Who is Jeffree Star’s New boyfriend? Who is “NFL BOO”?



Jeffree Star is a well-known beauty guru who remains in the news for various controversies, the famous YouTuber started his journey as a makeup artist and shared videos online. The audience grows and their video gets viral among the people. 

However, with the growing popularity, the people became an aid to the subject of controversies. In the past, we have already heard many internet controversies emerging because of him. Along with this, he remains a part of this controversy for a while. 

He was accused of assault allegations and was also a part of the whole drama line between Tati Westbrook, James Charles, and Jacki Aina. 

In one of his interviews, he revealed, “I used to be shy, and I think something happened in my brain where I was like, ‘All right, I don’t care anymore. I’m just going to be myself.’ So I went to school wearing eyeliner and eyeshadow, and they called my mom, telling her it was a distraction. My mom fought the school, and I got to wear makeup every day.”

However, in this article, we’ll be going to read everything about Jeffree Star and his relationship. The makeup artist has remained in the news because of his relationship and fans have always been interested in his private life. In this article, we’ll be going to share everything about Jeffree in detail. If you are someone who is interested to learn about him then continue reading the article till the end. 

Who is Jeffree Star’s New boyfriend? 

Jeffree Star is again on the news and that’s not because of his new controversy but because of his new relationship. It seems like he is again in a new relationship with someone.  On Jan 27, the makeup guru posted a picture where he seemed to be promoting his new book.

Jeffree wrote in the caption, “Goodbye [Los Angeles], time to spend time with my NFL boo in Wyoming,” 

The tweet got more than 9 Million views and fans were wondering who is. Later, it was revealed that Jeffery was going on a plane with his new boyfriend. 

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Who is Jeffree Star’s new boyfriend? He’s reportedly dating an NFL player!

 It looks like Jeffree Star is off the market. He revealed that he has a new book via social media on Friday, Jan 27.

“Goodbye [Los Angeles], time to spend time with my NFL boo in Wyoming,” Jeffree wrote in a tweet with more than 9 million views as of this writing. His announcement was accompanied by a photo of him and his boyfriend holding hands with their feet up on what appears to be a private jet.

The only distinguishable clues in the video were the mystery man’s shoes, ankles, and pant legs. While Jeffree did not reveal the name of the new man in his life, Twitter was on the case.

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“My [boyfriend] is trying to figure out which NFL player Jeffree Star posted and he said someone tried to say Joe Burrow. And this man looks at me and says, ‘Those are not Joe’s ankles,’” one user said in a tweet.

People were wondering about the guy who is with Jeffery. Everyone has their own theories to put on the internet. One person said, “He just said “it’s not Josh Allen, they have to be at least 6’4. It’s probably a wide receiver or a quarterback. I thought it was Justin Herbert but it’s not” DUDE IS COMING UP WITH A SCIENTIFIC THEORY”

One of the most viewed tweets on the comment section was of one user who has given one of the most appropriate theories. The comment reads, “I’m bored at work so… The spot is a mark from an IV, so he’s likely a starter. It’s on his right hand. That plus the legs being crossed to the left, I’d guess he’s left handed.

The leg hair is very light. He’s probably blonde/ginger. JS is 6’0 and size 11M shoe so I would guess he’s slightly taller & has a bigger foot. 6’1-6’3 and since that is the vans range exp, the largest size is a 13M. I would guess it’s a 12 but don’t quote me on that.

It further rads, “Let me dig into the height hang on From the photo I’m guessing that is a Nextant 400XT which is a commonly chartered PJ (JS charters)  I’m guessing bottom layout pic 2. See the porthole windows and recliner on the club seats The club seats cushion length is 24” and the lower heel is planted 3-4” back.

The seat ends 4-5” from the knee. I would say his calf is 24” approximately. We can add avg age of nfl player (26y) & calculate height from there: 6’2.9 Which you know means they listed him at 6’3”. That looks like a skinnier calf to me and we know JS ain’t goin for no linemen. Skill position only eliminate the married ones (bc it’s overnights) the ones who are still playing, pro bowlers (they leave for Vegas soon)”

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She further added, “Sorry the thread was getting weird I replied in the wrong spot. Anyways I’m off work in 5 minutes if anyone has any guesses lmk here pls I’ll look more tomorrow.

And yes, women are the FBI Update: Bex and I think we have ID’d the calf. Sorry for the secrecy but only dicks ‘out’ people. Happy to tell you guys who it ISNT ig: Justin Herbert. Aaron Rodgers. Daniel Jones. Prob anyone non-NFL ppl would know. PS; took less than an hour fellas, we will always catch you.”

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