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Who Is Josh Flag and Whom He is Dating Again After Divorce?

Who Is Josh Flag

Josh Flagg has confirmed that he is dating again, just a few days after purchasing a new home. The announcement comes just two weeks after he announced his separation from Bobby Boyd.

Josh Flagg, star of Million Dollar Listing, has confirmed that he is in a new relationship, just two weeks after announcing his divorce from his wife, Bobby Boyd. Because he is the only original cast member still alive on Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, Josh’s record of successful sales as an agent has been well documented since 2006.

Josh and Bobby Boyd began dating in 2016, after having known each other for a few years. Josh proposed to Bobby later that year, and the rest is history. In a wonderful moment that was broadcast during MDLLA’s season 9 finale, the couple got engaged, and it immediately captivated the hearts of fans.

Million Dollar Listing fans have not only kept up with the couple through the show’s 13th season, but also through videos on their individual YouTube channels. Josh and Bobby were married in 2017 in a lavish ceremony, and fans have not only kept up with the couple through Million Dollar Listing, which recently concluded its 13th season, but also through videos on their individual YouTube channels.

Because Josh and Bobby have been open about their personal lives for the previous five years, it came as a complete surprise when they announced their divorce on March 4 on the show. While neither man has stated a specific reason for their separation, others assume that Bobby’s desire for children is a contributing cause to the breakup.

A post on Josh’s Instagram page states that the couple is “developing in two distinct paths,” which Bobby agrees with, stating that they “want for different things in [their] lives.”

Although Josh has publicly declared his feelings for Bobby, the actor has confirmed to People that he is currently seeing someone else. Josh explains that his previous relationship with Bobby ended a few months ago and that his new connection was completely unexpected. “I did start seeing someone after Bobby and I separated,” Josh reveals. “Because I was already married, I had no desire to date anyone else.

We didn’t go on a date until after Bobby and I divorced from our previous marriage.” Even while Josh has opted not to share his boyfriend’s name or any other identifying information, he does acknowledge that the two met as friends and that the man also works in the real estate industry. “It was a two-way street. For a while, we were good friends. It just happened on its own, naturally “Josh contributes. “I really like him, and he’s a really good man,” says the author.

Despite the fact that Josh and Bobby are no longer together, Josh expresses hope that the two can have a cordial relationship. “I’m doing exceptionally well. My best wishes go out to Bobby, who I know is doing well “People will continue to hear from the realtor.

With the implication that he and Bobby are not interacting at the present, Josh expresses his greatest desire that everyone can “come out of this happy” and that all parties involved would be able to “move forward constructively.” Joshua’s schedule is packed not only with dates with his sweetheart, but also with home repairs following the purchase of a $9.2 million Beverly Hills estate. Josh describes his home as a “1926 Italian Palladian Villa,” and he expresses his excitement about purchasing the property, but he isn’t sure when he will be able to move in.

Despite the fact many Bravo fans are excited for Josh’s new adventures following his separation, many are disappointed that this fan-favorite couple has decided to call it quits. Despite the fact that his ex-husband has already retired from the dating scene, Bobby appears to be content with his single status. He expressed his gratitude for life on March 25 on Instagram, writing that he was “thankful for life lately” after spending time at Disneyland, landing modelling jobs, and posting cuisine recipes. There has been no official word on Million Dollar Listing season 14, but given the show’s enduring popularity, it is expected to return. When that happens, people will be eager to see not only what listings will be highlighted, but also Josh’s new beau.

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