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Who Is Jorgelina Cardoso? Meet the Wife of Angel Di Maria!

Angel Di Maria Is Married to Jorgelina Cardoso!

Jorgelina Cardoso is renowned for being the wife of PSG star Angel Di Maria. Di Maria has been one of the most productive wingers of his age, highlighting in the absolute best European sides.

He has played for European eminence like Real Madrid, and PSG, and right now plays for Italian outfit Juventus. The Argentine winger has recently fallen off the rear of assisting his country with winning its most memorable FIFA World Cup starting around 1986.

The ex-Real Madrid player was brought into the world in 1988 in Rosario, Argentina. This was where he burned through the majority of his early life.

It was in Rosario itself that Di Maria met his first love, Jorgelina Cardoso. They dated for more than 10 years prior to securing the bunch in 2011. Several has been cheerfully married and has been honored with two delightful youngsters from that point forward.

Di Maria and Cardoso Although not much is been aware of Jorgelina, she rose to conspicuousness because of her significant other’s career. She has likewise emerged to unveil proclamations regarding the Di Maria family’s violent time in Manchester when Angel was playing for Manchester Joined together.

Last year in 2021, Jorgelina was forced to bear a sad wrongdoing. While her better half was playing for PSG in a game against Nantes, there was an episode of burglary at the player’s home and his family had been held, prisoner.

The Argentine global soccer player was subbed off in the wake of being educated regarding the occurrence so he could accompany his loved ones.

Who Is Jorgelina Cardoso? Meet The Wife Of Angel Di Maria

Where Is Jorgelina Cardoso From?

Jorgelina Cardoso has a place with Rosario, Argentina. She was brought into the world on July 11, 1982. She is 40 years of age, and 6 years senior than her better half, Angel Di Maria, who is 34 years of age.

Cardoso has a place with a strict Christian household and purportedly holds her confidence near herself. The subtleties of how she helps work is not known to the world. She has remained by Di Maria starting from the start of her career and has consistently figured out how to push him from behind.

Jorgelina Cardoso’s Schooling

Jorgelina met Angel back home in Rosario when they were understudies. Di Maria had his tendencies toward soccer all along and began edging toward turning into a professional soccer player.

Conversely, Jorgelina needed to finish her schooling. She was an understudy at the College of Buenos Aires. She kept seeking after her four year certification while her to-be-spouse progressed forward with his excursion of making it as a professional soccer player.

The discipline wherein she finished her four year college education, be that as it may, has not been uncovered. According to various sources, Jorgelina is conversant in English, Spanish, and French.

There is no data accessible on her ideal career, as of now she works is a housewife. Nonetheless, she has been in advancements now and again because of the way that she’s the Argentina star’s wife.

Who Is Jorgelina Cardoso? Meet The Wife Of Angel Di Maria

Jorgelina Cardoso’s Net Worth

Jorgelina Cardoso is not a functioning professional according to reports. She chose to not seek after a career in any profession. Thusly, she doesn’t have a case to privately invested money as no records of her privately invested money are accessible to the overall population.

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Her significant other, Angel Di Maria, then again, is assessed to be worth $18 million according to numerous sources. As the spouse of a well known soccer player, she partakes in a luxurious way of life. Cardoso has a huge fan following on Instagram. Her Instagram handle is @jorgelinacardoso26.

Jorgelina Cardoso Career

Jorgelina is a full-time housewife. We are unsure whether she sought after any different job early on in her career. In any case, presently, she is the woman manager of the Di Maria family. Caring for their kid and going with choices around the house is not a simple undertaking; be that as it may, she plays played out her part widely.

Jorgelina likewise assumes a critical part in taking significant career decisions for Di Maria.

One prominent notice is that when the Argentine star footballer got to play for Manchester Joined together, the family needed to move to Manchester for a year. Nonetheless, Jorgelina didn’t like the spot by any means and pushed her significant other to move to Paris. Professionally, the move has worked out very well for the Argentine star.

Who Is Jorgelina Cardoso? Meet The Wife Of Angel Di Maria

Are Di Maria and Cardoso Married?

Angel Di Maria and Jorgelina Cardoso probably met in Rosario, Argentina, their old neighborhood.

Thereafter, according to reports, they began fostering a nearby bond during their early stages as understudies. It has likewise been accounted for that the couple needed to confront numerous difficulties and difficulties en route.

It is at any rate difficult to conquer the social develop in circumstances where the lady of the hour is senior than the lucky man. It appears, notwithstanding, that they finished every assessment with no problem at all.

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The couple evidently dated for north of 10 years during which they turned out to be more partial to one another as time passes. Di Maria and Cardoso at long last chosen to get married in the year 2011. They purportedly got married in Rosario itself. The service likewise occurred in their old neighborhood.

Jorgelina Cardoso Spouse Angel Di Maria

Di Maria began his senior group venture with nearby group Rosario Focal. Before long his incredible capacities and stunning abilities were explored by top European groups.

He spent an effective spell at Benfica. In 2010, Real Madrid marked him and made him a star. The one year spell with Manchester Joined didn’t go quite well. In any case, since joining PSG in 2015, he has been a top forward. He has more than 150 objectives and 240 assists in his club career.

Notwithstanding, his career with the Argentina public group is much more gorgeous. As of late he turned into the country’s legend subsequent to scoring an objective in the last of Copa America 2020.

Who Is Jorgelina Cardoso? Meet The Wife Of Angel Di Maria

Jorgelina Cardoso and Angel Di Maria Relationship

Jorgelina and Di Maria have been together for quite a while. They met over 10 years back. We are unsure precisely where and when they meet. We as of now don’t know whether it was head over heels love.

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Nonetheless, the couple remained together and battled numerous difficulties out and about. They secured the bunch in 2011, and it has been 11 years that their marriage has stopped. Their companions as a whole and relatives went to their wonderful wedding service in Argentina.


Jorgelina and Angel Di Maria have two kids together. Their most memorable little girl, Mia Di María, was brought into the world in 2013. Because of untimely birth, their infant was placed into a specific office.

However, following a half year medical clinic discharged her professing to be fit as a fiddle. The pair invited their subsequent little girl, Pia Di Maria, on November 3, 2017.

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