Who Is Josefa Salinas Rapper Coolio Ex Wife?


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Iconic rapper Josefa Salinas Coolio failed before this week, at the age of just 59, plunging the entertainment world into a state of shock. TMZ was first to advertise the ruinous news, with the’90s icon’s long- time director, Jarez, attesting a friend raised the alarm after Coolio passed out at his home.

The paramedics latterly pronounced him dead at the scene. They suggested Coolio likely suffered a cardiac arrest, though further details will be made available following a full necropsy and toxicology report.

 Coolio’s gift director, Sheila Finegan, stated” We’re burdened by the loss of our dear friend and customer, Coolio, who passed away Wednesday autumn. He touched the world with the gift of his gift and will be missed profoundly. Please have Coolio’s loved ones in your studies and prayers.”

There was no substantiation of foul play, nor were there any medicines or associated paraphernalia uncovered at the scene.

TMZ published prints of the rapper meeting suckers just a many days before he passed, pressing how important of a blow Coolio’s death was.

The Guardian notes the Grammy- winning rapper was most well- known for his map- beating single” Gangsta’s Paradise” but in recent times he would faced his own cuisine show and indeed appeared on” Celebrity Big Brother.” In his private life, Coolio left his kiddies and former woman Josefa Salinas before.

who is josefa salinas rapper coolio ex wife?

Josefa Salinas Made a Name for Herself on the California Radio Scene

 According to The Sun, Coolio was married to radio presenter and media personality Josefa Salinas for four times. They firstly met back in 1987 and were together for close to ten times before tying the knot.

The couple participated four children; three daughters and a son. Although Salinas was obviously nowhere near as notorious as her rapper beau, she was well- known in the California music scene, with three decades of experience on original radio stations.

 Salinas was so current she indeed garnered the surname the” Angel of the Night” as a result of her work. Away, the devoted civil rights activist and tone- help author won the President’s Volunteer Service Award. According to her memoir on Old School104.7 FM, Salinas’s lifelong ambition was simply to make” the world a better place.” She also served as the Los Angeles Commissioner.

 Salinas substantially posts inspirational quotations on Instagram, but the former radio DJ did partake a celebratory communication in honor of” Gangsta’s Paradise” hitting one billion views on YouTube, so easily she and Coolio remained on good terms.

During a 1998 common interview on” The Roseanne Show,” the rapper proudly introduced his also- woman ” She’s a mama . She’s my director. She’s my friend,( and) she’s my homegirl.”

Hollywood Is in Mourning Over the Shocking Loss of Coolio

 Coolio’s heritage is inarguable, not least because a whole host of stars from all corners of the entertainment assiduity rushed to pay homage to the iconic rapper, in the wake of his early death. Michelle Pfeiffer’s homage to Coolio will break your heart, in particular.

The actor posted a fogy shot of the brace together on the set of” Gangsta’s Paradise,” which featured in” Dangerous Minds.” Pfeiffer indeed gave Coolio’s megahit song credit for making her movie a success.

” Agonized to hear of the end of the blessed artist@coolio. A life cut entirely too short,” she wrote on Instagram. Pfeiffer added,” I flash back him being nothing but gracious. 30 times latterly I still get chills when I hear the song.”

Away, fellow rapper MC Hammer participated a print of Coolio on Twitter, noting alongside it,” One of the nicest gallants I have known. Good people,” while Snoop Dogg posted,” Gangstas paradise.R.I.P.” with a shot of him and Coolio in their feather.

who is josefa salinas rapper coolio ex wife?

 Coolio’s fairly youthful times have understandably given numerous notorious faces break. As John Legend admitted to Entertainment Tonight, his death was especially ruinous as a result. Legend noted,” We’re losing people at too youthful of an age. Coolio made some great songs, it was a soundtrack of our lives. He’s gone too early and tragically, it’s so sad.”

Coolio and Josefa Were Wedded From 1996 to 2000

 While Coolio had multiple connections throughout his life, his only marriage was to Josefa. She was a Los Angeles- grounded radio personality who ultimately crossed over into a operation part and helped her also- hubby with her music career. She was also the author of the book 101 effects To Know Before You Date My Son, My Stylish Friend Or Me.

Josefa also appeared alongside her also- hubby to speak about a mobile plant design for an interview on The Roseanne Show in 1998. Before introducing her, Coolio participated her numerous accomplishments and gushed about Josefa. “ She’s a mama . She’s my director. She’s my friend, and she’s my homegirl, ” he said.

 They Had Four Children Together

 With the news of Coolio’s death, numerous outlets have reported that he’d four children with Josefa. The rapper starred in the reality show Coolio’s Rules on the Oxygen Channel along with his four kiddies, but reports about the show at the time said that he’d two further children who had declined to take part in the show, per The Seattle Times.

The rapper had also been honest about his kiddies sometimes not enjoying his music. “ occasionally when I ask them, ‘ How do you feel about this song? ’ And they will say straight over, ‘ That’s whack,‘ ” he revealed.

who is josefa salinas rapper coolio ex wife?

Coolio Was Also in a Longterm Relationship With Mimi Ivey

 While Josefa was his only marriage, Josefa Salinas Coolio was also in a serious relationship with Mimi Ivey. Their relationship was featured in a number of different reality shows. The brace were featured in a 2013 occasion of Celebrity Wife exchange, where the rapper switched mates with Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath, per Yahoo News.

Mimi opened up about how the show affected her in a 2020 interview with Where It Begins. “ Although I loved Coolio with all my heart I wasn’t happy with the state of our relationship at that time. Especially after seeing it from a different perspective, ” she said.

The couple appeared on the series Love Goals, which vented in 2020. The couple worked through problems in their relationship on the show. “ I knew I had a hard time trusting men but I noway knew it was a reenacting factor from my nonage trauma, ” she told WIB.

“ I ’ve learned so much about myself and my man that’s helped us both grow in ways we might not have been suitable to if we hadn’t done the show. ”

who is josefa salinas rapper coolio ex wife?


 Coolio, whose real name is Artis Leon Ivey Jr, is said to have had multitudinous other children with multiple women and is believed to be a father- of- ten.

He regularly spoke of his love for his children and formerly said he was willing to spend the rest of his life in captivity should someone” mess” with kiddies.

 Coolio passed away at the age of 59 on Wednesday, September 28, 2022, when he was” set up on the bottom” after reportedly suffering a suspected heart attack.

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