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Billie Eilish’s alternate reader ‘ Happier Than Ever ’ has eventually dropped and is giving us all the feels.

 From tracks similar as ‘ NDA ’ to ‘ Halley’s Comet ’, the 19- time-old chanter does n’t hold back as she gives suckers further than they could ’ve hoped for in the 16- track design.

The title track ‘ Happier Than Ever ’ is one of the bops, in particular, that shows Billie diving headfirst into her emotional trip through heartache, which some suckers have suspected could be about herex-boyfriend Brandon Quentin Adams, also known asQ.

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But what and who’s she really singing about in the emotion- filled pop song?

 We have decrypted the meaning behind Billie’s ‘ Happier Than Ever ’ lyrics

Who’s Billie Eilish singing about in ‘ Happier Than Ever ’?

 Billie has n’t bared exactly who the track is penned about, if anyone, but suckers are enough certain that the lyrics for ‘ Happier Than Ever ’ point to her relationship withQ.

who is happier than ever about

 In the track, she sings

 “ You do the contrary of what you said you’d do And I’d end up more hysterical Do not say it is not fair You easily werе apprehensive that you made me misеrable,

 As well as

” When I am down from you I am happier than ever.”

 Billie opened up about her love with Q during her Apple TV talkie, The World’s A Little vague, explaining that she “ just was n’t happy ”.

She said “ I did n’t want the same effects he wanted and I do n’t suppose that’s fair for him. I do n’t suppose you should be in a relationship super agitated about effects that the other person could n’t watch less about. ”

Rejoice Billie Eilish Has Made a Grand Return With “ Happier Than Ever ”

 Billie Eilish made a pledge in 2020 that not a single bone of her suckers forgot The moment she hopped into a salon to change her iconic green and black color job was the moment we could anticipate new Billie music.

And therefore, the transformation began — Billie eventually removed her former hair color in favor of a sun- invested platinum golden, and now we ’re being blessed with new Billie music. Yay!

 Billie’s newest immolation, “ Happier Than Ever, ” is actually a breath of fresh air. As the title suggests, the lyrics describe Billie being thrilled that a certain  someone   is out of her life.

The songster briefly bandied the song in her talkie The World’s a Little vague and said, “ The whole song is just more like nothing indeed specific that they did, you ’re just not happy being with them. Ca n’t indeed explain it. ” So glad she got that poisonous energy out of her life, TBH.

who is happier than ever about

 Billie Eilish Reveals Secret Ex-Boyfriend Q

Some suckers are theorizing the song could potentially be about Billie’s partner Q Adams. Billie and Q broke up April 2019, and she explained, “ I just was n’t happy, and I did n’t want the same effects he wanted, and I do n’t suppose that’s fair for him.

I do n’t suppose you should be in a relationship super agitated about certain effects that the other person could n’t watch less about. I do n’t suppose that’s fair to you. I did n’t suppose that was fair to him. And there was just a lack of trouble, I suppose.

I literally was just like, ‘ Dude, you do n’t indeed have enough love to love yourself. You ca n’t love me, dude. And you do n’t. You suppose you do. ’

 4 Takeaways From Billie Eilish’s New Album Happier Than Ever

Last January, Billie Eilish and her family Finneas responded with audible groans when their reader, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, was awarded Album of the Time at the Grammys.

“ We did n’t make this reader to win a Grammy we did n’t suppose we’d win anything ever, ” Finneas, who produced the reader, told the crowd in a recessive acceptance speech. “ We stand up then confused and thankful. ”

 Eighteen months latterly, the brace has returned to a much bigger followership and much advanced prospects, as Eilish’s sophomore reader, Happier Than Ever, arrives on all streaming platforms. Eilish, at just 19, is one of the most adored pop stars in the world, a seven- time Grammy winner and the subject of her own talkie( The World’s A Little vague on Apple TV).

And in its first day, the 16- track Happier Than Ever( Interscope) incontinently shot to the top of Apple Music’s compendiums map in theU.S. and numerous other countries; the reader sees her expanding her musical palette, exploring particular trauma and abuses of power, and tweaking her unique fashion sensibilities.

Then are the main takeaways from Happier Than Ever.

who is happier than ever about

Eilish’s Expanding Musical Palette Includes Choristers- Period Pop, Electronica and Pop- Punk

Eilish’s music has long been delicate to place into a neat kidney box; she and Finneas have drawn from Soundcloud rap product, Laurel Canyon folk chimes and techno.

Happier Than Ever retains numerous of Eilish’s hand sounds — languid ditties, moping, rumored syllables, comforting synthesizer pads — while expanding outward into a distant array of stripes and ages.

Eilish has talked about her love for jazz and faddish arsonist ditty vocalizers from the ‘ 50s and ‘ 60s like Julie London and Peggy Lee, and it’s not hard to hear their influence on songs like “ Halley’s Comet ” and “ Everybody Dies. ”

 The reader also swerves into sonic pockets more suitable for the cotillion bottom the outro of “ I Did n’t Change My Number ” is nearly overwhelmed by an abrasive sawtooth bass, while “ Oxytocin ” recalls the dark twitchiness of Britney Spears ’ Blackout period.

And on the alternate half of the title track, Eilish and Finneas switch to a punk- pop setup, turning up tom- tom cans and electric guitars until they seize with feedback, while Eilish unleashes several guttural howls evocative of Phoebe Bridgers ’ “ I Know the End. ” “ I screamed my lungs out when we recorded this song. I ’ve wanted to get those riots out for a long time, ” Eilish said in a Spotify interview accompanying the reader.

who is happier than ever about


Billie Eilish’s rearmost music videotape for “ Happier Than Ever, ” the title track off her just- released sophomore reader, starts off, to be blunt, sort of boring. It opens with Eilish in a hostel room decorated in the same color palette of muted neutrals set up on the reader’s cover art.

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