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Who is Lucy Frazer Husband? Meet David Leigh!!

Lucy Frazer’s husband is David Leigh and he is the Chief executive of a recruitment company. David Leigh has married to British politician and barrister Lucy Frazer. The couple have two kids together. Lucy and David at the University in Cambridge.

David Leigh’s wife Lucy Frazer has been serving as Minister of State for Transport since 2022 and she has been previously served as Solicitor General for England and Wales and Minister of State for Prisons.

She is also the member of the Conservative Party and Lucy Frazer has been the Member of Parliament for Southeast Cambridge shire since 2015.

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Who is Lucy Frazer Husband?

Lucy Frazer is married to David Leigh. David is a chief executive of a recruitment company. There is not much information is available about David Leigh on internet.

Who is Lucy Frazer Husband?

What is the Current Issue of Lucy Frazer Husband?

David Leigh is the boss of a company which supplies temporary workers to HM Revenue and Customs and the company were on tax avoidance scheme.

Lucy moved to the treasury in September and disclose her husband David Leigh who is the boss of recruitment firm named Alexander Mann Solutions in the recent list of ministerial interests.

The company has a seven year public sector resourcing contract with Crown Commercial Service which is an executive agency of the Cabinet office and offers the supply of temporary government workers via 351 agencies including workers of Treasury.

The Liberal Democrat MP and a member of the loan charge all party parliamentary group said that –

“It is extraordinary that the financial secretary to the Treasury was appointed to this role, when her husband is the boss of the company that holds a £15bn framework contract to supply temporary workers, including to the Treasury and to HMRC.

Who is Lucy Frazer Husband?

“It is hugely embarrassing that contractors have been recruited via the public sector resourcing process who have used disguised remuneration arrangements while working for HMRC. HMRC says its suppliers must ensure the tax compliance of workers. So what action have they taken in this situation? There should be an investigation into all of this, including the clear and untenable conflict of interest that clearly exists.”

David was appointed as chief executive of AMS in November 2019 and the company only earns a proportion of the revenues from its multibillion pound government contract.

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In the prior list of ministerial interests published in May it was said that

“The attorney general’s office has put in place arrangements to ensure that the solicitor general is not involved in issues relating to that framework and that no conflict arises.”

The government said that – “The minister has complied with the requirements set out in the ministerial code to the satisfaction of the independent adviser. This interest was declared as far back as 2019 and was considered by the independent adviser on ministers’ interests.

The contract in question is managed independently by HMRC and was awarded prior to the appointment of the minister – and prior to her husband’s employment with the company in question. Arrangements are in place to ensure there is no conflict of interest and the minister has made no decisions relating to the contract in question since taking up the role.”

AMS said for this – “AMS does not condone any tax avoidance schemes and contingent workers are required to comply with all applicable tax laws.” The firm works with HMRC to conduct regular audits to ensure compliance with tax laws.

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