Who is Kim Petras Dating in 2023? Know Complete Information About Her Partner!


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In this article, we are going to tell you about Who is Kim Petras is Dating? Previously she has dated, who were her boyfriends, and many more details that we know so far. We are also going to tell you about Kim Petras’s net worth, biography, and some facts. So keep scrolling down and read out this entire article to know more.

Who is Kim Petras?

Kim Petras is a German singer-songwriter whose early singles and debut album “Clarity” propelled her to prominence. Her musical career began at an early age. She was born in 1992 in Cologne, Germany. Petras gained widespread recognition for her pop music, which has been characterized as a combination of electronic, dance, and bubblegum pop.

Who is Kim Petras Dating

She is well-known for her commanding vocals, catchy melodies, and upbeat rhythms. Charli XCX, SOPHIE, and Kygo are among the prominent artists with whom Petras has collaborated. She is also known for being one of the few transgender pop artists in the business.

Who is Kim Petras Dating?

Currently, Kim Petras is single as per some online records, however, we will surely update you once we get some information regarding the same. Kim is a German pop singer and she was born on the 27th of August, 1992. She has released her debut hit Last Forever. She completed her gender reassignment surgery as male to female at the age of 16.

The Dating History of Pop Star Kim Petras

At the age of 16, Petras was one of the youngest transgender people to come out publicly and undergo gender reassignment surgery. Petras’s private life and relationships have been extensively covered by the press due to her candor.

Petras has dated a few different people during her time in the industry. There were rumors that she was dating model and actress Miles High in 2018, however, they were never confirmed by either party. After dating for a short time in 2019, Petras and model/actress Kate Harrison split up.

Petras was recently identified as being in a committed relationship with actor/writer/filmmaker Tobias Jesso Jr. They began dating in 2020 and were together for a while before they decided to go their separate ways. It’s common knowledge that Petras and Jesso don’t like to discuss their relationship publicly. Petras hasn’t confirmed her relationship status with Jesso, but she has posted a few photos with Jesso on her social media accounts, leading fans to wonder if the two are dating.

Kim Petras is an outspoken LGBTQ activist and a gifted vocalist who has shared details of her private life with the public. She has not let fame distract her from her music, and she continues to be an inspiration to fans.

What is the Relationship Status of Kim Petras?

As of April 2023, Kim Petras is not dating anyone and she is 30 years old now. As per some online sources, Kim Petras had at least a single relationship previously, but she hasn’t engaged with anyone in the past.

What about Kim Petras’s Boyfriend?

Right now, Kim Petras doesn’t have a boyfriend. All dating history of her fact-checked and confirmed by our users.

Who is Kim Petras Dating

Moreover, like most celebrities, Kim also likes to keep her personal life private.

What Did Kim Petras Said About Her Relationship?

In June 2018, Kim released a statement regarding her working relationship with Dr. Luke: “While I’ve been open and honest about my positive experience with Dr. Luke, that does not negate or dismiss the experience of others or suggest that multiple perspectives cannot exist at once. I didn’t communicate this clearly in the past.”

“I think people underestimate how hard it was for me to find anyone who truly believed in me,” she says. “I had a lot of great times with the people I worked with, but it’s also time for me to be my person, does my shit, and explore what’s out there. It took a little courage for me to do that right now.”


Kim Petras is a German pop singer-songwriter and an LGBTQ activist. Her debut album “Clarity” made her famous for her commanding vocals, catchy melodies, and upbeat rhythms. She has dated a few different people in the past, including Miles High, Kate Harrison, and Tobias Jesso Jr. She is currently not dating anyone and is 30 years old. Petras has shared details of her private life with the public and released a statement in 2018 about her working relationship with Dr. Luke. She believes it is time for her to explore new opportunities.

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