bear.” Alana has continued to appear in reality shows such as Dancing with the Stars: Juniors and The Masked Singer, and she now lives with her half-sister Lauryn, who is her legal guardian.

Alana spoke to Teen Vogue about growing out of her child star persona and being proud of how far she has come. She is currently dating Dralin Carswell, and the couple has faced backlash for their age difference and being an interracial couple.


Despite her legal issues, Mama June remains a prominent figure in reality television, attracting attention for her personal life and ongoing weight loss journey. As Mama June went through her weight loss process, she was accompanied by her daughters Alana and Lauryn, who also participated. The family opted for healthier food choices in smaller servings and took walks together to support each other in achieving a healthier way of living.

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