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Joy Boy was a figure that was during the Void Century and played an important part in the history of Fish- Man Island. He was first mentioned in the Sea Forest Poneglyph. Joy Boy delivered the Noah to Fishman Island 900 times agone and the poneglyphs were constructed 800 times ago where he wrote his reason.

 This would mean that Joy Boy was and was applicable in the world for further than a century. Joy Boy was also the former proprietor of at least part of the One Piece. About nine hundred times agone , the occupants of Fish- Man Island made a pledge to a man named Joy Boy.

He blessed them the Noah, which will have an essential part one day, still, it seems that Joy Boy could n’t keep the pledge.

The occupants of Fish- Man Island promised that they would keep the Noah safe until a certain day came. In the forenamed poneglyph is a letter of reason from Joy Boy to Poseidon, apologizing for breaking his end of the bargain. He was also Zunesha’s mate.

At some point, Joy Boy sailed to the final islet of the Grand Line, leaving behind part of a treasure that would come to be known as the One Piece.

who is joyboy

Has Joy Boy’s Identity Been Revealed?

 A exercise for the forthcoming Chapter 1043, named “ Let’s Die Together ”, which is going to come out on March 14, 2022, seems to suggest that the Joy Boy’s identity is eventually going to be revealed.

Now, you know that there have been enterprises, both in- macrocosm and among the audience, about the nature of the Joy Boy persona and the propositions that it was a title proved to be correct.

 Now, the reappearance of the wandering giant Zunesha opened the door for the big reveal, since Zunesha was connected to the original Joy Boy 800 times agone  and would, as it seems, be suitable to fete him.

 This scene takes place in the fate of Luffy’s battle against Kaidou. Luffy ends up on the bottom, defeated, but smiling and as Zunesha approaches and sees him, he seems to fete his old companion.

This suggests that MonkeyD. Luffy, the series ’ promoter, was Joy Boy each on, and such a proposition would clearly make sense. Now, this is, of course, just a exercise panel and we’ve to see the whole environment, but it does feel that the riddle of Joy Boy has eventually been answered.

What’s Joy Boy’s Connection With Luffy?

 Chapter 1044 brought in an intriguing turn after Zunesha claimed that he can hear the’ cans of Liberation’. While doing so, he also blazoned the return of Joy Boy. Unexpectedly, these cans of emancipation matched with Monkey D Luffy’s twinkle and the awakening of his Devil Fruit power.

It was revealed that Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi Devil Fruit is actually a fabulous Zoan type videlicet Hito Hito no Mi Model Nika. It means that the bone who’ll retain this power will come the personification of the legionnaire of emancipation.

 Hence, it was made clear that after 800 times it was not Joy Boy’s reincarnation who’ll come to life. rather, Joy Boy is a title given to individualities who have world- changing bournes as its coming deliverer. To note, Monkey D Luffy acquires the title after his devil fruit awakening.

who is joyboy

Why Is Joy Boy an Important Character in One Piece?

 Monkey D Luffy‘s metamorphosis has surely garnered important expectation about Joy Boy of the history. Although the riddle of his power is resolved, only little is known about the Joy Boy that was in the Void Century. Why did he break his pledge with Fish- Man Island?

Why does the World Government want to abolish every single detail of the Void Century? Why the government has been hunting down Joy Boy’s power for a century? are a many questions that remain unclear. As the Wano Arc continues in One Piece, the riddle of the Joy Boy from the history will sluggishly unravel.

The Most Presumptive Joy Boy Propositions

 One of the most generally- held propositions is that Joy Boy was the sovereign of the Great Kingdom and was uniting the Ancient Munitions, but was betrayed by those who wanted the munitions for world subjection.

This treason led to the rise of the 20 Elysian Dragons and the World Government concealing secrets within the 100 Time Void. This proposition holds water. When Professor Clover called out the World Government, he mentioned that “ the ‘ Ancient Weapon ’ is surely a trouble to the world!!!

But more importantly, this history will surely reveal the actuality and idea of this area, and that presents a trouble to your ‘ World Government, ’ does n’t it!!? ” He was unfortunately killed before he could give the name of the factual area, which would have been a big indication.

The World Government is defiantly keeping their own history a secret, which strengthens the idea that they must have done commodity atrocious to insure their rise to power.

Another proposition is that Joy Boy’s body holds the crucial to chancing or using the Ancient Weapon, Uranus. Like Shirahoshi, the coming armament might be another person, and Joy Boy’s body has a direct link to them.

who is joyboy

Whether it’s blood- related, or that Joy Boy possesses an item that uncovers the idle powers within an individual, his keepsake in Sacred Marijoa is going to play a part in the discovery of the verity.

The time seems applicable now, given that Poseidon awake and the other Ancient Munitions could be right below the Straw headdresses’ tips. For all we know, Luffy could potentially be an Ancient Weapon himself, but only time will tell.

 It’s safe to assume that the secrets of JB will soon be exposed as we reach the end of the One Piece series. There are numerous other propositions about his significance, some indeed stretching to the idea that Luffy could be a Joy Boy clone.

Whatever the verity is, hopefully, when we eventually get to uncover what awaits the Straw headdresses– and us– on Laugh Tale, perhaps we too can laugh like GolD. Roger.

who is joyboy


 At some point in his early life, Kaido wanted to come Joy Boy, although his reasons are presently unknown.

 After defeating the Straw Hat for the alternate time in the Onigashima Raid, he lamented that Luffy could not be Joy Boy” moreover.” This seems to indicate that JB is simply a title that carries prestige.

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