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Who is Finn Wolfhard Dating Are Finn Wolfhard and Elsie Ritcher Still Together?

Since early 2021, Finn Wolfhard has been dating Elsie Ritcher. Few months later they announced their relationship with a sweet but now deleted picture on Instagram.

In March 2021, the couple ignited rumors of dating as soon as they were initially photographed together and as per reports, the duo appeared to enjoy each other’s company recently. It was when their break up rumors started to circulate after Elsie was absent from the premiere of Stranger Things season 4.

Moreover, the couple haven’t been posting about one another or been appeared together in public for a while now.

Who is Finn Wolfhard Dating?

So as of now it is unclear whether the young actors are still dating or not.

Who is Elsie Ritcher?

As per some online sources Elsie played a part in the television show Doll and Em from 2013 to 2015 and also made an appearance in the television short Di Bibl. Apart from this nothing else has been posted in the public domain.

She comes from the actors family and her father’s name is Mischa Ritcher and her mother’s name is English actress Dolly Wells. Elsie has a younger brother named Ezra Ritcher. Despite not verified on Instagram Elsie has massive followers about 162000 and frequently shares pictures of herself and other things from her life.

Who is Finn Wolfhard Dating?

But since many days she didn’t posted any pictures with Finn, so fans are now speculating that the couple is broke up.

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Why Finn Was Blackmailed?

In an interview, the actor Finn Wolfhard admitted that while most of his fans are wonderful, there are some strangers who want to go a little too far into his personal life.

When he didn’t publicly acknowledge their relationship, one of these people allegedly threatned to divulge Elsie’s address online which prompted him to share a social media pictures of two of them. These individual threatens him often to know more about his personal life.

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Is Finn Wolfhard Single Now?

Many fans are now speculate that Elise and Finn separated since they haven’t been discussing one another on social media or been appeared together in public for a while. Also, several cast members’ significant others have attended the premiere of Stranger Things season 4, however she has been absent notably for the same.

But, Finn is too private person who has been open about his issues with social media. Once his has been confessed to interviewer that he was terrified of it throughout their interview. He describes instagram as distracting and anxiety inducing.

As per him he just uses these platforms to advertise is acting career, so for that reason he might not want to write about his girlfriend. He said that –

“I don’t take the Internet and social media very seriously. I’ve grown up around social media but to me what happens on the Internet just doesn’t feel real.”
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Finn Wolfhard?

Finn is a well known actor as well as musician from Canada and he best known for playing the role of Mike Wheeler in the Netflix series Stranger Things.

“I definitely do have a persona onstage. I definitely am a completely different person, but I’m still having a lot of fun and there’s a lot of acting that goes into it. But I haven’t been playing many shows when I’m working on acting as much because it’s tiring, number one. And number two, it’s hard for your mind to makeup what it wants to do.”

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What is the net worth of Finn Wolfhard?

As of February 2023, Finn Wolfhard net worth is estimated to be around $4 million.

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