Who is Kitty’s Brother In ‘To All The Boys I Have Loved Before’ Spin Off Show ‘XO, Kitty’?


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XO, Kitty is a romantic dramedy series available for streaming on Netflix and everyone wants to know Who is Kitty’s Brother in it. It is created by Jenny Han. She is also the writer and executive producer of the show. The series premiered on May 18, 2023. It is a spin-off of the To All the Boys film series and is based on Han’s book trilogy, To All the Boys I Have Loved Before(which is one best feel-good movie).

The story revolves around Kitty Covey, played by Anna Cathcart. She embarks on a personal journey to find true love. Despite considering herself knowledgeable about love, Kitty moves to Korea to be closer to her long-distance boyfriend. However, she soon realizes that relationships can be more complicated when her own feelings are at stake.

Who Is Brother Of Kitty In Xo Kitty?

While going through her mother Eve’s belongings at the hospital, Kitty makes a surprising discovery. It turns out that her mother had a child when she was in Seoul. It means Kitty has a half-brother. Kitty decides to dig deeper and learns that her brother was given up for adoption. Initially, she thinks that the parents are from Australia, but this doesn’t turn out to be the end of the story.

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To her surprise, one of her college professors at KISS, Alex Finnerty, is a Korean man who used to live in Australia. This leads Kitty to consider the possibility that Alex is her long-lost sibling. However, her hopes are shattered when she learns that she doesn’t actually have a half-brother after all.

In an unexpected twist, it is revealed that Alex is actually Yuri’s biological brother, not Kitty’s. Alex’s reasons for returning to Korea were not solely to teach. But also to uncover the truth about his birth parents. Surprisingly, it turns out that the school’s principal, Jina Lim, and Professor Lee are Alex’s real mother and father. Jina had falsely listed Eve’s name on the hospital forms, leading to a complicated situation for everyone involved.

Who is Kitty’s Brother

By the end of the season, it becomes clear that Kitty might have two older sisters, Margot and Lara. But she doesn’t have a half-brother as initially thought.

What Is ‘Xo, Kitty’ All About?

The series “XO, Kitty,” features the beloved character Kitty Song Covey from “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” (played by Anna Cathcart). Kitty moves to Seoul to uncover more about her mother and be with her true love, Dae (played by Minyeong Choi). However, Kitty’s plans detour when she finds out that Dae is dating Yuri (played by Gia Kim). To make things more complicated, one of Dae’s close friends, Min Ho (played by Sang Heon Lee), wants Kitty to go back home.

As the story progresses, Kitty realizes that both Yuri and Min Ho are not as bad as they initially appeared. In fact, fans are fascinated by their characters and have become fans of the actors portraying them. In an interesting revelation, Minyeong Choi accidentally reveals that Sang Heon and Gia are actually siblings in real life.

Who Did Kitty Chose At End Of Series – XO, Kitty?

At the end of Season 1 of XO, Kitty, Kitty finds herself in a situation where she has three potential romantic options: Dae, Yuri, and Min Ho. However, Anna Cathcart, the actress who plays Kitty, believes that Kitty doesn’t need to rush into making a decision about her love life.

Cathcart explains that it is refreshing to see Kitty not relying on a person for her happiness. Kitty chooses herself and allows herself the space to figure things out. Cathcart hopes that Kitty will continue to explore her options and follow her heart. She believes that the best choice one can make is the one that feels right in their gut.

Cathcart’s co-stars, Gia Kim (who plays Yuri) and Minyeong Choi (who plays Dae), share similar sentiments. Kim mentions that regardless of who ends up with whom, it will be cute and adorable. Choi emphasizes that Dae lets Kitty go because he respects and loves her.Who is Kitty’s Brother

According to co-showrunner Sascha Rothchild, Kitty’s open-ended love story aims to celebrate younger generations who are more open to dating multiple people simultaneously or have witnessed their parents going through breakups. Relationships can be for different reasons, seasons, or lifetimes, as Min Ho mentions in the show. The concept of “happily ever after” has evolved and young people are not expected to be together forever.

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Jenny Han, the author of the source material, enjoyed exploring the idea that different people can be significant at different times in one’s life. It doesn’t diminish the importance of past loves but allows for growth and the possibility of finding new passions along the way.

Why Was Alex Given Up For Adoption?

The audience might be curious about why Jina and Professor Lee gave Alex up for adoption instead of raising him themselves, creating a mystery. Here’s the explanation: Jina and Lee were in a relationship, but Lee was living and studying in America when Jina found out she was pregnant.

Jina was concerned that if she told Lee about the baby, he would have to leave his work at a conservatory and it would distract him from his future plans. So, she decided to keep the baby a secret and gave Alex up for adoption. When Alex returned from the United States, he had no idea that he had been given up for adoption.

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