Who Is iilluminaughtii? Did Illuminaughtii Make An Apology?


Riya Arya

These days, two YouTubers from the now-defunct Sad Milk have come up accusations against each other, allegations include, abuse, and even s*xual. Illuminaughtii (Blair Zón) is a YouTuber.

YouTuber under fire for plagiarising content from LegalEagle and others. Blair is currently facing accusations of plagiarism from other content creators. Let’s have a quick look on this matter.

Who is iilluminaughtii?

known as iilluminaughtii is an American YouTuber. She makes videos about multi-level marketing schemes, companies, and charities. She was a part of the collaboration channel Sad Milk. Blair lives in Colorado. She is bis*xual.

iilluminaughtii Channel

Blair has two series: Multi-Level Mondays and Corporate Casket. Multi-Level Mondays tells about multi-level marketing companies, such as doTERRA, Younique, LuLaRoe, and Herbalife. She faced legal troubles, and downfall. She has also released videos about Japan’s designer fruit market, and the lottery. You can find out these videos as a podcast.

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iilluminaughtii Controversy

On February 12, 2021, Tipster released a video which was titled as “YouTuber iilluminaughtii wants to silence her critics”. In the video it was featured that Blair alleged harassment of Madison, an earlier video where Tipster shared about Illuminuaghtii allegedly abusing copyright strikes. Blair asked for an apology.

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On the 18th of April, a video was out by RingManofChaos where her alleged past of harassing not so famous creators was featured. RingManofChaos releases more videos three months later, revealing more allegations.

Who Is iilluminaughtii?

The Copyright Matter: Did Illuminaughtii Make An Apology?

On April 20, Illuminaughtii posted many tweets accusing LegalEagle, a channel run by American lawyer Devin James Stone, of copying her own channel’s editing style. The tweets are unavailable as it has been deleted. In her tweets, Blair claimed Stone’s editing team went to her regarding her editing techniques, and they plagiarized her. Stone said that these two editing techniques channels use are common and not to Blair’s channel. Blair apologized first privately and then openly later on.

iilluminaughtii Podcast

The iilluminaughtii podcast has about 1.67 million subscribers on YouTube. Blair also has around 42,000 followers on her Instagram account and more than 16,500 followers on TikTok. Many videos have million of views.

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Episodes of the iilluminaughtii podcast is about 30 minutes long, with new episodes released three times per week. Begining with an overview of the company.


iilluminaughtii is an American YouTuber who is currently gaining attention from the controversy she has been part of. Despite being accused of many blames, she has been trying her level best to deal with it, although she is being part of it but made apologies to resolve the matter. If there is anything that would suppose to come out related to the matter, we will definitely update it.

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