Who is LeBron James Dating Now? Loves and Hookups



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Who Is LeBron James Dating Now?

On September 14, 2013, James tied the knot with Savannah James, his high school love, in San Diego, California. They have three kids: a daughter named Zhuri and two sons named Bronny and Bryce. Twenty years after James’s selection, in 2023, Bronny was selected a McDonald’s All-American.

Savannah began to encounter LeBron James in recognizable settings. When they were in high school, they first encountered one another. Savannah attended Buchtel High School, another school within two miles of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, while Lebron attended St. Vincent-St. Mary High School.

Lebron James wanted to pursue Savannah and made the decision to ask a friend for her phone number, as teenage attraction would have it. St. Buchtel and Lebron planned to take advantage of the friend’s recent move from Savannah’s school in order to obtain her phone number. It was an attempt in usefulness, nevertheless.

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Lebron made the decision to be a man and approach Savannah, but she refused to give him her phone number, preferring to get his instead. She remembered he had saved Lebron’s phone number one day while she sat impatiently and felt so sweet to contact him.

After a brief talk when she phoned him, Lebron invited Savannah to their basketball game at his school a few days later. That was the start of a developing friendship that would ultimately result in a committed relationship. When they next ran into each other at an Applebee’s event, Savannah realised that Lebron was serious about dating her. This occurred around 2002.

When Lebron James first met and began dating Savannah, she was merely a basketball player in high school. Savannah probably had no idea how lucky she was to have a young man who would later rule the basketball world as her partner. It didn’t take long for Savannah to agree to date Lebron James after much courting, which was greatly aided by the young man’s intense attention on his work. The Outback Steakhouse hosted their first formal dinner date.

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Their First Child Was Born In 2004

As the years passed and Lebron himself continued to advance in his basketball career, their connection only got stronger. While Savannah was in her senior year of high school, she became pregnant with Lebron’s first child in 2004. The amazing thing about this pregnancy was that she went to her high school prom at five months along. On October 6, 2004, four months after being married to Lebron Jr., she was put to sleep.


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Three years after his brother, on June 14, 2007, Bryce Maximus was born, following in the footsteps of his sibling. People were beginning to worry why Lebron was taking so long to propose to his longtime girlfriend and child’s mother. Several years later, in 2011, at a New Year’s Eve celebration for his birthday, Lebron James made his engagement proposal to Savannah. He allegedly used a $300,000 ring to make the proposal to her. Lebron made a powerful and passionate declaration to his lovely fiancée Savannah.

The Couple Held A Two-day, Celebrity-studded Wedding Celebration

After more than ten years of dating, Lebron James and Savannah were legally wed on September 14, 2013, at a lavish ceremony hosted at the Grand Del Mar hotel in San Diego. 200 A-list celebrities attended the party, including Dwyane Wade (All-Star guard for the Heat), Jay-Z, Beyonce, Carmelo Anthony (All-Star forward for the Knicks), and Chris Paul (another All-Star player from the NBA).

The event, which was private yet lasted a whopping three days, was made memorable by celebrity performances, including Beyonce and Jay-rendition Z’s of “Crazy in Love.”

The James family quickly welcomed their newest member, a stunning daughter born on October 22, 2014, into their home. She went under the name Zhuri and remained out of the public’s view until the 2016 NBA Finals, which Lebron won for the third time. Lebron and Savannah have maintained a strong marriage for more than 20 years.

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Who is LeBron James Dating Now Loves and Hookups

Relationships With Lebron James: His Loves and Hookups!

Lebron James has only been legally married to one lady, Savannah Brinson, whom he started seeing in high school, but there are countless more women who have purportedly had relationships with him at various points in his life. He had relationships with some of these other famous ladies, but others entered this list because they were said to have dated him.

Kristen Ledlow

Who is LeBron James Dating Now Loves and Hookups

Kristen Ledlow, who joined NBA TV as a host for NBA Inside Stuff and analysis on January 18, 1988, was born. In 2015, rumours about a relationship between Lebron James and sports analyst Kristen Ledlow surfaced in the celebrity media. During a Cavaliers game, the two were seen together, and Lebron kissed her on the cheek. The question of whether they might be dating was raised by the gesture. There is no extra information to back up this claim despite tasty fans hovering over it.

Rachel Bush

Who is LeBron James Dating Now Loves and Hookups

A model from the United States born on November 1st, 1997, named Rachel Bush is a part of Lebron James’ dating history. After posting a screenshot of a message Lebron purportedly sent to her on Instagram in 2016, she was thought to have dated him. Before a Cavaliers game, and normally, this wouldn’t have raised a fuss if she hadn’t been known to enjoy dating NBA players. However, it did generate a commotion. When Rachel posted the screenshot to Twitter, it sparked a huge online outrage. Since neither party has mentioned anything, the rumours have not been confirmed to date.

Heidi Hoback

Who is LeBron James Dating Now Loves and Hookups

Another report regarding Lebron James having an extramarital affair with model Heide Hoback surfaced in 2017. Lebron James found himself at the centre of a scandal in a disastrous Cavaliers season opening after it was discovered that he messaged Heidi on Instagram. The model herself displayed the message, but she also let the world know that it’s common for players to DM attractive women like them.

While that may be the case, Lebron James is not just any athlete; he is a legendary basketball player who is married and has children. He is also one of the few famous people whose marriage has presumably been a big success. For a long, the controversy persisted, but Heidi put an end to it when she addressed the matter and assured the public that there was nothing there.

Sofia Jamora

Who is LeBron James Dating Now Loves and Hookups

Lebron James and Sofia Jamora’s relationship was not well known until a report that threatened to dissolve Lebron’s marriage to Savannah Brinson James surfaced in 2020. Lebron allegedly saw Sofia behind the back of Nick Vannett, a tight end for the Denver Broncos, according to model Erza Haliti. The rumour persisted in the media for a while since it was so strong.

On May 6, 1997, Sofia was born in Calabasas, California, in the United States. She is a social media sensation and a model. Because of the suspicions linking her to Lebron, she felt compelled to publicly deny any connection to Erza and any romantic involvement. Regardless of whether the allegations were accurate or not, Sofia’s comments put an end to them, and she later began dating Pelicans player Jaxon Hayes, another NBA player.

Adrienne Bailon

Who is LeBron James Dating Now Loves and Hookups

Lebron James was the subject of this and other rumours in 2020. This time, he and American actress Adrienne Bailon were allegedly involved in a romance. Lebron and Adrienne are familiar with one another. As far back as 2003, while he was still in high school, they were known to be dating. Lebron allegedly cheated on her with an unnamed actress while they were engaged to be married, according to the stories.

There was no proof of the rumours. Long before Lebron married his wife, Savannah Brinson, the charges circulated.

American actress, singer, and TV personality Adrienne Bailon was born on October 24th, 1983. As at the time this article was being written, it was impossible to confirm whether the rumours regarding the actress and Lebron reappeared in 2020 with a new affair.

Meagan Good

Who is LeBron James Dating Now Loves and Hookups

Lebron James and Adrienne Bailon’s relationship was infamously ended by Meagan Good, an old flame. According to the reports, Adrienne recognized Lebron when she smelled her on him. On Valentine’s Day, Adrienne questioned him about the incident.

American actress Meghan Good was born on August 8th, 1981. Although she has participated in a number of modelling assignments, her acting work is more well-known. Even if some reports say this is the case, Meghan has never admitted to having an affair with LeBron James.

Lebron James has done well for himself despite what it might appear like a difficult assignment for celebrities to undertake right now when it comes to relationships. The popularity and professional success of Lebron James are both influenced by his dating past. Even if there have been whispers here and there, they haven’t been particularly damaging enough to ruin the football player’s family life.

Lebron is a devoted husband and father who has a wife and children who adore him. Many individuals are following the couple’s happy marriage tale because they want to understand how they keep their marriage strong rather than out of concern that it may fail.

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