Who Is Kim Soo Hyun and SEO Ye-Ji? Relationship Controversy Explained!


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Seo Ye-ji experienced harsh criticism last year for forcing her ex Kim Jung-hun to get the content for his television show, Time, changed.

South Korean star Seo Yea-ji has made a proper statement of regret, a year after she was trapped in a controversy regarding her ex, actor Kim Jung-hyun.

The It’s OK To Not Be OK actor got ruthless fire after the Korean outlet published a report that included instant messages among her and Jung-hun, alleging that she had demanded him to get the content of his 2018 show to be changed to eliminate actual contact among him and his co-star, Seohyun.

While her organization answered the articulation at that point, Yea-ji had not expressed anything at that point. She had stayed under the radar and removed from the show, Island.

Notwithstanding, presently she appears to have finally opened up regarding the matter. Her assertion reads, ” First, I sincerely apologize for the way that I’m conveying my feelings so late through these composed words.

Seeing the entirety of the censure and the numerous things that have been said about me, I have been taking opportunity to ponder myself as of recently. I might want to sincerely apologize for making many individuals awkward because of my shortcomings.

“Yet Again I Sincerely Bow My Head and Apologies for the Way That I Have Disappointed You Enormously!”

She closed, “All of this originated from my adolescence, and I will strive to behave all the more cautiously later on and show you a more experienced rendition of myself.”

Who Is Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji Relationship Controversy Explained

Last year, Seo’s organization depicted the scandal as “individual youthful feelings in a close connection” in an authority proclamation.

“Kim likewise made a solicitation to Seo, who was filming an alternate show, to not film kiss scenes,” the assertion had added. Aside from these claims, Seo Ye-ji had been accused of bullying and extortion by her school companions.

Seo Ye-ji has starred in profoundly fruitful shows, including Untamed Lawyer and It’s Alright To Not Be OK which brought her international popularity. The actor is currently preparing for her next show, Eve, and was spotted at its content reading meeting.

“SEO Ye-Ji Harassed Me in Center School and Even Extorted Me”!

After Seo made her presentation in TVN’s Potato Star 2013QR3, the supposed bullying casualty posted photos of Seo during her center school years, yet it didn’t build up some decent forward movement as Seo wasn’t yet the K-busybody that she is currently.

Seo’s fans additionally hit back by questioning the veracity of the photos and the casualty’s case of being Seo’s previous classmate, saying that the old photos don’t look similar to Seo in the current day.

However, these allegations as of late reemerged: according to Koreaboo, another netizen ventured forward on April 13 to substantiate the past tales.

This netizen likewise professed to be a survivor of Seo’s bullying, sharing a photo of their center school yearbook as confirmation and adding, “Seo Ye-ji went for plastic medical procedure around her center school graduation, and that is the reason individuals couldn’t accept those photos are really of her.”

Who Is Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji Relationship Controversy Explained

Koreaboo additionally revealed that the casualties offered a clarification as to why they didn’t shout out about the issue prior, saying, “The reason why the school viciousness and bullying didn’t explode at the time is because we as a whole are mothers now. It’s difficult for mothers to step forward and come out like that.”

Nonetheless, likewise on April 13, Seo’s organization discredited this large number of allegations in a proclamation, saying, “Regarding the doubts of school savagery that were furthermore raised, we inform you that they are totally bogus.”

Is This Fabricating Her Educational Foundation?

Another allegation involves Seo’s instructive foundation. During an appearance on the assortment Program Knowing Brothers in Walk 2017, she shared her encounters in Madrid, Spain, where she said she read up abroad for a very long time. She answered “yes” when one of the hosts straightforwardly asked, “Did you go to the college there to study?”

I needed to turn into a commentator and chose to concentrate on abroad in Spain!

From SEO Ye-jin to Television Everyday!

And in an interview with television Everyday in 2014, she said she “needed to turn into a commentator and chose to concentrate on abroad in Spain, as studying Spanish is interesting“. In another interview with IZE magazine that very year, she even discussed racial discrimination she encountered from her teachers in Spain.

Puzzlingly, she straightforwardly went against her own assertions in an interview with Lady Sense in 2017, saying that she was unable to understand the reason why individuals were making up reports … referring to remarks about her studying in Spain.

Who Is Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji Relationship Controversy Explained

“I have never been to college in Spain and never at any point longed for becoming a commentator”, she said just.

So, What Is The Reality?

 Maybe Seo needed to clear up fan theory, yet she presumably prevailed with regards to causing more controversy with such confusing proclamations.

Yet again, Seo’s organization emerged with an authority proclamation, saying, “Seo Ye-ji was owned up to Complutense College of Madrid in Madrid, yet in the wake of starting her exercises in Korea, she was not ready to ordinarily go to college.

” After the explanation was made, Korean news source Yonhap News contacted the college for input, however the main reaction they got was, “We can’t check in the event that Seo Ye-ji was acknowledged into our college since it is a confidential matter. According to our guidelines, we don’t disclose whether an understudy is acknowledged or not.”

Did She Faced Staff Abuse?

Seo’s bullying allegations aren’t restricted to her previous classmates either. On April 14, after Seo’s sentiment scandal stood out as truly newsworthy, an unknown staff member from It’s Alright to Not Be OK – the hit Netflix K-show that launch Seo to more prominent distinction – posted online saying that they were “obnoxiously abused” by Seo Ye-ji , and that Seo Ye-ji “asked them to purchase cigarettes for her“.

They added that they couldn’t record any recordings for proof as Seo checked staff’s telephones occasionally.

Who Is Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji Relationship Controversy Explained

“I would cry and let my organization know that I would have rather not worked with her, yet they generally told me to suck it up and do it to assist with furthering my career,” the netizen said. “I wound up working with her for a couple of years because of that.”

The alleged previous staff member additionally claimed that Seo Ye-ji would vent her dissatisfactions in her group assuming there were negative tales around her, and that the entertainer would take steps to fire her staff and keep them from getting other positions in the industry assuming that she at any point found them spreading lies about her.


Presently, Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye-Ji grabbed the eye of individuals across the world and in spite of screen, they are the most loved couple offscreen as well. Thus, we should discuss about the relationship status and controversy of the couple.

All things considered, it was accounted for that Seo Ye-Ji is much of the time in the media regarding to her relationship. Before this, her name was likewise linked with Jung Hyun.

Here are loads of bits of hearsay speculating via web-based entertainment regarding to their relationship and alongside this, it was likewise supposed that they were additionally to be married. Notwithstanding, this isn’t correct.

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