Who Is Kyle Juszczyk’s Wife Kristin Juszczyk? How Did Kyle and Kristin First Cross Paths?



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Kyle Juszczyk is widely considered to be one of the most prominent stars in the NFL. As the San Francisco 49ers work their way into the playoffs in pursuit of a spot in Super Bowl LVI, he has been an integral part of those efforts. As the fullback, who is 31 years old and became the highest-paid fullback in the NFL in 2021 (according to the New York Post), has been working his way toward a good season, his wife Kristin has been by his side to cheer him on and encourage him. Here, you will learn everything there is to know about Kristin that you need to know!

How Did Kyle and Kristin First Cross Paths?

Early on in their young adulthoods, both Kyle and Kristin attended college in New England; nevertheless, it wasn’t until they were living in Maryland that they crossed paths with one another. While Kristin was a student at the University of Rhode Island at the time of their meeting, Kyle was a member of the Harvard Crimson football team. Kristin then moved on to Towson University in Baltimore. According to Niners Nation, the two got to know one another while Kristin was residing in Baltimore. At the time, Kyle was just starting in the National Football League with the Ravens.


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They Tied The Knot In July 2019

The pair exchanged vows in front of family and friends at a stunning ceremony held at the Cedar Lakes Estate in New York. Both Kyle and Kristin commemorated their stunning ceremony by posting heartfelt messages to their respective Instagram accounts after the event.

A heartfelt post commemorating their nuptials was provided by the 49ers player. “I wed the most stunningly lovely lady, both on the inside and out!! When I’m with you, not a single day will pass without me planting a passionate kiss on your lips. This last weekend was hands down the best of my whole life. I never wanted it to come to an end!” he posted on Instagram about their wedding.

Before Kyle Joined The 49ers, Kristin Worked As A Realtor

Kristin began her professional life as a realtor after she graduated from Towson University; however, she made a career change after her husband accepted a position with the 49ers. She disclosed that once they relocated to San Francisco, one of the primary factors in her decision not to continue working in real estate was the fact that she would need to retake all of the exams to obtain a new license there.

“I was able to look at myself in the mirror and say, ‘All right, what do you want to do?’ Do you have an interest in the real estate market? Do you want to retake this entire class?'” she asked the Niner’s Nation member community.

Who Is Kyle Juszczyk's Wife Kristin Juszczyk?

She Is The Owner Of An E-commerce Store

Kristin decided to follow a different career path rather than re-registering for her real estate license. During her time at URI, she majored in fashion, and after graduation, she decided to launch her e-commerce store, which she named Origin. “ORIGIN‘s mission is to achieve the ideal balance of femininity and streetwear in all of its designs.” According to the website’s description, “We provide a variety of flexible pieces that complement your originality.”

Dresses, tops, jeans, and a great many other articles of clothing can be found inside Origin’s extensive catalog of wares. On her Instagram, Kristin frequently demonstrates her incredible sense of style as well as how she personalizes and makes her clothing. “You’re looking for that one trademark piece that everyone notices and asks, ‘Oh my god, where did you get that?'” That’s so distinctive.’ She commented on the brand while speaking to Niner’s Nation and said, “That was the general brand I wanted.”

Kyle And Kristin Have A Puppy

Even though the Juszczyks do not have any biological children of their own, they do have a sweet puppy whose name is Mozzi (short for Mozzarella). The fluffy white dog, which the pair purchased in the year 2020, is featured prominently in many of the images that the couple shares online. In June 2020, Kyle posted a picture of himself and Mozzi swimming together and made a joking comment about how much he was “enjoying [his] first Father’s Day as a dog dad.”

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