Who is Jill Latiano Partner? All About Glenn Howerton!


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Jill Latiano is an American actress, model, dancer, documentary film producer and television personality. She was born on September 17, 1980. Latiano began her career as a dancer for the New York Knicks in 1999.

She made her acting debut in an episode of Sex and the City in 2004. She has guest starred in Rescue Me, CSI: NY, Ugly Betty, Drake & Josh, Moonlight, and Community. She has starred in the films Epic Movie (2007), Lower Learning (2008), Fired Up (2009), and the psychological thriller Kalamity (2010). In addition, She also has produced several documentary films like GMO OMG.

In this article, we will talk about her personal life, like Is Jill Latiano married? and who is her partner? Let’s find out.

Jill Latiano Bio Profile

  • Full Name: Jill Latiano
  • Birth Date: September 17, 1980
  • Birth Place: Manhattan, New York, U.S.
  • Occupations: Actress, model, dancer, television personality, documentary film producer
  • Years Active: 1999–present
  • Spouse: Glenn Howerton ​(m. 2009)​
  • Children: 2

Is Jill Latiano Married?

The answer to this question is YES. For those who don’t know Jill Latiano is a married woman. Not just married but she has also welcomed two children in her happily married. It’s been many years since the actress is in a healthy marriage life and now fans are getting way too curious to know who is Jill Latiano Partner? Also read about Who is the Wife of Jimmy Diresta?

Who is Jill Latiano Partner?

Who is Jill Latiano Partner?

Latiano married Glenn Howerton on September 5, 2009. The pair tied the knot in 2009 and married ever since. Her husband, Glenn Howerton is an American actor, writer, producer and podcaster. He is best known for playing Dennis Reynolds on the long-running sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005–present) on FX/FXX, he is the one who has co-created with Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney. Do you know who is Graham Wardle Ex Wife?

More of Jill Letiano Partner, Glenn Howerton

Glenn Howerton was born on April 13, 1976, in Japan to American parents Janice and Glenn Franklin Howerton Jr. His father was a fighter pilot. His family moved to Arizona right after his birth and then New Mexico. When he was three years old, they moved to the English town of Felixstowe, Suffolk. They then moved to Virginia, and then to South Korea, where they settled in Seoul. The family moved to Montgomery, Alabama when he turned 10.

He attended Jefferson Davis High School. When he moved to Miami, he did spend two years at New World School of the Arts of Miami Dade College. In 1996, he went to Juilliard School’s Drama Division in New York City where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

In 2002, Howerton appeared as Corey Howard in That ’80s Show. After doing many small roles, Howerton is best known for playing the deeply narcissistic and anti-social bartender of Paddy’s Pub, Dennis Reynolds, one of the characters on the FX sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005–present).

In 2008, Howerton co-created sci-fi comedy Boldly Going Nowhere with Day. Talking about the lead role that he got to played in a film for the first time in 2013, a character of Will in the CollegeHumor comedy film Coffee Town with co-stars Steve Little and Ben Schwartz. Want know more of celebrity couple? have a look on these two popular couples, Who Is Viola Davis Married To? and Is Bill Murray Still Married in 2023 ?

Jill Latiano and Glenn Howerton Children

The pair has two children. Their children make their family complete. The proud parents of two have welcomed first son, Miles Robert, who was born in 2011, and their second son, Isley Ray, who was born in August 2014. Also read Are Rachel Bryan Still Together in 2023?

How Did Jill Latiano and Glenn Howerton Meet?

Now that it’s clear that Jill Latiano is happily married to Glenn Howerton. The parents of two have created a safe place full of love for their children. Their fans want to know more of their love story, how it all began and how the two met?

However, surprisingly, the pair very private about their marriage life and don’t prefer to reveal anything and this is the biggest reason why we don’t have any information regarding how did they meet? We will surely update it once it is out. Stay in touch.

Are Jill Latiano and Glenn Howerton Still Married?

Fortunately, Jill Latiano and Glenn Howerton are still married to one other since 2009. In entertainment industry, it’s not a new thing when couple part ways. The fans seem always very attach to particular celebrities and their life updates. Latiano married Glenn Howerton on September 5, 2009 and the pair is together since then.

Who Has Jill Latiano Dated?

While many fans are interested in Jill Latiano’s married life, there are a bunch of fans group that want to know about Who Has Jill Latiano Dated? As we mention, Jill Latiano is a very private person who has always maintained a healthy distance from public eye to avoid personal life controversy and hence, there is no information available about her dating history.

She is known to be her marriage life only and has never released any statement about dating life before she got married.


Jill Latiano is an American actress, model, dancer, documentary film producer and television personality. Latiano married Glenn Howerton on September 5, 2009. They have two children together.

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