In the Spotlight! Lil Dicky’s Current Romantic Partner Revealed!



Lil Dicky is one of the renowned and famous rappers as well as comedians. He has garnered a strong fan base and a significant attention of masses around the world which has captured the hearts of his fans with his witty lyrics and comedic talent. Further, besides his successful career in the music industry, the masses are often curious about his love life.

However, people keep speculating about his personal life, including his relationships on various social media platforms. Through this exploration, I have delved into the intriguing question: “Who is Lil Dicky dating now?” We’ll provide you with the latest updates and insights into the love life of this multifaceted artist. You should have to read this article to the end. Let’s take a deep dive into it.

A quick overview of Lil Dicky

Name Lil Dicky
Real Name David Andrew Burd
Profession American rapper
Date of Birth 15 March 1988
Age 35 years old
Birthplace Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania, United States
Height 5 Feet 11 Inches
Weight 76 kg (167 lbs)
Girlfriend Kristin Batalucco

Who is Lil Dicky?

 Lil Dicky's Current Romantic Partner

The real name of Lil Dicky is David Andrew Burd. He is one of the most well-known and famous American rappers, comedians, and actors. He has gained the attention of the masses because of his humorous and clever rap style. He first gained widespread recognition because he released “Ex-Boyfriend” music which made a huge hype on YouTube in 2013.

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Freaky Friday” and “Save Dat Money” are the songs from his album which was a trend on social media platforms when it was released. In his songs, there is a unique approach to storytelling through rap. If you are interested in knowing his current relationship status and dating history then read this article as I have mentioned below all the details.

Who is Lil Dicky Dating Now?

Lil Dicky is not single. He is currently dating Kristin Batalucco. He believes in keeping his personal life private so that’s why he does not reveal anything regarding his relationship in the limelight but he went public with Krishtin. In October 2022, through his Instagram post, he officially announced that he is in love with Kristin Batalucco by sharing some pictures too.

 Lil Dicky's Current Romantic Partner

Molly, the only known name of Lil Dicky’s former girlfriend, remains a mystery as she has never made a public appearance. Despite her low profile, fans are familiar with her due to references made by the rapper in his show “Dave” and his song titled “Molly.” Before proceeding further, Check Taylor Swift Adds Spark to Chiefs Game and Fuels Kelce Dating Rumors!

In the show, Lil Dicky, who portrays Dave, is in a relationship with Ally, portrayed by Taylor Misiak. Although Dave and Ally shared a deep connection, his intense dedication to his career strained their relationship, leading to their breakup. Despite the separation, Dave’s feelings for Ally remained strong. Do not miss out, Who is Lieke Klaver’s Partner? Sparked Dating Rumors!


To wrap up all the intricacies and truth behind the curtains of privacy and secrecy, It is clear that Lil Dicky is in a serious relationship with Kristin Batalucco. This can be stated through his social media profiles where he officially announces that he is truly in love with her.

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