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The name Nikole Hannah-Jones rings chimes in the journalism field. The 46-year-old has for quite some time been praised for her work in the investigative journalism field. Nikole is the pleased beneficiary of not one, however 18 honors for her abilities — including the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary for her work in the 1619 Venture.

In the event that you’ve been unaware of everything going on, the 1619 Task has been adjusted to a six-section docuseries on Hulu.

Now that Nikole Hannah finds herself at the center of attention because of the release of the Hulu doc, fans and admirers need to study her. As a matter of fact, discusses Nikole’s private life have turned into a hotly debated issue, as her other half is supposed to be a tech engineering wiz.

Anyway, who is Nikole Hannah-Jones’ husband? Here’s everything that we know.

Who Are Nikole Hannah-Jones’ Husband and Children?

Cheers to Dark love! According to Virtuoso Celebs, Nikole Hannah-Jones and husband Faraji Hannah-Jones have been married for very nearly 20 years.

The pair share one little girl, Nayja, brought into the world in April 2010.


Per his LinkedIn page, Faraji attended Fayetteville State College from 1995 to 1997 followed by Portland Junior college, where he procured an associate’s certification in PC information frameworks in 2016.

Faraji presently fills in as an information innovation support professional at the ACLU, where he’s been since April 2020.

In Faraji’s profile, he portrays himself as “an accomplished innovation support specialist that’s versatile in Macintosh, Windows, and Linux environments.” Faraji likewise highly esteems being a “track and young lady father” and a “state funded school parent pioneer serious areas of strength for and for school balance, integration, and desegregation.”

Faraji has worked in the innovation field for a long time with organizations, for example, LF Distribution Holding Inc., 1619 Enterprises, the Boldness Firm, P.S. 307 in Brooklyn, New York, Comcast, and more.

The 1619 Undertaking Is Tied In With Changing the Narrative the U.S. Has Shared About Bondage

The 1619 Undertaking began as a long-structure project created by Nikole alongside journalists from The New York Times and The New York Times Magazine. It sent off in August 2019, and at the time, it denoted the 400th commemoration of the appearance of captives to pioneer Virginia.

Per National Geographic, the task was created to challenge the U.S’s. narrative about the “400-year tradition of bondage” and demonstrate that the nation was worked by the foundation of subjugation.

Who Is Faraji Hannah-Jones Nikole Hannah-Jones Husband


While the venture began as a magazine issue, it immediately developed to be discussed as a feature of a school educational program, which was upheld by the Pulitzer Place, podcasts, different Times issues, and more.

The subject of subjugation is a painful one to investigate and discuss — particularly for African Americans — however, it’s critical that reality with regards to the hurtful practice and business that was servitude be clear, concise, and accurate for the record.

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That said, the 1619 Venture brings truth to control and uncovers the genuine frightfulness of subjection and how the U.S. assumed an integral part in its development from beginning to end.So, what began as a long-structure journalistic undertaking has now turned into a docuseries on Hulu that educates the painful truth concerning subjection.

Decorations can view at this undertaking as a learning device and a method for throwing out oblivious thinking about the history of servitude and how it molded the U.S.

The 1619 Venture is presently accessible to stream on Hulu.

Who Is Nikole Hannah-Jones’ Husband Faraji Hannah-Jones?

The 45-year-old investigative journalist is married to Faraji Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Two or three lives in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn with their little girl, Najya.


Faraji comes from a tactical veteran family. His father served in the military for a considerable length of time, while his grandfather was in the military for more than 30 years.

Faraji is a tech specialist and a parent activist who coordinates around issues of school integration.

According to Faraji’s LinkedIn, he has been working with the ACLU since April of 2020 as an information innovation support expert.

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His past work includes organizations, for example, 1619 Enterprises, The Daringness Firm, and LF Distribution Holding.

The bio on his site states that he has “been in the IT industry for quite a long time and serves on his Parent Advisory Committee.”

When asked by NYU what fulfills him about being involved in school integration, he said: “Connecting and creating coalitions with individuals who esteem our youngsters in the Dark and Earthy colored local area satisfies me.”

Did Nikole Hannah-Jones Dismiss UNC’s Residency Offer?

On July 6, Nikole Hannah-Jones reported she has chosen to dismiss a proposal to act as the seat of the journalism department at the College of North Carolina, and that she will take a comparative situation at Howard College.

The decision follows a gigantic discussion at the North Carolina school, which initially didn’t offer Hannah-Jones residency.


“It’s an undeniably challenging decision, not one I needed to make,” she told Gayle King on CBS This Morning.

Nikole Hannah-Jones said she will act as the inaugural Knight seat in race and reporting at Howard, a historically Dark college in Washington DC.

Last week, College of North Carolina-Sanctuary Slope legal administrators casted a ballot to support residency for the New York Times Magazine journalist after an expansive reaction against their initial decision.

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The transition to at first deny her residency came after conservative gatherings complained about her involvement in the creation of the Times’ 1619 Undertaking.

“The present result and the activities of the previous month are about something other than me,” Hannah-Jones said when UNC endorsed residency for Nikole Hannah-Jones.

“This quarrel is over ensuring the journalistic and scholarly opportunity of Dark essayists, scientists, instructors, and understudies.

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