Who is Greg Laurie’s Wife? Meet the Woman Behind the Famous Pastor!


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The love story of Minister Greg Laurie and his wife, Cathe, is portrayed in the new film “Jesus Transformation,” and presently, after 50 years, Cathe is considering the enduring love that she experienced with both Jesus and her better half back during the restoration of the 1970s.

“Here we are 50 years after the fact to have our young lives portrayed in a significant movie like this is really very amazing for me,” Cathe told The Christian Post in a video interview. “I will be absolutely legit with you, I was a little scared by the thought. In the early phases, when John Irwin was interviewing Greg and myself, he simply needed to know individuals who survived this restoration.”

“Jesus Upset,” which is currently appearing in performance centers cross country, was propelled by the genuine story of the profound arousing that cleared Southern California in the last part of the 1960s and early 1970s. The Realm Story movie, in a joint effort with Lionsgate, was coordinated by producers Jon Erwin (“I Can Barely comprehend”) and Brent McCorkle and delivered by Kevin Downes.

Erwin and Jon Gunn composed the content after they chose to investigate Greg and Cathe’s love story with God and each other as a significant reason of the film.

“I’ll be absolutely legit with you, I read the content and what these actors do while they rejuvenate the content is wonderful, because I was a little apprehensive reading,” Cathe uncovered. “My folks are in this; my sister’s life is in this. I’m willing, ‘I’m right here, Ruler. Anything that you can use of me, I need to be accessible.’

Greg Laurie Wife

And Yet, It Is Exceptionally Private!

In the film, the Lauries, who are most popular for driving Harvest Christian Partnership, address a young, delinquent age that was lost. In any case, subsequent to meeting Lonnie Frisbee, a magnetic flower child road minister, this gathering ends up at the congregation of Minister Hurl Smith which started this age’s Jesus development.

“It’s surprising because it shows what God can do when He gets through to an age,” Cathe made sense of. “It was not coordinated. It was not coordinated by a specific multi-church bunch. It was not coordinated by a specific church. It was an unconstrained mediation, I accept, of the Essence of God into an age that was lost and looking.”

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Cathe has been petitioning see that sort of restoration forward leap for ensuing ages. The film happens to be emerging when her requests are being replied. Recently, at Asbury College, a little Christian school in Wilmore, Kentucky, a little church administration transformed into a consistent supplication and love gathering where understudies and individuals overall have been commending and venerating Jesus nonstop. The recovery has now spread to other campuses, houses of worship and schools across the US.

“Jesus Transformation” Will Currently Arrive at Numerous Others With a Message of Restoration on the Big Screen!

“It is a real love story. It’s a love story with Jesus, and it’s a love story among Greg and myself, and what God did in our lives,” Cathe pronounced.

At the point when asked how she encouraged church pioneers to arrive at this age, the organizer and head of Righteousness, the ladies’ service at Reap Christian Cooperation, said really living for Christ will arrive at others.

Greg Laurie Wife

“I think for us, above all else, we should be truly strolling with Jesus, living in a real relationship with Him for us to convey that to another person.

Furthermore, in the event that it doesn’t affect your delight, on the off chance that it doesn’t influence your sympathy, on the off chance that it doesn’t affect your advantage in outcasts, then, at that point, I would address whether you’re really living in that our idea of first love relationship with Jesus. Also, we really want to get back to that over and over and once more,” she prompted.

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“Any of us that have been within chapel for various years, we can develop impassive, we sort of have our little inner circle, we have our little gathering. We really take a look at the containers.

We go to chapel on Sunday, and we go out and we carry on with our lives. Yet, could I at any point tell you, that sort of Christianity isn’t what contacted me,” Cathe made sense of. “What contacted me was an extreme change in the individual who was conversing with me [who] was like, ‘You have to hear what I will say because this could transform you.'”

The California local said individuals can’t bring a move of God, however they can act themselves in a way that permits God to do what He wants to do in the hearts of others.

“We can’t welcome restoration all alone. It’s not by may, nor by power, nor by an association, nor by a film, nor by a program that we change culture. We change culture as we live genuinely and the Essence of God Himself needs to attack individuals’ hearts and psyches, she proclaimed.

“We have to live truly as Christians in a world that is watching and is extremely dubious and as excused Christianity by in huge, as critical and relentless and hyper-political on occasion. We have to wind up living as Jesus did.

Greg Laurie Wife

Return to the book of Acts, return to the supporters, return to Jesuslife and His Words and His sympathy for heathens. We really want that in a present reality where there’s such a lot of division and outrage.”

Cathe and Greg Have Been Married and Working in Service for About 50 Years!

 The outcome of their association over the course of their time in service is credited to their deliberateness of being unified with Jesus and one another.

“I needed Jesus first and in my marriage, and throughout the long term, I’ve without exception needed to return, endlessly time once more, to Jesus at the middle, in the middle of among us keeping us intact,” Cathe told CP. “The Good book discusses how might two walk together with the exception of they be concurred.

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Likewise, it talks about that assuming one tumbles down the other will get them. In the book of Ecclesiastes, it says that a triple string isn’t effortlessly broken. Allow Jesus to be that third rope that is restricting your hearts and assembling you.”

Greg Laurie Wife


Right now, Laurie and his wife Catherine are settling down in Newport Ocean side. They raised two young men, Christopher and Jonathan, and are presently grandparents to five.

Around 9 a.m. on July 24, 2008, Christopher was killed in a car accident on the westward Riverside Turnpike west of Serfas Club Street in Crown, California. He had arrived at the mature age of 33.

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