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Who is Kail Dating: Is She Dating Kaith Splash!

Kailyn Lowry has always been on the minds of Teen Mom fans who follow her on social media. Furthermore, she has proven to be one of the most difficult cast members to work with thus far. In order to get a scoop on all of the drama that is taking place in her life with her baby daddies, they virtually follow her around the world.

This time, though, a shocking new revelation has taken the entire fanbase by surprise. So, did the reality-show star make her romance public knowledge of her intentions? Who is this new man in her life? To get your daily dose of tea, continue reading!

In Great Event

Who is Kail Dating

The owner of Bare Arms Security had previously taken a photo with the television celebrity at a “launch party.”

When Keith took the Instagram photo, he had his hand resting on Kailyn's waist.

“Kailyn Lowry pulled up a fantastic occasion for an even greater product!” he stated in his letter.

Thank you for enlisting the assistance of Bare Arms to assist with the event!

About Kailyn Lowry

In a new podcast preview, teen mom Kailyn Lowry was shown holding hands with her bodyguard Keith Splash, who emphasised that he is “absolutely nothing” like her ex-husband Chris Lopez.

In an Instagram post, Kailyn, 29, teased that “things are about to get crazy.” She followed through on her promise.

It was revealed that the Teen Mom 2 star will be launching her Barely Famous Podcast on February 18th, which will be four days after Valentine's Day.

The MTV personality appeared in a variety of images during the one-minute film, including while getting her makeup done and while being interviewed by a someone offscreen.

As seen in the trailer, Kailyn and Keith were seen posing together, with her hand around his waist.

Keith was also wrapping his arm around the shoulders of the reality television star.

He made her laugh as he put out his tongue for a brief second..

The following question was posed to him by Kailyn: “What do you say to folks who compare you to Chris?”

“I'm nothing like him,” Keith stated emphatically.

“Let's make it official because things are about to get strange!” she said in the description of the image.

Kailyn Lowry BodyGuard

Kailyn Lowry took use of the chance to promote a brand new podcast on her social media accounts. It will be titled Barely Famous and will include a plethora of anecdotes from her life. What's even more stunning is that she divulged extensive information about her personal life in the promotional video.

It has been revealed that the television personality has been dating her bodyguard, Keith Splash, for quite some time. A further point to mention is that there was a segment in the film when the mother stated she had been in an on-and-off relationship with the man in question for more than two years! Although this is the case, TV Season & Spoilers points out that she made the decision not to post about him on social media as a result of this.

Aside from that, Keith will most likely be one of her guests on the upcoming show. This is due to the fact that another film showed him conversing with her in a room. It turns out that he was responding to a query about people comparing him to Kail's ex-boyfriend, Chris, at the time.

Her lover casually stated that he is “absolutely nothing” like him. Aside from that, fans were enthralled once more when the MTV personality promised them that things will get “weirder” and “scandalous” in her Barely Famous podcast. According to reports, it will make its debut on February 18th, which is just four days after Valentine's Day.

Teen Mom: Kailyn & Keith Promote A New Podcast With PDA!

Kailyn Lowry and her boyfriend, Keith, appear to be in a serious relationship, according to their social media posts. This is due to the fact that they were posing for one of the podcast segments at the time. Both of them were dressed in matching black outfits and were beaming with delight. In fact, their affection was clearly obvious to the audience as the TV personality clutched his hand while he was holding her waist with his own. They also had a good time with one another, with the latter sticking his tongue out at the former.

As a result, everyone in the audience is really interested in learning more about her connection with Keith. Furthermore, they hope to learn more about their personal life as a result of this broadcast. Aside from the positive feedback in the comments area, other Teen Mom stars such as Leah Messer, Vee Rivera, and Tyler Baltierra expressed their admiration for the cast member for this significant advancement. So, are you looking forward to seeing Kailyn take the reins as a podcaster once more? Tell us about it in the comments section below. Continue reading for more details on Teen Mom Season & Spoilers as they become available.

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