Who Is Leonardo DiCaprio Dating? Here’s a Rundown of the Dating History!


Saloni Singh

ICYMI, Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid dating rumors have been floating around the internet after he broke up with his gal of roughly four times, Camila Morrone, in August 2022. Gigi still resolve from her on- again, off- again swain Zayn Malik in October 2021, and she had not been romantically linked to anyone before she reportedly started seeing Leo.

 An anonymous source told E! News that “ Leo has been asking collective musketeers about Gigi and wants to get to know her. ” It was also revealed that the brace isn’t in an exclusive relationship, but that they’ve hung out several times. Leo “ is interested ” in Gigi while she “ is having fun with it ” and “ is not interested in anything serious. ”

Meanwhile, Gigi’s pater , real estate inventor Mohamed Hadid, opened up to the Daily Mail about the bruited relationship. He bandied his relationship with Leo and participated his studies about the enterprise. “ I metMr. DiCaprio in St. Tropez four or five times agone , and he’s a veritably nice man, ” he began.

“ I like him. ” Although he’s had positive gests with Leo, Mohamed does n’t exactly believe the courting rumors. “ I haven’t spoken to my son aboutMr. DiCaprio. I do n’t suppose they’re dating — I believe they’re just good musketeers, but I really do not know. ”

 Then’s what we know so far about Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid’s relationship timeline.

who is leonardo dicaprio dating

November 7, 2022 Gigi” Doesn’t Want To Be Discourteous” to Zayn Malik in Her New Relationship With Leo

 Gigi and Leo are still going strong, and the 27- time-old model is being aware of her partner, Zayn Malik as her new love grows. Zayn and Gigi dated on and off from 2015 to 2021 and partake a son, Khai, together. An anonymous source tells Entertainment Tonight that Gigi” doesn’t want to be discourteous” toward Zayn while exploring her relationship with Leo.

” Gigi and Leo have been seeing each other and are veritably into each other, but Gigi has been trying to keep effects low- crucial with their relationship,” the source told the outlet.” They’re trying to keep effects private and not show too important PDA while out together.”

” Gigi is trying to be aware of Zayn’s passions and does not want to be discourteous to him with her new relationship. Gigi and Zayn both only want what’s stylish for each other. They’re doing their stylish to have a cordial relationship, be the stylish parents they can be, andco-parent Khai in a healthy way,” they continued.

November 2, 2022 Gigi Is Having” Fun” Dating Leo As He” Treats Her Really Well”

The brace have been unofficially dating for about two months now, and it seems like Gigi is enjoying their time together.

 A source reportedly near to Hadid told People that the couple” are seeing each other in N.Y.C. when they can,” and that the model is having” delightful courting Leo.”

The source adds that Gigi” seems veritably happy and agitated about seeing him. She’s attracted to him. He treats her really well. She finds him mature and fascinating.”

who is leonardo dicaprio dating

October 31, 2022 Gigi and Leo Are Spotted Together at a Halloween Party

 Over Halloweekend, Gigi and Leo were seen arriving at a costume party together at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York. According to runner Six, Gigi arrived with Leo, her family Bella Hadid, and others via party machine.

The outlet reports that Leo rocked a “ half monster, half zombie ” mask to the scary soirée( yes, the details are important), and remained innominate under the disguise for utmost of the night.

October 5, 2022 Gigi Is “ Thankful “ for Leo

 Another Paris Fashion Week has come and gone, and one source close to the supermodel toldE! News that Gigi is “ thankful ” for Leo’s support during the timetable of events.

“ Gigi and Leo are having a lot of fun right now, ” the bigwig participated. “ They’ve been trying to stay low- crucial and private and she has been enjoying the time they’ve been spending together. ”

 “ Gigi is thankful he came into her life during this time and has said it’s exactly what she demanded. Leo is veritably laidback and she likes that their relationship is casual and easy. It’s going well so far, ” they added.

October 1, 2022 Leo and Gigi Spotted at Same Paris Hostel

 It’s Paris Fashion Week, and Leo and Gigi are both presently in the megacity of love — on with half of Hollywood and the fashion assiduity, that is! Per TMZ, Gigi was seen walking into the Royal Monceau around 10PM.

While the couple did not enter at the same time, Leo followed her inside shortly after and also left the hostel a many hours latterly at 1AM.

 TMZ reported that Leo returned to his own hostel room at the Costes Hotel in Paris after hitting the city that night. While neither star has made an sanctioned statement on their relationship status, their internationally- crossed paths have us wondering what might be going on behind the scenes. 👀

who is leonardo dicaprio dating

September 21, 2022 Leo “ Has a Soft Spot “ for Gigi

 An anonymous source told Us Weekly that Leo” always had a soft spot” for the 27- time-old supermodel.” He thinks she’s beautiful, of course, but also a wise and cool character who is got a veritably dressed and educated take on life,” they told the outlet.

The source also reported that Gigi and Leo are officially dating and that their musketeers are” happy to see them together, indeed though it did catch a lot of them off guard.”

September 13, 2022 Gigi and Leo Mugged Together

 Gigi and Leo were mugged together for the first time at an exclusive party in NYC. Daily Mail released a print of Gigi leaning in nearly to hear to what Leo is saying, as the two appeared to be trying to have a more intimate discussion in a loud party setting.

A source simply told Page Six that Gigi and Leo have been taking effects to the coming position by hanging out just the two of them, rather than in group settings as they’ve done in the history.”( Leo) isn’t someone who’s in- and- eschewal of connections, ” they explained. “ He does n’t jump around hooking up. They’re taking it slow. ”

who is leonardo dicaprio dating


Leonardo DiCaprio is nearly as well- known for his love life as his pictures and activism. Since launching his acting career in the early 1990s, the heartthrob has had a string of high- profile connections with Hollywood’s finest actresses and, maybe more famously, youngish models.

 The Oscar winner’s courting history has frequently made him a punching bag for fellow celebrities including Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais. While introducing him at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, the 30 gemstone creator fooled, “ And now, like a supermodel’s vagina, let’s all give a warm hello to Leonardo DiCaprio. ”

Six times latterly, the Office alum joked at the same awards show, “ Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is nearly three hours long. Leonardo DiCaprio attended the premiere, and by the end, his date was too old for him. ”

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