Who Is Harry Styles Dating Now? Has He Ever Dated Olivia Wild?


Saloni Singh

From associates to a lot more! Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles overwhelmed fans with their tornado sentiment, which started when they met on the arrangement of Don’t Stress Sweetheart.

The team stood out as truly newsworthy when they were photographed clasping hands at Styles’ supervisor’s wedding in January 2021. A source only let us know Week by week at the time that the duo ignited an association when they began cooperating.

“Harry and Olivia had chemistry promptly on set,” the insider said. “It was inevitable before they got together.”

Wilde’s sentiment with the British vocalist came two months after she split from life partner Jason Sudeikis and 90 days after Styles joined her film. Sudeikis and the Booksmart chief, who were together for more than 10 years, share two kids: child Otis and little girl Daisy.

When reports of the relationship originally arose, a source let us know that Styles was not the justification behind the House alum’s parted from the Ted Rope star.

“Harry Styles Did Not Separate a Commitment,” the Source Said

Despite the fact that Styles didn’t in the middle among Wilde and Sudeikis, the new couple actually attempted to keep their relationship calm on set in the beginning.“Olivia and Harry Styles had the option to stay quiet about just a little before it became public knowledge,” an insider let us know in January 2021. “

who is Harry Styles dating now: Did He Date Olivia Wilde?

They were extremely cautious about it and even sleuthy now and again, albeit the little gathering who were on set with them consistently ultimately sorted it out.”

The thrill ride, which spins around a housewife during the 1950s, likewise stars Florence Pugh, Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne and Scratch Kroll.After recording enclosed by February 2021, Wilde joined Styles in London, where they partook in an opportunity to themselves.

“Individuals will generally regard individuals’ security in London, so they presumably feel happy with strolling around without anyone else and don’t feel like they need a guardian,” an insider let us know in April 2021.

The Pair Were “Spotted at Neighborhood Bars” During Their London Escape

“They were strolling near one another and had their arms connected together,” added an insider, who chanced upon the couple on one of their easygoing walks. “They appeared couply and cuddly with each other.”

The couple’s sentiment kept on heating up, with the actual Existence entertainer straightforwardly supporting her lover’s music and movie careers. She “clearly” watched his Eternals appearance, which she noted through an Instagram remark, and, surprisingly, moved — alongside her children and his mother, Anne, — at different “Love on Visit” shows.

“Olivia was constant moving on the floor at Harry Styles show at Madison Square Nursery,” an observer solely told Us of Wilde’s participation at the artist’s October 2021 visit stop in New York City.

Us affirmed in November 2022 that the pair were having some time off from their relationship.

who is Harry Styles dating now: Did He Date Olivia Wilde?

“Olivia is still a lot of agitated about the separation,” a source solely let us know one month after the fact, noticing the Drinking Pals star is “attempting to continue on.”

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde Are “Having Some Time Off”

The 38-year-old producer and the 28-year-old vocalist — who initially met on the arrangement of their film Don’t Stress Sweetheart back in September 2020 — ventured out as a couple while going to a wedding together in January 2021.

“Which began as a dear kinship, immediately turned heartfelt,” a source only uncovered to Individuals at that point. “Everybody saw it coming. During breaks, he hasn’t had the option to remain away and visited her trailer.”

A source likewise told Individuals in February 2021 that the couple appeared “intense” and spent “all their time together” on the Don’t Stress Dear set.

“She is likewise extremely content with Harry Styles,” added the wellspring of the entertainer. Wilde split from her life partner of seven years, Jason Sudeikis, in early 2020, an insider recently told Individuals.

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In November 2022, notwithstanding, various sources affirmed to Individuals that Styles and Wilde are taking some healthy separation. Only days after Wilde was spotted at the vocalist’s show with her kids, a source let Individuals know that the pair “have various needs that are keeping them separated.”

December 2020: Olivia Wilde Says She’s Floored by Harry Styles ’ Acting Chops

Wilde had nothing yet praise for her new male lead in Styles’ Vogue profile, let the distribution know that his chance as Alex in 2017’s Dunkirk blew her away.

“[Costume originator Arianne Phillips] and I did a little triumph dance when we heard that we authoritatively had Harry in the film because we realize that he has a real appreciation for design and style,” she said.

who is Harry Styles dating now: Did He Date Olivia Wilde?

As Wilde made sense of, Harry Styles’ talent for everything fashion would be vital to playing Jack in her film.

“This film is amazingly stylistic. It’s exceptionally heightened and lavish, and I’m really thankful that he is so energetic about that component of the interaction — a few actors simply couldn’t care less.”

Past His Style, Wilde Got Down on Harry Styles’ Absence of “Harmful Manliness”

“As far as I might be concerned, he’s actual present day, and I trust that this brand of certainty as a male that Harry has — genuinely without any hints of poisonous manliness — is characteristic of his age and therefore the eventual fate of the world,” she told the distribution, adding, “I think he is in numerous ways supporting that, spearheading that.

It’s really strong and sort of exceptional to see somebody in his position rethinking what it can intend to take care of business with certainty.”

January 2021: Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles Are Seen Clasping Hands

The actual Existence entertainer and the previous X-Factor confident had the internet buzzing in January 2021, when they were photographed clasping hands at Styles’ representative’s wedding in Montecito, California.

“They were warm around their companions, held hands and looked extremely cheerful. They have dated for half a month,” a source told Individuals at that point.

who is Harry Styles dating now: Did He Date Olivia Wilde?

December 2021: Harry Styles Becomes More Acquainted With Olivia Wilde’s Children

Close to 12 months into their relationship, a source uncovered to Individuals that the couple was quitting any funny business and investing energy with one another’s families.

“Harry is gradually getting to know her children,” the insider uncovered, adding, “Olivia is likewise investing energy with Harry Styles mother.”

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The source additionally shared that the pair was focusing on their time together notwithstanding their bustling schedules.

“Olivia has been flying relentless between L.A., where her children live, to join Harry on visit,” the insider uncovered. “She generally appears to be focused on making everything work. She is really Harry’s most diehard follower.”

November 22, 2022: Olivia Wilde Sees As the “Break” From Harry Styles To Be “Troublesome”

While the decision to part ways was neighborly, a source let Individuals know that “the break has been challenging for Olivia.

The source added: “They have had a few issues, however Olivia thought they planned to manage everything. She is disappointed. However, it’s simply an interesting circumstance.”

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