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Who Is Jason Sudeikis Dating? Here’s a Walkthrough in the Relationship Timeline!

who is jason sudeikis dating

Acting power couple Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis shocked the world when they still separated in Fall 2020, but suckers were indeed more shocked when Olivia moved on with important- youngish musician Harry Styles.

While Olivia and Harry’s relationship has been high profile and indeed sparked marriage rumors lately, suckers were happy to see that Jason had also moved on to a new relationship.

So, Who’s Jason Sudeikis Courting?

 During the weekend of June 27, 2021, Jason and his gal, Keeley Hazell, sounded to make their love functionary.

 A source for US Weekly verified that the brace were an item and that they got much near over the span of a veritably short period of time. When rumors broke of the two seeing each other as further than musketeers back in February 2021, a source for the publication also handed sapience into the dynamic.

” They ’ve been musketeers since they met at Horrible heads 2,” the publication’s source explained at the time.” They’ve grown closer for sure, but Jason absolutely is n’t ready for any type of serious relationship.”

 supposedly that intelligence has changed over a many months, as the couple made it clear that they were fine with shooters and suckers knowing that they were together.

 Although the brace remained strong for a time, a new report by Us Weekly on May 18, 2022, indicates they’ve broken up. The publication didn’t indicate a particular reason for the bifurcation, so it’s unclear why Jason and Keeley resolve, but sorely, all good effects must come to an end.

Why Did Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Break Up?

 When Olivia and Jason began dating in November of 2011, the brace sounded like a perfect match. They first locked eyes at an SNL homestretch after- party, and they participated a knack for comedy amusement.

They blazoned their engagement in January of 2013, which was soon followed by news that they were awaiting their first child together. Their son Otis was born in 2014, and their son Daisy arrived in 2016.

Though the brace was more private about their love throughout the times, Olivia would sporadically partake content with Jason on her Instagram feed. The couple would also attend events and red carpet showings together, which made it all the more unanticipated when their bifurcation was blazoned in November of 2020.

 Neither Jason nor Olivia explicitly verified the split, but sources near to the former couple spoke with colorful outlets about what happed.

These sources participated that the Booksmart director and the Ted Lasso actor had actually parted ways in early 2020 and that there was no central drama regarding the bifurcation.

” The split happed at the morning of the time. It’s been amicable and they have transitioned into a greatco-parenting routine,” an bigwig told People in November 2020.” The children are the precedence and the heart of the family’s relationship.”

The bigwig noted that the couple began to see crevices in their relationship when they dislocated to Los Angeles from their Brooklyn digs toward the end of 2019.

July 2021 Jason Sudeikis Breaks His Silence on His Split From Olivia Wilde

 Jason Sudeikis reflected on his high- profile split for the first time during an interview with GQ in July 2021.” I will have a better understanding of why in a time, and an indeed more one in two, and an indeed lesser bone in five, and it will go from being, you know, a book of my life to getting a chapter to a paragraph to a line to a word to a portrait,” he told the publication.

 In the meantime, Sudeikis said he was keen on learning what he could from their bifurcation.

” That is an experience that you either learn from or make defenses about,” he said.” You take some responsibility for it, hold yourself responsible for what you do, but also also endeavor to learn commodity beyond the egregious from it.”

November 2021 Jason Sudeikis Starts” Casually Seeing” Keeley Hazell Again

 later a brief cooling off period, a source told PEOPLE in November 2021 that Sudeikis and Hazell were spending time together again.” They are casually seeing each other again,” the source said.” It’s noway been a serious thing. They are just enjoying each other’s company.”

April 2022 Olivia Wilde is served with legal papers from Jason Sudeikis at CinemaCon.

 Wilde was served with legal documents regarding the former couple’s children while onstage at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Nevada.” Papers were drawn up to establish governance relating to the children ofMs. Wilde and Mr. Sudeikis,” a source explained to PEOPLE.

 The actress was given an envelope marked” Personal and Confidential“mid-presentation. After opening it, she conceded damage of the papers with a simple,” Okay, thank you,” before continuing to speak about her film, Do not solicitude Darling.

August 2022 Olivia Wilde Claims Jason Sudeikis Meant To” Embarrass” Her by Serving Guardianship Papers Onstage

 A many months after she was served guardianship papers during a donation onstage, Wilde filed to dismiss Sudeikis’ New York solicitation for guardianship of their two children.

In court documents attained by the Daily Mail, the actress and director indicted Sudeikis of” embarrass( ing) me professionally” and said his system of delivery was” aggressive.”

” Jason’s conduct were easily intended to hang me and catch me off guard. He could have served me discreetly, but rather he chose to serve me in the most aggressive manner possible,” Wilde said in her court form.

In his own form, Sudeikis reiterated that he didn’t intend for Wilde to admit the papers onstage, and had rather requested that they be served at Heathrow Airport. He also explained of Wilde,” I didn’t want service to take place at the home of Olivia’s current mate because Otis and Daisy might be present.”

 According to court documents attained by PEOPLE on August 10, a New York judge granted Wilde’s stir to dismiss Sudeikis’ solicitation on the grounds that the state doesn’t have governance over the children’s guardianship desires.” New York isn’t the home state of the subject children,” the documents read. The guardianship case will stay in California.


Lately, drama was added to theirco-parenting relationship after Olivia was served guardianship papers onstage at CinemaCon in April 2022. Per Deadline, the papers were marked” particular and nonpublic” and she snappily looked them over before continuing her donation.

A statement from Jason’s platoon indicated he didn’t the papers delivered intimately, and sounded outraged at the spectacle.

“Mr. Sudeikis had no previous knowledge of the time or place that the envelope would have been delivered as this would solely be over to the process service company involved,” reads a statement by Jason’s platoon to Los Angeles Times.” He’d noway blink her being served in such an unhappy manner.

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