Who is Maluma Dating? All About His Current Girlfriend Susana Gomez



Love stories have a unique charm, filled with unexpected twists and turns that lead two souls on a path of togetherness. Maluma is a Global Muisc star. You all already know the star as he has gained so much popularity. He admired a lady named Susana Gomez. They both have something between them. His fans are so curious to know his relationship status history.

Do you want the answers to your questions regarding the love life of Maluma then you come to the right place. Through this post, I have explained in detail all the accurate information about the dating history of Maluma with his partner Susana Gomez. You just have to continue reading this article.

Who is Maluma?

Maluma was born on January 28, 1994. He is a Colombian songwriter, singer as well as rapper. He made many songs till now and every song of his profile surged at the highest peak and gained so much popularity. Fans are always curious to know about his activities. He is the best Latin singer of all time. He is raised in Colombia.


Who is Maluma Dating?

Maluma is currently dating interior and jewelry designer Susana Gomez. They both first appeared together in 2020. They both did not show their relationship publically but the pop star whose real name is Juan Luis Londoño Arias has opened up in front of the media about their love life.

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As per the information provided by Hola, They both not only spotted at events or programs but they went to many romantic date nights as well as family vacations. Through this, we can say that their family knows each other and they have good relations.

They understand the importance of maintaining boundaries and privacy in their personal lives. They are allowing their relationship to flourish away from the constant scrutiny of the public eye. Maluma as well as his girlfriend Susana Gomez both are from Medellin, Colombia. They both respect their country as well as gained pride in it.

They both travel a lot. They have appeared in Colombia together many times. Maluma rose to prominence in December 2021 when he posted a blurry picture of himself engaged in a passionate kiss with a woman, believed to be Selena Gomez, in front of a Christmas tree at his family’s home. He captioned the now-deleted image with the words “Thanks, Santa.”

This is the first time Maluma shared a romantic picture related to his love life after separating from his ex-girlfriend DJ Natalia Barulich in October 2019.

Who is Susana Gomez?

There is no exact date of her birth which is officially announced but she is nearly 25-27 years old. She has a successful career in the field of interior and jewelry design. In view of the fact that it is her passion. she showed her interest in artistry since childhood.

She combines artistic vision and technical skills to create stunning and unique designs in both fields. In February 2023, she started a company of jewelry with her sister Juliana Gomez. The name of the company is Sileo. She launches her resume with the launch of her company.

Constantly staying abreast of the latest trends and techniques, she ensures her designs are fresh, innovative, and reflective of contemporary aesthetics. She possesses an intimate understanding of materials, meticulously selecting the finest fabrics, gemstones, metals, and finishes to create luxurious and enduring creations.


Maluma who is his boyfriend was also there at every event and occasion of her company to support her. She is a master of creativity and craftsmanship, blending artistic flair with technical expertise to bring exquisite designs to life. With an impeccable eye for detail, they carefully balance colors, textures, and forms to create captivating spaces and unique jewelry pieces.

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Is Susana Gomez Seem to Be Close With Maluma’s Family?

Maluma introduced his girlfriend Susana Gomez to his family. She welcomed the family of Maluna with open arms. It seems like it is the biggest green flag in their relationship. She has appeared in pictures of his mother Marlli Arias so many times which are posted on Instagram. some are family holiday trips in December 2022.

Not only trip photos she had posted but she was also present at the commencing of a Sileo company. She also posted so many pictures of her jewelry as well as she was beaming with pride. She was holding Susana in her arms and her sister was also there.

Manuela London, the sister of the singer, and Clara Pablo, Gomez’s manager, regularly share tweets featuring pictures of Gomez, many of which depict her in intimate poses alongside Maluma.

Maluma’s Junio Song is Inspired by Susana Gomez.

Maluma released his song named Junio in September 2022 and fans quickly began guessing it as it is a kind of love letter to Susana Gomez in front of the whole media. His family members as well as fans from across the world support their relationship.

This is the type of romantic song that literally feels like Maluma filled his whole feelings and thinking regarding Susana Gomez. She also reacted to this song very lovingly. They both have very loving as well as caring relationship status ahead. The song is just like Maluma bringing life to the soul.

She sang the song at Billboard Latin Music Awards and at the end of his performance, he stepped off the stage to give a kiss to Susana Gomez in front of the world.

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It is such a healthy relationship for Maluma with his girlfriend Susana Gomez. They embrace each other goals and aspirations. They appreciate each other for all of their achievements. Lastly, simply being present and actively participating in their partner’s life, whether through shared hobbies, quality time, or important events, reinforces commitment and support for each other.

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